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Topic Subject: Dynasties of India - New Expansion Released!
posted 04-29-22 03:26 AM CT (US)   

The third expansion to the Definitive Edition has now been released. Dynasties of India takes a similar direction as the HD edition third expansion and focuses on Eastern Asian, but this time heading southwards toward the Indian peninsula.

The new DLC adds three new civilzations and drastically reworks the Indian civilzation to pretty much create an entirley new fourht civ.

  • Bengalis Navigate the winding rivers and dense jungles of Bengal as you build a thriving economy to fuel unstoppable armies of elephants. The Bengali unique unit is the Ratha, a sturdy chariot that can switch between melee and ranged attack modes.
  • Dravidians - Seize control of the lucrative Indian Ocean trade routes and utilize advanced metallurgy as you build one of the wealthiest sea empires of medieval Asia. The Dravidian unique units are the Urumi Swordsman, a warrior wielding a scathing flexible sword, and the Thirisadai, a massive vessel that dominates the high seas.
  • Gurjaras - Ride swift mounts across the fertile fields and open plains of western India and unleash diverse armies of sturdy warriors upon your enemies. The Gurjara unique units are the Shrivamsha Rider, a speedy cavalry unit that can dodge enemy attacks, and the Chakram Thrower, an infantry unit that unleashes volleys of deadly metal discs.
  • Hindustanis - Stake your claim to populous, diverse lands and lucrative trade routes as you parry foreign invasions or step into the invader's shoes yourself. The Hindustani unique units are the Ghulam, a heavily armored infantry unit adept against masses of archers, and the Imperial Camel Rider, a powerful unique upgrade to the Heavy Camel Rider.

    Three new campaigns are also added, no doubt made to an excellent standard by some well known and highly regarded designers.

  • Babur (Tatars/Hindustanis) - Nearly a century after Tamerlane's death, his descendants are still fighting for supremacy in Transoxiana and Persia. The youngest among them is Zahir ud-Din Muhammad also known as Babur, 'the tiger'. He dreams of restoring the crumbled empire, but another wave of invading horsemen from the northern steppes is about to change everything. In this campaign, you will play as the Tatars and Hindustanis.
  • Rajendra (Dravidians) - The dread of inevitable corruption plagues the ambitious Rajendra Chola as he navigates the harsh political climate of south India. Can Rajendra escape moral decay as he expands the empire that he inherited from his father, or is his fear of corruption the true enemy within? In this campaign, you will play as the Dravidians.
  • Devapala (Bengalis) - Guided by the teachings of Mahayana Buddhism, Devapala rules a rich and vibrant empire. However, as dangerous rivals threaten his realm, the ambitious emperor finds it increasingly difficult to balance his policies with his morals. Will the ends ultimately justify the means, or will Devapala's quest for his own enlightenment and that of his subjects fail? In this campaign, you will play as the Bengalis.

    Check out the new expansion now on Steam or the Age of Empires Website.
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    To imagine this game started twenty years ago with only a handful of civilizations.

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