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Age of Kings Heaven » Forums » General and Strategy Discussion » Are many people aware of the original Age of Empires 2 graphics?
Topic Subject:Are many people aware of the original Age of Empires 2 graphics?
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posted 01-15-11 08:55 AM CT (US)         
I'm not sure if there are many long termers here (by long termers I mean original Age of Empires 2 fans who were around with its inception) but the game actually had different graphics to what you see in the final game. This version was scrapped, and to be honest with you I find the original graphics quite appealing. I will try and find the original magazine pictures and scan if for you.

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posted 06-23-12 03:27 PM CT (US)     851 / 1201       
Elite Raider
posted 06-23-12 04:07 PM CT (US)     852 / 1201       
A free iPad ?
posted 06-23-12 04:10 PM CT (US)     853 / 1201       
Did someone say interest required?

So what do you guys think this is all about?
posted 06-23-12 04:29 PM CT (US)     854 / 1201       
> So what do you guys think this is all about?

Sounds like someone let me out for the weekend unsupervised.

I guess I should be more serious.
posted 06-23-12 04:45 PM CT (US)     855 / 1201       
I'm definitely excited to hear this annoucment, which is why I'm doing my part to boost the post count!

(From a long time lurker (on these boards) and lover of the game...)
posted 06-23-12 04:59 PM CT (US)     856 / 1201       
Elite Raider : A free iPad ?

You know... do you think AoK could work with a touch UI like iPad or an upcoming Windows 8 Tablet?

I think it would not be too difficult to accept touch input and support all the functionality we have right now... but.. would it slow things down too much to be using fingers and swipes instead of mouse and keyboard?

Just a thought exercise... I mean: could the classic RTS experience work on a tablet?
posted 06-23-12 05:05 PM CT (US)     857 / 1201       
@Matt I think it could work. It would take a bit of getting used to only having one 'click' (tapping), rather than left click and right click, and I guess you wouldn't have hot-keys.... But for people who don't live and die by hotkeys I think it could work.
posted 06-23-12 05:06 PM CT (US)     858 / 1201       
I actually have no idea what this could all be about. But it sounds very interesting

About RTS on a touch device, I remember a starcraft clone on iOS that was quite easy to play. I've never played it, but my friend told me it was fun

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posted 06-23-12 05:16 PM CT (US)     859 / 1201       
The Age of Empires game that came out for the Nintendo DS was utterly horrible, but it did get me thinking. What if they released a RTS on a high resolution tablet PC with a stylus? The usual problems that plague tablet-based games are the lack of precision and the often simple graphics (due to the lack of power most tablets used to have). I think we now reached a stage where both problems can be resolved quite easily. In fact, tablet computers have advanced much faster than laptops over the last couple of years.
Dark Samurai
posted 06-23-12 05:50 PM CT (US)     860 / 1201       
Hey Matt,

I know you didn't work in art but do you have any idea how the aok buildings were rendered in 3ds Max?

I'm trying to replicate the AOK style for a mod but there seems to be some sort of filter they've the buildings have been passed through or a specific texture process involved and it's taking me a while to replicate it properly.

I'm talking about the dark outlines style the game has on it's bricks and different things.

So far the best way I've found to do this is putting each texture into a composite material and adding a muliply and overlay layer, giving the black outlines more prominence. But wondered if there was a way the AOK guys did it?

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posted 06-23-12 06:34 PM CT (US)     861 / 1201       
@Tetsuo Shima: I have no idea.

All I know is that the artists would render the buildings out to a specific 256 color palette (and remember the game palette was changed at the last minute to about +10% brighter, so the original renderings wouldn't have been to final game palette. Some things could have been re-rendered, but I have no idea if any were). I believe all the assets were rendered to .flc format files (256 color, animated frames)

also, many items were manually touched up after being rendered in photoshop or the like.

I know nothing of how the artists did their materials.
posted 06-23-12 09:09 PM CT (US)     862 / 1201       
You would have to change how scrolling across the map is done, on a tablet.

