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Topic Subject:Converting AoE II Campaigns to Other Modpacks (Approved)
posted 10-04-15 11:50 PM CT (US)         
This article has been approved and can also be read at the University. - Leif Ericson

If you are here you probably want to know how to convert a campaign from either vanilla AoK or The Conquerors. The method is fairly straight forward, but before we start you are going to need:
Campaign Manager 3
AoK Trigger Studio
Once you have these you are ready to begin.
Open up the campaign manager and open the campaign you wish to convert. Make sure that you have "Files of type" selected to be Campaigns.

Now right-click on the scenario you wish to extract and click Save to File. Here I will extract the first Joan of Arc scenario.

A window will appear asking where you would like to save the scenario to. Now you must make sure to select Scenarios or Expansion Scenarios under Save as Type. Since most mod-packs now use The Conquerors scenario format it is fairly safe just to save as Expansion Scenarios, however don't save an expansion scenario as a Scenario.

Now place the scenario in the scenario directory of the mod you wish to convert your campaign to. You will have to extract each scenario individually and reassemble as a custom campaign later on. Open up the scenario in the editor of the mod you are using and have a look around. You will probably see some of the units are wrong. Just delete and replace the units with the ones you see suitable. Now make sure you check the triggers and change the units in any applicable triggers.
Depending on the mod you may have to change Player Civilisations, Units, Technologies and Triggers.

Unfortunately you cannot extract the AI script using Campaign Manager 3, however if you are converting an ES campaign all the AI Scripts can be downloaded here.

You may have to change the script to fit your scenario. Once you have swapped all the necessary items you can compile it back into a campaign.

Now to extract the AI scripts open up your scenario using AoK Trigger Studio. Open the AI tab and export the AI Script for each player. Choose the location of where you wish to save the script.

It'll will be saved as a .per file (example.PER) and this can be edited by right-clicking the file and selecting Open With and then selecting Notepad. You will also need to create an AI file (example.AI). Once done you can place both parts into the AI scripts folder of the mod you are using.

Congratulations you have converted your AoE II campaign to a mod-pack.

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Wonderful, very helpful! I'm sure many people will find this to be of much use

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