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Topic Subject:Sengoku Total Conversion
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posted 10-30-16 02:16 AM CT (US)         

SENGOKU is a total conversion project for Age of Empires II: The Conquerors. The mod aims to replicate a historically accurate but fun experience of being a Daimyo during the Sengoku period of Japan.

- 99% of graphics changed to reflect the Sengoku Period. 100+ new units, buildings, animals, terrains, eye candy and more.

- Completely new sounds, music, interface, icons and main menu to fit the Japanese Sengoku period.

- New unit lines based on the military of Sengoku Japan: Train powerful Samurai, Yari Ashigaru, Sohei, Teppo units, new Japanese ships and destroy castles with a completely brand new range of siege units. Also, loads of new units or editor units and heroes such as Jesuits, Bhikku, Geisha, Children, Ronin and more!

- New and improved technologies; including a full enhancement of the blacksmith - catered to the types of armour within the Sengoku period.

- New 5th resource has been added, called Honour. Fully supported in scenario editor. Gain this by killing enemy troops and use it to train new units or conduct special abilities.

Still to come:

- Brand new campaigns and scenarios selectable from main menu.
- New selection voices and voice acting.

- All new units, unit traits, balancing and tactical options, giving a unique and refreshing spin to the AOK classic gameplay.

- Religion: choose either Buddhism or Christianity and receive different bonuses, units and techs specific to which religion you choose.

- Redefine siege and ship battles, with all new options specific to the Sengoku period. Do you opt for standard siege weapons, or do you choose to use costly Nanban cannons?

- Each clan has trainable and unique Hero units specific to their clan, which can attack troops and heal on the battlefield. Each Clan Hero also has 5 trainable bodyguards.

- Ninja unit, is almost invisible on the map and doesn't get auto attacked. Use this unit to sneak on enemy villagers or Heroes and assassinate them.

- Ninja Missions: Sabotage enemy techs, buildings and more, with the new ninja missions. Ninja missions can only be conducted with enough gold and honour, and you must wait between missions before conducting the next one.

- New clan abilities; short term effects which are unique to each clan. Re-use abilities after a set amount of time. These cost Honour to perform.

- Brand new unique and intriguing RMS maps, specifically tailored for Sengoku, to ensure an authentic and fun experience of fighting across Japan.

- For the first time ever in AOC, completely brand new terrains. You can choose from over 130 terrains to ensure you get the perfect design.

- Another first timer for AOK, multiple new cliff types, place-able in editor.

- Elevation up to 11 from 7.

- Create more detailed scenarios with Extended Triggers.

- Seasons have come to Sengoku. Multiple tree sets, each with their own seasonal varient (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Snow).

- Tons of new eye candy; shrine/temple/battlefield/farm/random objects, vegetation, rocks, buildings, scenario placeables (like no LOS surviver units etc), and more!


Nihonto Dojo unit line:

Kyū Dojo unit line:

Tatsujin Yabusame, Yabusame, Tatsujin Yumi Ashigaru, Kurōto Yumi Ashigaru, Yumi Ashigaru, Yumi Militia

Heroes Preview

First row: Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Tokugawa Ieyasu, Shimazu Yoshihiro, Hojo Ujiyasu
Second row: Takeda Shingen, Uesugi Kenshin, Chosokabe Motochika, Date Masamune, Mori Motonari

This mod is currently under development, if you have any questions and suggestions, feel free to discuss them in this thread!


Current Team:

Achesun, R_V_A, Sebastien and Daniel Pereira.

Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for more news!

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Dark Samurai
posted 06-07-19 05:44 AM CT (US)     456 / 471       
That's awesome. I'm glad it reminds you of your trip. I took some artistic liberties with the garden and walls but overall tried to make it as authentic as possible... and I can assure you, the artwork inside this version is all original :P
posted 06-07-19 10:17 AM CT (US)     457 / 471       
Great work Seb looks awesome.
posted 09-30-19 10:39 AM CT (US)     458 / 471       
You want the Mongol Invasion included? Why that and not the Genpei War? Almost the same units just Minamotos' have Tomoe Gozen...

