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Scenario Design and Discussion
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Topic Subject: The Dystonian Chronicles
posted 01-04-20 10:39 AM CT (US)   

As some of you know I released my ambitious project called Wrath of the Traibs earlier this year. If you had been following its progress you would have known that whilst designing the scenario I establish a huge backstory and fictional world, called Dystonia, in which the scenario is set, and I created an ambitious series of scenarios that are also set in that world. This series consists of sequels, prequels and spin-off scenarios to greater extend the lore and story of Dystonia. I am calling this collection of stories The Dystonia Chronicles.

This page is a way for me to showcase a little bit more detail about each project and post updates on progress without created a separate thread for each individual scenario. This is a hugely ambitious series of which many may not ever see the light of day but progress has been started on almost all of them in some way and I’m putting them her because I wanted to show you a little bit of what I have planned. Now without further ado I present: THE DYSTONIAN CHRONICLES!

The Wrath of... Trilogy
This is the main trilogy of scenario upon which this series is based. Each scenario follows the adventures of a mercenary called Alexander. Each scenario follows a major war between the three central Kingdoms and includes themes such as genocide, religion and politics.

Wrath of the Traibs
• The Xandrian war is the deadliest conflict in a thousand years. Follow the story of Alexander as he sets out on a rescue mission that will turn the whole world of Dystonia upside down.
Progress: Completed – Download Now!

Wrath of the Gods
• It’s been 2 years since the end of the Xandrian War and a new threat has arrived on King Yassen’s doorstep. The outlawed Order of Black Blood has returned to exact revenge in the rulers of Dystonia. There’s only one person who can help them; their old friend Alexander.
Progress: 15%

Wrath of Uldûrh
• It’s been six months since the devastation of Uldûrh and the Council of Lords have elected Earl Michael Clarke’s son, Cedric, to lead them as Uldûrh’s first king. However, he wants revenge on the people who failed to help his country in their most dire need and he declares war on the kingdoms of Dystonia. It’s now up to Alexander to rest peace.

Showcase Scenarios
These scenarios allow you to see some of the biggest cities in Dystonia in greater detail and allows you to learn more about Dystonian culture in a different way.

The City of Ardwaine
• Explore the beautiful city of Ardwaine, the capital city of Uldûrh. Discover the beaches of the Spring Sea, the farmlands that provide the nations vast trade and the stunning architecture of the Ardan Palace.
Progress: Completed – Download Now!

• Explore the ruin of Dystonia’s most northerly city. Located high up on the cliffs the traces the northern coast of Lars, Clifftown was devastated two thousand years ago during the Tremor, a catastrophic earthquake the destroyed the entire city.

Spin-Off Scenarios
These scenarios are set during and after the Main Trilogy and focus on the adventures of some of the supporting characters from the series as well as some new characters. It will allow you to see more of the world of Dystonia and see what happens after the Main Trilogy has concluded.

Into the Wild
• Enter the most dangerous lands in Dystonia as Leontis, a mercenary from Lars who has been tasked to find a long-lost temple in the heart of the Undying Lands in order to put of stop to an onslaught of orcs. A modded scenario using my Eye-Candy Expansion.
Progress: 65%

Into the Wild II
• Return to the Undying Lands with Queen Vivan and her alliance of warriors as they try to discover the truth about Dystonia’s history and attempt to stop the most dangerous adversary they have ever encountered.

• In this mini game take control of an assassin as he tries to kill a corrupt noble. Complete a number of side quests to gain the knowledge and gold you to bride the guard and gain access to the noble’s mansion.
Progress: 10%

Molten Gold
• In this minigame scenario sail across the Boiling Ocean to Paradise Island to find the long-lost treasure of the infamous pirate Captain Ultar.

The Legend of The Friston
• The Sea of Bones surrounds Zandria’s western shore and is so named for the large amounts of fish bones that wash up on shore. An old myth suggests that these bones are spat out by The Friston, a monster of the deep blue. As the amount of bones become greater and the fish become scarce it is up to you to discover whether the legend is true and bring an end to The Friston’s terror.

Over the Edge, and Over Again
• Many years ago, Prince Ransley of Ehr sailed across the Eastern sea to discover new lands, never to be seen again. Now an ageing Queen Vivian has decided its time to find out what really happened to her brother as she sets sail across the sea for herself.

