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Topic Subject: Hidden Gems III: Queen/Princess & Female Warrior Princess
posted 08-26-20 04:50 AM CT (US)   

Queen/Princess & Female Warrior Princess

One of the things that many scenario designers long for is more female characters to use in their scenarios. Female characters are important to add diversity and emphasise character development within a scenarios story, yet the editor only gives us access to a couple of female units to use. In the original editor you have the Joan the Maid/Arc and Female villager characters whilst the HD expansions add the Queen and Yodit characters as well.

Well if youíd like to add more and you're prepared to use Mod Packs, then have know fear as there are plenty of female units to download from the Blacksmith. For this months Hidden Gems Feature Iím going to be showcasing a few of my favourite female units.

Queen/Princess - by RNineZero
There was much celebration when The Forgotten Expansion added a new queen unit. Many scenario designers finally had a royal looking female unit to use as a character or added piece of eye-candy. If it one loved the new addition. But there were times when I wished that the unit could do more, like attack other units. Thatís where this wonderful little unit by RNineZero comes in.

This unit represents a royal queen or princess and is wonderfully designed with an elegant player-coloured dress and smooth animations. Itís a wonderful addition if you want to have a scenario about a royal princess or you must want and additional royal unit for eye candy. The unit comes with a number of different icons, including a hero icon so it can be used as a normal unit or a hero.

Female Warrior Princess - by Ballista_Turtle
Sometimes we need a female character that is more equipped for battle. The Joan the Maid unit is commonly used as a main character in scenario but it doesnít really look battle ready for a long adventure across a fantasy world. The Joan of Arc character is more suitable for this, but sometimes you might want an infantry unit rather than cavalry hero. Thatís were this unit comes in. An older unit, uploaded in 2002, this female unit closet resembles a medieval knight, but in female form. The unit was modelled in Poser and excellently blends in with the other units in the game. Like the Queen unit above, this unit also has multiple icons, including a hero icon. This unit is a perfect addition to any scenario which has female lead characters, and a welcome change from the Joan of Arc and Joan the Maid units. Itís worth noting that this unit was uploaded as a AKX file and therefore the SLPs need extracting from it, there are guides in the University to help with this if you get stuck.

So, there you have it, two unique and interesting hidden gems from the depths of our Blacksmith that you now know exist, if you didnít already. What do you think of them? Have you been seen or used these units before? Go and check them out now!
posted 09-07-20 04:36 PM CT (US)     1 / 3  
Very nice! Indeed, it would be nice if there were more female characters and units in the game.
posted 09-07-20 06:49 PM CT (US)     2 / 3  
Good write-up, Possidon! That queen unit will likely be making an appearance in a scenario or two of mine.

Some more good female unit mods:

Noblewoman, by Achesun.
Team coloured Joan the Maid, by JulzyBoy.

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posted 09-08-20 05:47 AM CT (US)     3 / 3  
Thanks. Yes there are a couple of other cool female units that I may show off in another feature later on.
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