Age2oon Contest

Our Age2oons section is back in action, and we're celebrating by throwing a freakin' contest! We're giving our community the opportunity to submit their own Age2oons, with each submission having the goal of becoming the funniest toon of the batch! Post any Age2oon you want to enter in our Official Age2oon thread.

The toons must be original and *your* creation, and all Age2oons posted during the contest duration will count as submissions. Each forumer that enter this contest is allowed to submit up to five Age2oon submissions that meet the file size and format critera listed above; any Age2oons afterwards will not be counted in the judging. The judging will not begin until the contest is over on October 23rd, so you're free to edit your post if you want to switch an entry.


» Aro
» Luke
» Scud


The winner will recieve a custom title of their choice on their forum account!


We've simplified the scoring system in this contest so it reflects a rating of 1 to 5, based entirely on how humorous the Age2oon is to the judges. But as with any contest, there are some things that might detract from your score:

  • The inclusion of in-jokes (jokes that those who are not a part of the community wouldn't understand, such as a Teutonic Knight chasing a Petard =P)
  • Jokes already used by an existing Age2oon
  • Difficulty deciphering a toon's text


Please direct all questions to the official Age2oon thread, in case anybody else has the same question!