In a Cave - Cave Design Competition

Download all the Entries Here

For this competition, you will design, and make, a Cave, that includes:
• Cave Entrance
• Inside of a Cave
• And a Cutscene

It is up to you how to do everything else, you could have the ENTIRE scenario just 1 cutscence, but it has to include A Cave Entrance AND A Cave…. It could be an entire PLAYABLE scenario, with complete storyline, objectives etc… Or just a Cave for you to look around yourself with the Editor… Its’ all up to you…
Goodluck, and please post here if you wish to join.

• Dark_Reign
• WizardBoy
• Militia Mouse

What will be judged
• Appearance of Cave Entry/Exit
• Surroundings
• Use of Cave
• Appearance on Inside the Cave
• Use of Terrain
• Storyline of Scenario/Cutscene
• Originality






Icy Sting


Lance O Lot


• 1st Place winner- SOK_He11s_Angels
• 2nd place goes to- Oliver
• 3rd place goes to- Dark Blade
• 4th place- Lance O Lot
• 5th place- Icy Sting
• 6th place- newIdea
• 7th place- Hussarknight
• 8th place- INdesstructable
Congratulations to all of the contestants for competing in this competition, especially for those last few weeks of waiting.