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Age of Kings Heaven » Forums » General and Strategy Discussion » Are many people aware of the original Age of Empires 2 graphics?
Topic Subject:Are many people aware of the original Age of Empires 2 graphics?
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posted 01-15-11 08:55 AM CT (US)         
I'm not sure if there are many long termers here (by long termers I mean original Age of Empires 2 fans who were around with its inception) but the game actually had different graphics to what you see in the final game. This version was scrapped, and to be honest with you I find the original graphics quite appealing. I will try and find the original magazine pictures and scan if for you.

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Mr. Beta
posted 10-29-12 10:15 AM CT (US)     1076 / 1201       
Alexandra, better remove that link immidiatly, it's against the CoC. You don't want to risk a ban.
posted 10-29-12 11:30 AM CT (US)     1077 / 1201       
@ Taichi San> Is that a picture of your CD or my CD?
Taichi San
posted 10-29-12 04:56 PM CT (US)     1078 / 1201       
your cd if I presume lol, else I would have known that :P
Phatfish(lvb) posted some screenshots of your cd's collection, so I assumed you had those cd's

If you have those cds, could you please atleast post the version number of the displayed cd?

you also posted several pictures including some screenshots in the starting posts of this old aged but yet active thread
I don't know if they are in their original format and if they have their creation dates in tact?

also regarding to my previous post any answers to so many questions?

@ mods & staff:
My sincere apologies for posting a link to disallowed content, this was a case where I totally harmless without any intention made some mistake against the Terms of Service.
I already removed the link as some friends warned me about it in advance.
I know I got an clean record of the 7 years at aokh, so I want to keep it that way
posted 10-30-12 01:30 AM CT (US)     1079 / 1201       
@Taichi San> The Beta 2 CD has the retail installer on it. I'd need a clean system that doesn't have an AoK installation on it to check it out (the CD files are mostly dated 6/28-6/30/99)

Empires2.exe is just the safedisk loader - 234KB - file version
Taichi San
posted 10-30-12 05:15 AM CT (US)     1080 / 1201       

I did an cd check myself and the safedisc loader's exe version matches the game's normal exe in all aoe1&2 discs I have

wow awesome Matt so your beta is actually even abit older!

So this is an short overview of the beta's according to their oldest versions appearing first:

Alexandra > (22-FEB-1999)
Matt > (28-JUN-1999) "(the CD files are mostly dated 6/28-6/30/99)"
Alexandra > (26-JUN-1999) ?? strange although the version indicates a newer beta, your beta got somehow released later?

Maybe the creation time of that safedisc loader exe is diferent from the release date? Since I based the dates on the timestamp of the exe file itself and not the actual release date

I also done some research to version numbers in this game and the early alpha from aoe1 probably gave some good clues about how it works.

Each version number displays 4 groups of numbers separated by dots (.) with the first 3 groups of 2 digits and the last group 4 digits
Example v00.00.00.0000

I think that the version numbers should be read in groups from right to left.
The first 4-Digit group (0000) indicates the smallest changes in a build.
> Fact: Each newer release of the game (not expansions to it etc) makes this number higher.
This looks like a Game build # indicator.
Inside this number are also actually 2 groups of 2 digits with the last 2 digits indicating the most minor changes and the first 2 digits indicating bigger changes.
> Fact: If the first 2 digits increase as number, the last 2 digits reset their count back to 00 and starting to go up again.
> Fact: so the example ".0222" Does not necessarily mean that it is the 222th build of this game;
- Divide the ".0222" into .02 and 22 indicating that the game's main build is 02 and sub build is 22.
Here are some examples:

Small changes:
Bigger change Occurs:
Then new smaller changes occur again:
Until a bigger change occurs again:

Now I come to the other part, at times also mayor changes occur to the game, so I suspect this to happen to the version number:
As you see, the number 0200 didnt gone up to 0300, because the alpha version of aoe1 showed that this number doesnt go up automatically with the rest.
So at any time, the 4-digit number can go up by 100's at any time, without being depended on the rest of the version numbers.

Allthough when a mayor version change occurs to the game, the second number of 2 digits resets back to 01.

New examples: (we left of where we ended in the last example)

I guess this reveals asmuch about the way version numbers were assigned to pre release builds asmuch as possible
This will probably also help in the search for all beta materials to better categorize them

Thank you very much for posting the version number to here.
This is finally new proof that there exists another beta build out there, though we know we will probably never get it, it will still be good enough proof that its there, so thanks alot for the valuable infos.