Plus, also to improve the AI and control of units so that frustrating micromanagement is no longer incentivized in gameplay terms. For example, back in the days of one-button mice, I think a couple of RTSes had it so that drag-selecting some units would put them all in a group that would be selected again if any of the units were selected.

Garrisoning units would have to go (not that they ever changed much anyway).

I was watching this port of an AoE1 era game:

There are a lot of tablet UI improvements but the player still spends a lot of time scrolling around, that's not ideal. Maybe drag-drop for giving orders to targets on the same screen, so that selecting a unit unambiguously zooms the map out to fill the screen.

e: from memory, in that particular game on the PC, I recall that units actually modified commands to suit themselves. Units traveled faster by road and would try to seek roads instead of travelling in a straight line, except that units also had varying intelligence so that more intelligent units would avoid enemy fire and pick faster routes along the way, etc. This sort of freedom may make a tablet UI easier to implement. Drag units around to suggest a path and the AI sorts it out into something sensible.

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posted 06-23-12 09:40 PM CT (US)     863 / 1201       
Regarding touch-screen and strategy games, this has been uploaded to YouTube... 6 years ago

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posted 06-23-12 10:05 PM CT (US)     864 / 1201       
It's possible, certainly. It's just clunky.
local boi
(id: dragon14)
posted 06-23-12 10:36 PM CT (US)     865 / 1201       
I, hearing about this discussion of tablets and rts games, am going to intrude on it.
The first problem is to resolve the playing time. I somehow don't believe people will be able to play for even a half hour at a time, and that is just for short games. Until this problem is resolved, no other problem matters.

The second problem is that the UI is completely different. RTS games just weren't designed for this UI: An RTS game would most likely need to be designed from the ground up to get playability. This covers things, just an example, like clicking, moving, scrolling, hotkeys, selecting, adjusting settings, and even screen space. If however, those can be dealt with, I believe the rest of the UI would follow.

katsup or mustard

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posted 06-24-12 08:19 AM CT (US)     866 / 1201       
Ofcourse it has to be a lot more simplified than the PC RTS games, since you can't do everything on a tablet that you can do on a PC with keyboard and mouse.

There are tons of turn based strategy games for tablets and smart phones, because it takes turns, and you can take your time (in most cases). So I think the problem in an RTS would be that you need to do things quickly, and then it easily gets confusing or chaotic.
Mr. Beta
posted 06-24-12 11:09 AM CT (US)     867 / 1201       

It has been done before, and I've played this beauty. Not only does the PPC version of the original AoE look fantastic, it works remarkably well with a stylus. This is from 2003. So, nearly 10 years later, AoK on a tablet should be do-able methinks
AoEO Seraph
(id: Kastor)
posted 06-24-12 11:17 AM CT (US)     868 / 1201       
It'd be a perfect title for the MS Surface launch.
posted 06-24-12 05:05 PM CT (US)     869 / 1201       
>Alexastor Yeah, that would be great!
posted 06-24-12 08:04 PM CT (US)     870 / 1201       
Well, if it is interest they want, I've been shadowing this thread on and off for months now. I just don't post that much!

AOEO player (Gamertag: Plasticcaz), and beta tester.
AOKH blacksmith fan.
local boi
(id: dragon14)
posted 06-24-12 09:36 PM CT (US)     871 / 1201       
I'm interested! The Pocket PC version looks interesting, and they even have the hotkeys in a mouse centered way. A game thats possible to play without a keyboard if those letters do what I think they do.. !

katsup or mustard
posted 06-25-12 10:39 AM CT (US)     872 / 1201       
How well does the aoe1 play on console compared to the PC version? I've never played it, but it looks pretty much the same.
posted 06-25-12 01:28 PM CT (US)     873 / 1201       
that was the pocket PC version. I think it came on a ROM card actually.

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Keisari Tapsa
posted 06-25-12 01:48 PM CT (US)     874 / 1201       
I wonder if something awesome is gonna happen then.

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posted 06-25-12 02:29 PM CT (US)     875 / 1201       
Gaah! So exciting
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