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Age of Kings Heaven » Forums » Scenario Design and Discussion » Does anyone know how to compile LuaTrig?
Topic Subject:Does anyone know how to compile LuaTrig?
posted 05-27-13 09:49 PM CT (US)         
It's CGG, I want to compile this file (I believe):

I tried running upx.exe in cmd.exe. I prompted "upx Makefile". It recognised the file, but sated "unknown executable format exception". Any help???

I want to modify the source code to stop a bug. LuaTrig has a bug where every effect has a random "String Table". By default, the string table should be -1:

I have contacted Impeached about this issue, but he has not replied to my emails.

If I cannot do this, I will have to use my own PHP program to manually hack my scenario's triggers. Although, LuaTrig is much faster and easier to use. I wish it did not have this bug, since every effect won't work because of incorrect string table.
posted 05-27-13 10:35 PM CT (US)     1 / 4       
impeached doesn't show up much. I talked to him a good bit back in the day, let me see if I can talk to him.

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Keisari Tapsa
posted 05-28-13 02:02 AM CT (US)     2 / 4       
It seems you are trying to command executable packer to compile. UPX does nothing more than pack executable into smaller file.

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posted 05-28-13 03:04 AM CT (US)     3 / 4       
So how can I compile LuaTrig source code? I have dev++ by the way.
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posted 05-28-13 06:32 AM CT (US)     4 / 4       
Hey AOHH! Sorry for not responding to your last e-mail.. if you ever email me and I don't respond quick enough please just ping me again. I often see an e-mail, don't have time to respond to it at the time, then never end up getting back.

The way LuaTrig is compiled is this: there is a Makefile, which is a 'set of instructions' telling the computer exactly what to do to compile LuaTrig.

There are several components to LuaTrig:

1. C++ Source Files
2. Swig, which communicates between Lua scripting language and C++
3. wxWidgets, which is a GUI library for C++
4. zlib, which is a file compression/decompression library, for reading and writing .scx files
5. Lua itself
6. upx is just used to compress the executable at the end.

If you're on Windows, here are some vague instructions to get it all setup.

You'll need to use Google to help you with these :-D

1. Install cygwin
2. Use Cygwin to install g++ and make.
3. Install wxWidgets (used to build GUI for LuaTrig)
4. Install Lua 5.1 with developer libs
5. Install zlib
6. Compile with make.
7. Install upx and use it to compress the executable

If you get any errors try to resolve them or come back here.


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