Anyways, if you want to post the other version numbers on the other cd's you have your more than welcome to ofc, and maybe post the day at which the exe got created as release date, since its displayed next to the version number anyways
Once again thanks alot, and good to know that that build is abit older
As you probably know, that other beta is a little bit newer, but I guess it was an internal test version because it has hotkeys to alot of development tools and even panels to switch to players, see grid, and also see lines on the ground where the units walk to and more if you run the game with the "DEVELOPER" command line.
That newer beta build also has an ingame sprite editor and ingame combat comparison editor (where you showed screenshots of in an very early alpha of the game at the starting posts of this holy thread )

Do you also have screenshots from the sprite editor in that early alpha version of the game? Im curious

And thanks alot Matt
Mr. Beta
posted 10-30-12 09:23 AM CT (US)     1081 / 1201       
Thanks for sharing the build number of that beta Matt.
This is finally new proof that there exists another beta build out there
lol, there are quite a lot of beta builds in fact, not only original discs used for previews, but internal builds of which quite a few leaked onto warez groups during development (as Matt said in his Gamasutra interview, pirates were usually a week or two behind the latest build). There even were hacking attempts at the ES server...
Taichi San
posted 10-30-12 01:17 PM CT (US)     1082 / 1201       
well somehow they can not be found
search results on the 09 07 0222 are very common, search results on the 00.11 beta are less common, but aside from that, theres nothing else, matts version number didnt show up in any search engine atall, if it does, if will probably be this topic lol
AoEO Seraph
(id: Kastor)
posted 11-08-12 06:26 AM CT (US)     1083 / 1201       
This sounds a lot less like AoEO this time...
- Assist in production for multiple titles, both live online and in development.
I guess most here won't like this, but as I said pages ago it's probably inevitable:
- Experience in scaled online game development and familiarity with the technology and business models of subscription and F2P/transaction-based games.
Given that GPG seems to be downsizing its AoEO team, I doubt Microsoft is in the need of staffing up on their side (or replace members of the current team) for AoEO only .

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Mr. Beta
posted 11-08-12 06:57 AM CT (US)     1084 / 1201       
Lol, you always seem to be on top of this kind of stuff Alexastor, thanks for sharing. As you might have guessed, I don't really like the route MS are taking, but it's way too early to draw conclusions. They should look at the past and remember what made the previous Age games so great, and build on that, rather than releasing something incomplete and then not being able to polish it much.
posted 11-08-12 01:13 PM CT (US)     1085 / 1201       
age of empires for xbox. i can't wait

microsoft is dead
if you really want a new age game make it yourself
AoEO Seraph
(id: Kastor)
posted 11-22-12 06:32 AM CT (US)     1086 / 1201       
Looks like AoE3 is selling like crazy at steam at the moment (#4 in top sellers).

I wonder if AoE2 could do the same... and I wonder even more if it will.

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posted 11-22-12 04:42 PM CT (US)     1087 / 1201       
Surely it *would*. Man they should really work alongside the new expansion work and the userpatch guys .. monetise it for everyone!
local boi
(id: dragon14)
posted 11-22-12 08:00 PM CT (US)     1088 / 1201       
Maybe it's for the next generation xbox.

katsup or mustard
AoEO Seraph
(id: Kastor)
posted 11-30-12 12:13 PM CT (US)     1089 / 1201       
Matt, can you at least tell us whether whatever was planned has been canceled or just on hold or delayed due to other reasons?
posted 12-01-12 10:33 PM CT (US)     1090 / 1201       
I bought AOE3 and checked it out.

It's a LOT closer to Warcraft III than Age of Empires. The basic foundation of AOE was gone.

It was fun, I'll grant it that, but it sticks out like a sore thumb in the AOE franchise.

So yeah, I don't think III's sales will remotely correlate with II, no more than any other RTS.
posted 12-02-12 01:32 AM CT (US)     1091 / 1201       

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AoEO Seraph
(id: Kastor)
posted 12-02-12 04:40 AM CT (US)     1092 / 1201       
Yes, AKFrost. AoE3 is a good (or even great) game, but it's different from the other AoEs.