The Wymorian Tales
• Discover what really happened to Prince Ransley on his journey across the Eastern Sea.

The Bastard King
• It’s been 40 years since the Xandrian War ended and King Yassen is dying. Without an heir civil war has erupted in Zandria, with every noble lord putting forth a claim to the throne. Join Yassen’s most trusted advisor General Tarik as he set out across Zandria to locate Yassen’s bastard son and convince him to take the throne.

Alamore Defence
• This is a single player tower defence game based on the popular multiplayer scenario Ancient TD. Alamore is a peaceful county located in eastern Lars. Located deep in the Rune Mountains the only accessible route into Alamore is through the arrow straight Qor Canyon. Lord Godfrey is currently acting as regent to the throne of Lars and is spending the winter at his estate in Alamore when he gets news that invaders are marching on Alamore to remove him from power. With limited soliders the only way to defend the town is to build towers across the canyon and shoot the invaders before they arrive.
Progress: 20%

The Quad Cycle
• It’s been a thousand years since the Xandrian War and Alexander’s story has fallen into legend. The religion of Sargilism is fading away and the Godworld is quickly deteriorating. Zachadom’s only hope is in a young girl named Holly, a faithful believer who must find four long lost relics of Sargilism and reignite her nations faith.

A Shadowed Future
• Zezema is the Dark God of Death, he’s the opposite of Zachadom, the anti-god. He was a man cursed to care for those not worthy enough to enter the Godworld but now he has broken free and threatens to cover the whole of exsitance in darkness. Now Zachadom has no choice but to come down to Dystonia and face Zezema himself.

Prequel Scenarios
These scenarios are set before the Main Trilogy and will give you a greater insight into the vast history of Dystonia and some of the major events and characters that have shaped the world as we know it today.

A New World
• Witness the first humans to ever set foot in the world of Dystonia and the horrors that they face. This is a horror themed scenario.

The Slave Kings
• Boba and Offa were the first Dystonian Kings, but they were born as slaves. Watch as they form a revolution that will shape Dystonia into the world we know today.

Ho, Ho, Ho. It's Magic!
• Magic is a common sight in Dystonia, but only a selected few have the ability to wield it. These Mages are trained in Sandshall at the Mage Guild. This scenario will focus on Quaydor, the first mage and the founder of the guild.

Last of the Wilds
• A cinematic scenario which acts as an AOK music video to the Nightwish song Last of the Wilds. This story focuses on the Wild War, a bloody civil war between two tribes, The Wilds and The Xanders.

Zezema: The Curse of King Jahr
• Discover the origins of the Dark God of Death and what happened to curse him to become Zezema.

Bandit Blood
• The bandits of Dystonia are a common sight, spread out throughout the world. But at one point they were united. Under the leadership of Egbert the Black the bandits formed an alliance and declared war on the rest of the world. Reverse the stakes and take control of the Bandits in this scenario.

The Lands Time Forgot
• The Undying Lands are a vast empty wilderness full of deadly creatures and scolding rivers of lava. Nobody has dared enter the lands for almost two thousand years. Until now! Take control of Margrave Aylard, an explorer on a quest to discover what lies in these lands. Explore the Undying Lands and establish the colony of Pukabi.

Mariana... The Girl Who Would Be Queen
• Mariana is the only child of King Jowell of Lars, and there she is heir to the throne. She is due to become the first ruling Queen in Dystonian history. However, not everybody believes that a woman should rule. Take control of Mariana as she tries to convince her subjects that she is fit to rule, and escape from a series of assassination attempts.

The Birth of a Nation
• There is a great mass of land which separates the three Kingdoms of Dystonia. Completely empty and full of vegetation, three noble lords decided to do the unthinkable - establish their own country. In this scenario you will uses various political and social skills to establish alliances and trade in order to establish the country of Uldûrh.

The Mystical Adventures of Joseph de Burbon
• Sargilim is the main religion in Dystonia. Sargilites worship the gods Zachadom and Saphedema and read the Sargelic Verses. However, the religion we know today, with all its customs and traditions are all due to one man, Joseph de Burbon. In this scenario follow a young Joseph as he sets out on a pilgrimage where he will discover the original Sargelic texts and form Sargilism as it is known today.

