AI Tournament


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"As time has passed, the resources for modifying and expanding Age of Empires II has increased significantly, both in quantity and quality. However, ever since the game was released in 1999, many fans have been interested in the art of creating artificial intelligence. So let me be the first to welcome you to the first ever Age of Kings Heaven AI Tournament, hosted by myself and Basse, where the rickety rams turn to shambles and the mighty onagers triumph, for it is a test of both power and flexibility, and those who cannot act as the predator will become the prey."

With those opening words by Turtov, we give you the AoKH AI Tournament; a tournament in which custom made AIs will battle each other one on one, until only one remains standing! Write an AI, send it in as an entry, and see how good it really is!


Know of more good scripting programs or guides to AI scripting? Post them and we'll link to them here!

  • AoC AI Builder: A simple AI scripting tool. Has some minor bugs, but otherwise a good beginner's tool.
  • AI Editor an easy-to-use AI editor. Made originally for Age of Kings, but still effective nonetheless.
  • The World of AI Scripting: an in-depth guide to scripting, however yet unfinished.
  • [url=]AI For Dummies: A more complete, although not as in-depth, AI scripting guide.


    The game style for the entire tournament is going to be Random Map, with standard resources. The map that will be used for all games, both group games and finals, is Arabia. Population cap will be 200. Victory conditions will be Conquest. Difficulty setting will be Hard. All games will be one on one. Game speed is fast and the map size will be tiny.

  • Your AI mustn't cheat in any way.
  • Experienced scripters are encouraged (however not forced) to keep their AIs down to 100 rules, to increase the challenge.
  • You may choose any civilization you want; however, it might be wise to make sure it has some advantages on the selected map.
  • You can enter more than one AI if you wish, the more the merrier.
  • Your AI must include the following piece of coding, to make sure that games end when one player has a humongous advantage and that the game doesn't end in a mad hunt for that last villager hiding in the bushes.
    (building-count < 5)
    (population < 10)
    (players-population any-enemy >= 150)


  • The AIs entered will be put against each other one on one in eight games. The winners will meet in four games, and the winners there meet in semi-finals, and final two meet in the final.
  • Each game lasts for a maximum of 2 hours and are watched and commented on by either Lord Basse or Turtov. If a game takes two hours or more, it's a tie. If a tie occurs, the AI with highest number of buildings razed wins.
  • All games will be recorded and uploaded to the Blacksmith once they're finished for the public to view.


    AoC_DaVe No Limits vs Pack
    Basse: Out of the starting 16 AIs only two remain standing. This is the Grande Finale, the game that ultimately decides the winner of the first of hopefully many AoKH AI Tournaments. TOAO_DaVe's AI AoC_DaVe No Limits as the Huns, versus zergs's AI Pack as the Spanish. Now, let the game commence.

    As always, both AIs start up strong; at ten minutes DaVe ad Pack have 25 and 24 villagers respectively, willingly obeying their masters' every command without question, or time to think about the meaning of life and all that for that matter. While DaVe spreads out his villagers on chopping down trees, collecting berries and hacking the ground (i.e. farming), Pack focuses more on farming and wood chopping. At 13 minutes DaVe reaches the Feudal Age and starts building some military buildings and begins spawning cheap troops, as well as more villagers for various tasks. When DaVe decides it's time for some light entertainment, at about 17 minutes, and attacks Pack, Pack still hasn't got any military forces apart for his loyal scout. Some guards at the Baracks pop their heads out to see what's going on but they are instantly slaughtered by DaVe's attackers. At 19 minutes, Pack becomes the first one to reach the Castle Age, which doesn't help him much anyway since he hasn't got an army. At 29 minutes DaVe sends out a bigger attack force, plunging deep into Pack's homeland territory, burning his peaceful farming town to ruins. Once Pack starts producing an army, the strategy of having equal ammounts of monks and soldiers proves to be a failure. When DaVe finally gets to the Castle Age at 33 minutes he launches another attack, this time towards the first and last Castle in the game, which is left in ruins. Just out of spite, DaVe builds a Siege Workshop on the very place the Castle use to stand and uses it to produce forward rams to help devastate the left-overs of Pack's Spanish civilization. With DaVe's army closing on the 100 line, defending the homeland is a lost cause of Pack, who accepts the inevitable at 48min 10 seconds, leaving AoC_DaVe the winner of not only this game, but also of the entire contest!

    With that gracious victory we conclude this first AoKH AI Tournament and give a round of applause to the maker of the winning AI, TOAO_DaVe! On behalf of myself, Turt and AoKH in general, I thank every who contributed with their AIs and hope you all enjoyed the contest!

    Once again, congrats to DaVe! The final can be downloaded right below, and soon you will be able to find all the games in a single package at the Blacksmith!

    Download the Grande Finale recorded game here!



    THE CONTESTANTSLegend: AI Name (Authour name)
    Bothorth (Bothorth)
    mj_striker (MuRRay Jnr)
    Egbert the Saxon (DuckOfNormandy)
    Rule Britannia (RubberMan)
    Leif Ericson (Leif Ericson)
    Mayan Mayhem (RubberMan)
    Crusader (Joshooarh)
    HooHacker (MerryBrandybuck)
    Green Tadpole (ScottT)
    Irn Bru (RubberMan)
    AoC_DaVe (TOAO_DaVe)
    KudaCendik (Kucluk)
    Willd-hunrm (WilldThing)
    Pack (zergs)
    power AI (Bendo)

    ROUND 1 (Octafinals?)
    Bothorth VS ARFFI
    mj_striker VS Green Tadpole
    Egbert the Saxon VS Irn Bru
    Rule Brittania VS AoC_DaVe
    Leif Ericson VS KudaCendik
    Mayan Mayhem VS Willd-hunrm
    Crusader VS Pack
    HooHacker VS Power AI
    ARFFI VS mj_striker
    AoC_DaVe VS Egbert the Saxon
    Leif Ericson VS Mayan Mayhem
    Pack VS HooHacker

    Leif Ericson VS Pack

    AoC_DaVe VS Pack