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posted 12-02-12 09:45 PM CT (US)     1093 / 1201       
Yeah although I wouldn't have described it as more WC3 like ... I guess maybe thinking of explorer abilities? Possibly minor tribes = mercenary huts?

But in general gameplay terms, AoE3 is still an AoE game in that you have a lot of villagers/settlers and then quite a lot of military units; versus WC3 where you don't have very many economic units and just a few groups of 12 military units maxes out your population, not to mention you have to pay upkeep for such.

Anyway, AoE3 certainly did make things different, and with levelling and cards, I would rather say it has the most in common with AoEO with levelling, gear and advisors. With the expansions AoE3 also brought in (much) bigger differences between the civs, which I guess is common with WC3 and AoEO, and tbh, coming to the game way too late, I preferred AoE3 vanilla for the generic-ness that I was used to from AoK.
posted 12-03-12 09:54 AM CT (US)     1094 / 1201       
It's got a bigger army because WC3's units tend to cost more space, but a mortar's still 4 pop, and most knights are 2. This is a fundamental break from AOE where everything was 1.

Also, in AOE2, you have dropsites. Only in Warcraft III were there peons that didn't require to move back and forth (wisps for wood, acolytes for food), even starcraft didn't let have that feature.

heroes. Granted, Warcraft III's heroes were slightly more powerful and RPG-oriented, but still, a break from AOE. You also creep for treasure, which also didn't exist in AOE. Natives are kinda like the neutral buildings in War 3. Gaia didn't have that kind of thing in AOE.

And yes, asymmetrical races is a huge thing.

The only thing AOE-like is the ages, except it's got five now instead of the traditional 4. The home city thing has no War equivalent, but it's also got no AOE equivalent.

So in short, if you played 3, there's no remote guarantee that you'll like 2, unlike the relationship from 2 to 1.
posted 12-03-12 07:07 PM CT (US)     1095 / 1201       
Well, even Bruce Shelley wasn't very happy with the way AoE 3 turned out.

"It was like being a child changing all of the dials on a television and then trying to get that picture back," he said. "It just wasn't an Age game anymore."

I can't say exactly what it was, but AoE 3 just never played as well as AoE 2, there was a lack of fascination with the game - still playing AoE 2 though, for me the greatest RTS ever. Looking very much forward to Forgotten Empires.

"We wanted to create something that was 30 percent the same, 30 percent borrowed and 30 percent innovative. I think we tried to do too much."

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AoEO Seraph
(id: Kastor)
posted 12-06-12 02:34 AM CT (US)     1096 / 1201       
So, Ryan Chaply (former AoE3 Community Manager) is now Associate Producer on AoE (the job entry I linked some posts above).

His responsibilities are:
Production & Development
Multi-Platform Digital Distribution launch support (Various Titles)

AOE Legacy Title Administration:
Community Management
Server Administration & Maintenance
ESO User Account Support
Looks a bit like another AoE could be in development as well as older titles being launched on digital distribution platforms (like AoK on steam ).
Scenario Design Expert
posted 12-06-12 10:33 PM CT (US)     1097 / 1201       
Personally I loved AoE3, it had all the magic of AoE1 and more! Although I never liked AoE2, so maybe I'm just a different kind of person.

The lack of drop points just simplifies the gameplay a little, which is necessary because the HomeCity system complicates it. Explorers and treasures feel like they were stickytaped on to the game at the last minute, they don't play much of a role in the game really.

Once you get past that stuff, AoE3 plays almost the same as it's predecessors.

EDIT: As for AoE:O, I took one look at the graphics and nearly cried at what they did to the series. Also F2P/P2P is not compatible with a game like AoE.

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posted 12-06-12 10:39 PM CT (US)     1098 / 1201       
Once you get past the graphics though, AoE:O is a pretty darn good game. For a few bucks (or two months of Bing Searches) you can get a premium/pro civ and play PvP without tech tree limitations.

The quests are nice, and though the MMO aspects of gear/money/unlockables take time to get used to, the actual gameplay is really good and is close to AoE2, closer than AoE3 and maybe AoE1.
posted 12-07-12 03:29 AM CT (US)     1099 / 1201       
unless you actually want to play a game...

and then aoe matchmaking is a complete piece of crap
AoEO Seraph
(id: Kastor)
posted 12-07-12 01:24 PM CT (US)     1100 / 1201       
Yep and yep.
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