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Topic Subject:Empire Wars Evolution 4v4
posted 05-29-12 09:36 AM CT (US)         

Genre: Regicide, Death Match, Tower Defense, Teamwork
Average Time: ~40 mins.

[size=7]Get Map[/size] :

IMPORTANT: If you wanna host it remember COLOURS INDICATE POSITION on the map, so Team 1 has Blue, Red, Green, Yellow; Team 2 has Cyan, Purple, Grey, Orange.
Colours do NOT have to be changed, due to triggers. If some players chose, they can rejoin the match in order to swap positions (at least as for Voobly).
Teams have to be arranged as follow; Team 1 p1p2p3p4, Team 2 p5p6p7p8.

[size=7]Player's Recommended Roles:[/size]

Blue/Teal- You would fit best at defense (since you do carry the King needed to keep your team alive.) Prioritize defending the area the King is kept. Your enemies will likely attempt to land boat from across the sea, so keep the water protected and try to sink any transports landing.
Red/Purple- Since you neighbor your ally with the King, you should help out with defense and protect the paths leading to your King.
Green/Grey- The main goal for you should be to attack. Wipe out enemy's bases to knock them out of the game!
Yellow/Orange- You should also focus on attacking. However, your team's trade route is nearest to you (and is also your team's main source of gold income) and is accessible to enemie's so be sure to protect that path.

General Hints:
-Use teamwork! You must work together to survive, 1v4 is too hard to win!

-Protect your buildings. Once a barracks or castle gets razed it cannot be replaced and your production rate will slow. Losing houses will limit your population further and put you at a disadvantage.

[size=3]Every player has his role, 2 on defence and 2 on attack per team.[/size]

[size=7]Gameplay dynamics[/size]

-Early Game Your villagers will start gathering resources and your trades will be moving. You start with 2 barracks, 2 archery range, 1 stable and 1 castle. Start producing units to capture points. Also your hero is very useful early game; it can be sent to capture points with the help of your team mates. Signal if an enemy hero is present at a flag, so your friends will help.
In your base you have 1 monk, send it to capture the closest relic you can find. Also its advisable to create another monk from your monastery. Consequently use your hero to hunt down the enemies monks as well!

-Mid Game All points are held from a team or the other. Try to conquer as many points as possible. Prevent your enemies to acquire any Siege units by taking control of all 5 points. If your team happens to have no points at all, suggest a invasion to the King by the sea. This way a team can win by killing the King, even if it's losing the middle field battle. - The most efficient landing is the one the enemy doesn't expect.

-Late Game One of the 2 Kings' Castles should have exploded by now. Hordes of Tamerlans and Saboteurs are heading to kill the King! The defender should focus all his army to protect the King from an otherwise certain death, while giving time to the attackers to make the last steps towards victory. The defender will be in high pressure, the winning team could easily kill the king by landing from the sea or reinforcing the hordes. Its the race against time!

This scenario is a REGICIDE. There are 2 ways to attack enemy KING, one is SEA the other is passing through the MIDDLE.

[size=7]ATTACK BY SEA[/size]
Attacking by sea can be the quickest way to approach the enemy king. If the defender is well organised, it would take a strategy to perform a landing. If there are many units at the shore preventing the landing, use Demolition Ships, to clear the way. Fire ships are also available.

[size=7]CAPTURE POINTS[/size]
There are 5 outposts that can be conquered in the middlefield. They are the only way to provide Siege Workshops. The Center point has not Workshops, but provides 500 resource of Gold, Food and Wood and 1 Trebuchet for each 2 minutes if held by the team.

To capture a point, stand on the elevation sorrounded by flags. If the point belongs to the enemy, destroy the pavillon and stand on it.

If the majority of points are held by a team (3/5), the opposite castle will take constant damage. The more the flags held, the more the damage. Losing the majority will cancel the effect.

[size=7]ATTACK THE TRADES [/size]
This strategy should be performed in early game stage, since there are less castles protecting the path. Most efficient unit for this task is Cavallery Archer. Use other units as well to ensure at least a handful of them survive. Killing trades carts can highly increases the chances of victory since they are the main source of gold income for the teams.

There are 5 relics in the map, both located in the centre. The scenario can be played as with standard victory . The monasteries are located outside players' bases, and they have improved HP.
Each Relic provides gold shared for all players

Each player has one Hero. If killed, it will respawn at player's base after two minutes of its death
Tip: Use your Hero to capture the points at the beginning of the game.

Get Map:
Older Version :

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posted 05-29-12 03:06 PM CT (US)     1 / 5       
looks lovely!

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posted 05-29-12 05:02 PM CT (US)     2 / 5       
Looks pretty cool! There's some nice symmetry and design going on there.

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posted 10-21-12 08:28 PM CT (US)     3 / 5       
posted 10-21-12 09:10 PM CT (US)     4 / 5       
I don't play multiplayer, but I can tell you that the map design surpasses what I've seen elsewhere (save for the seas of egressa.)

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posted 10-22-12 10:23 AM CT (US)     5 / 5       
This looks great. Makes me want to pick up AoE2 again :-)

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