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Topic Subject: Still have trouble with strings
posted 03-25-21 02:58 AM CT (US)   
I am working on a mod for age of empires 2 definitive addition. The mod involves changing the names and descriptions for units.

So, I thought I had it all figured out. I initially had some trouble figuring it out but I learned that I needed to add the updated strings in the key-value-modded-strings-utf8 file. I did so and now in Genie editor it shows the new text I added in unit descriptions and names or whatever. However once I open the game it seams like it doesn't even try to read the new strings. When I have a string ID that the game doesn't already have built in it doesn't read it, and when I have one that is already in the game but I changed the text to it doesn't change to my new text.

I have other changes I have made in the mod like changing civ starting conditions, and unit attributes such as hp, that are coming through when I test the mod. It's just the strings that are not coming through.

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posted 04-12-21 08:07 PM CT (US)     1 / 1  
string mods need to be seperate from any mods containing a .dat file.

unfortunately string files don't currently load when loading the .dat.
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