One Mans Plunder, A Nations Wealth
• Captain Ultar was the most feared and infamous pirate in history. For thirty-seven years he pillaged and murder his way across the Five Seas. But now it’s time for his reign of terror to end. Track Ultar down and sink his ship.

Inside Man
• King Sebastian was never meant to be king of Ehr. Unfortunately his father and older brother were murder in their sleep, right in the middle of Ehr Palace. Take control of the assassin and sneak through the palace to kill your targets.

Multiplayer Scenario
Multiplayer scenario set in a parallel version of Dystonia where anything can happen. Lets see which nation will come out on top and rule the world.

Conquest of Dystonia
• In this multiplayer scenario take control of one of the five great nations of Dystonia and attempt to take control of the entire world. Use warfare to conquer each nation or religion to gain the God’s favour and power. This is much like a simple RM set in Dystonia but with additional objectives and bonuses that will make a much more unique and enjoyable game for you and your friends.
Progress: Completed - Download Now!


Wrath of the Traibs
A Bandit Camp
Gallendale Cathedral
The Mountain Ranges of Uldûrh
The Zandrian Farms
The Spring Shipyard
Goodrich Beach
The Clearwood Troupe
The Ardan Palace

Into the Wild
The Lost Temple of Ardoor
Governor Trelawney's Mansion

Alamore Defence
The Town of Alamore
Qor Canyon


Its important to note that many of these are working titles and some do sound a bit silly but I just love coming up with stories and hope that I can one day show you some of these that I have come up with. I will continue to post updates on these projects along with screenshots. If you'd ever like to playtest anything then just shout.

Thanks for checking it out.


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posted 01-04-20 03:34 PM CT (US)     1 / 10  
Looking good! I've yet to play Wrath of the Traibs, but it is nice to see some big project thread going up again, we have had a lack of them recently!

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posted 01-04-20 03:53 PM CT (US)     2 / 10  
Basse Id love for you to check it out if you could. Yeah there have been and i hope that I can deliver on some of these projects over the next few years. I reckon I could realistically get at least two of them out before the end of 2020.
posted 01-05-20 04:27 AM CT (US)     3 / 10  
Its important to note that many of these are working titles and some do sound a bit silly but I just love coming up with stories and hope that I can one day show you some of these that I have come up with.
I can pretty much relate to this, only your ideas could conceive a much broader universe than mine. Good luck with this, and good luck for the both of us. Hope at least some of them will ever see the light of day.

Also, nice names! Very GOT-ish.

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posted 01-05-20 09:33 AM CT (US)     4 / 10  
Thanks Andan. I’m really looking forward to your project. I haven’t had time to check out the teaser you uploaded but I will do soon. I’ll also try to review it for you as well. Feel free to check out Wrath if the Traibs and get a feel for what all these scenario are about. I’d love for somebody to give it a review.
posted 01-06-20 06:12 PM CT (US)     5 / 10  
If time permits later this month, I will give it a whirl. I have a number of projects (work-related and others) to cross off my to-do-list first, though, but I do want to have a look at it!

The ||||||||||||||||| Hus
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posted 01-07-20 12:42 PM CT (US)     6 / 10  
Yeah I get that real life is crazy, we've all been there. Can't wait to hear you thoughts on it whenever you get round to it.

On another note - The Multiplayer scenario Conquest of Dystonia is almost complete and is going through its final playtests.
posted 01-10-20 03:39 PM CT (US)     7 / 10  

Mapshot of a minigame called Bloodlines set in this series. Would love to know people's thoughts on the design. This is proving to probably be one of the most ambitious scenario I've ever designed, despite the small map. There will be a dozens of side quests, multiple endings and some unique game mechanics.
posted 01-10-20 03:49 PM CT (US)     8 / 10  
Looking pretty good!
Reminds me of Lord Basse's Medivia scenario (premise included as well )

The Fall of Hummaria -- Teaser [4.2] -- Project's Thread
Cavern Pirates -- The Treasure Hunt [4.6] -- Captain's Revenge
My Blacksmith

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posted 01-10-20 04:09 PM CT (US)     9 / 10  
Looks nice! And yeah I can see the Medivia paralells too, haha, but that's not really a criticism, just an observation.

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posted 01-24-20 09:23 AM CT (US)     10 / 10  
A multiplayer scenario called Conquest of Dystonia has just been released. It's nothing special but good be a good bit on entertainment for you.
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