Anyway, the last pictures are wonderfull! And those somehow tormenting because we see them and want to play it right now! To bad it is still WiP stuff
posted 09-30-19 08:35 PM CT (US)     459 / 471       
The project is about Sengoku period. So no Genpei War, sorry. Mongol Invasion screenshot was just a joke.
posted 02-06-20 11:41 PM CT (US)     460 / 471       
When will this mod be released? i'm super thrilled. could you please release like a small version?
posted 04-01-20 09:49 AM CT (US)     461 / 471       
New Announcement!

It has been quite a few years since the beginning of the SENGOKU total conversion project, and through these years we have witness the growing of our beloved Age of Empires II at the same time. In 2013, the HD version of AOE2 was released, followed by three whole new expansion packs. And finally in the 20th anniversary of the original game, AOE2 Definitive Edition is here, not only bringing back the old fans but new faces into our great gamming community.

One of the mostly asked questions to our development team, perhaps second only to “How can I download Sengoku”, is whether this mod will be available for the remastered versions. While the new versions of the game appear to be more limited to the gameplay modding, it is of no doubt that they, especially the Definitive Edition, are far more potential in terms of graphic modding, which is exactly our greatest ambition, to create a visually improved Aok of Japan, required. Therefore, we’re proud to make this exciting announcement concerning our team’s new goal. Ladies and gentlemen, the development of SENGOKU: Definitive Edition is now in progress.

One of the hardest tasks in converting our assets to DE is, of course, making the unit graphics once again. As most of us are aware of, AOE2 DE increases the directions of a unit to 32, while the original has 8 only (3 of which are even just mirrored). What’s more, the new game is now featuring the zooming function, which means that the assets have to be rendered to large and detailed images for the players to play the mod in the UHD resolution. While we luckily have the 3D models made, rendering them into 2D graphics meeting the requirements for AOE2DE definitely takes tremendous amount of time. After months of secretly hardworking, we’re proud to show you our first units remade for DE: the Nodachi Samurai.

Here we also provide a comparison of the graphics for the original SENGOKU and SENGOKU: DE, to show you how much more detailed the new graphic (in UHD!) is.

As you can see, most of the units in the original mod have 50 frames for each slp, with the decaying slp having 25, making it totally 225 frames. But the new Nodachi Samurai has 480 frames alone for the standing animation! With so many frames, we can make the movements of a unit much more elaborate, whether he’s idling, attacking, walking, slacking off, or doing anything else. Let’s take a look at our next unit, an Ashigaru.

Hey, no laughing! He’s doing his best!
posted 04-01-20 11:41 AM CT (US)     462 / 471       
This is a really exciting announcement. However will you still be releasing a version for the original version of the game. I’ve been really looking forward to this but don’t currently have DE and don’t plan on getting it anytime soon.
posted 04-03-20 12:13 PM CT (US)     463 / 471       
Exciting news!

AoK: Realms
Adds Armenians, Balts, Bamars, Bohemians, Bulgars, Burgundians, Chimus, Dutch, Helvetians, Jurchens, Khmers, Malays, Mandinkas, Moors, Muisca, Tamils, Tufans, Turcomans, and Viets

Proteus and Genie Converter - AKX installers for modern times
Dark Samurai
posted 04-08-20 00:13 AM CT (US)     464 / 471       

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posted 04-13-20 03:38 AM CT (US)     465 / 471       
That's really cool!
posted 04-13-20 04:52 AM CT (US)     466 / 471       
You got 'em good this year.

Time of Tea
Still in the Dark Age
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Dark Samurai
posted 07-03-20 02:36 AM CT (US)     467 / 471       
posted 07-03-20 04:14 AM CT (US)     468 / 471       
Would some of the graphic assets such as the wooden platform, rocks be released? These would be invaluable for inclusion in AOE2DE as a mod too.

Domus Dulcis Domus --- Home Sweet Home...ZzZzZzZzZ
Dark Samurai
posted 07-03-20 08:54 AM CT (US)     469 / 471       
Would some of the graphic assets such as the wooden platform, rocks be released? These would be invaluable for inclusion in AOE2DE as a mod too.
Not right now no.

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Lord Basse
MI6 Scenario-Making Machine
posted 08-04-20 04:03 PM CT (US)     470 / 471       
Not sure if I ever posted in this thread before, so just popping in to say that this looks bloody amazing!

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posted 09-14-20 00:06 AM CT (US)     471 / 471       
DE version looks great! I'll give you a word of encouragement. Keep developing, I and many others can't wait.
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