Destiny of a Dynasty - AoKH Chinese Campaign Contest

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Design Requirements: Campaigns must contain 3 scenarios, no more or less, and be designed under Age of Kings: The Conquerors (AoK:TC). They must be reasonably accurately based on any event or series of events relating to the Chinese Empire in the time period covered by AoK and AoK:TC, (approximately 500A.D. 1600 A.D.) The History section of each scenario must show clear evidence of historical research. The instructions and general setup of the gameplay must be reasonably consistent with the history. Some creativity and logical fictionalization in map design and player missions to enrich the gameplay are encouraged. Each campaign must contain at least one introductory graphic (.bmp, .gif or .jpg) which helps the player understand the history and/or play the scenarios. Each campaign must also contain accurate and helpful instructions and hints for the player, appropriate victory and loss messages, and at least one custom .ai file. Please note: no use of modpacks is permitted, nor is requiring the use of cheat codes by the player in order to follow the intended line of play. Sounds, music, and .avi files are permitted.

Evaluation: There will be six judges (Angel Rasher, Angel Spineman, Cherub Lobby, The Downward Spiral, Jerusalem, and an ES Designer Vote (the agreed score by ES_Deathshrimp, Karen Sparks and ES_Quasta)). Entries will be evaluated using the Blacksmith criteria of Playability, Creativity, Balance, Map Design, and Story/Instructions, plus an added category of Historical Content. If it is deemed necessary due to a large number of entries, Angels Spineman and Rasher will go through the submissions and narrow them down to a number that is deemed as suitable for the judges. Each entry remaining will be played and evaluated by two judges. Entries receiving a score of at least 4.0 from one or both of those judges will be played and evaluated by the other four judges. The new score for the campaign will be the average of all judges' scores. In the event of ties for prizes, each judge will numerically rank the tied entries, with the highest overall ranking prevailing. If ties still remain, a coin toss will be used. Results will be announced on February 28th, 2001. All campaigns submitted will be posted in The Blacksmith after the contest is over.

Eligibility: The contest is open to all except the six named judges. While Angels, Cherubs, Ensemble Studios, Microsoft and other HeavenGames-affiliated entrants are eligible to enter the contest, they are not eligible to win the Grand Prize.

Submission Procedures:
Campaign Contest Submission Form
Campaigns may be submitted at any time until ****Noon, US Eastern Daylight Time (1600 GMT), Febuary 15th, 2001. No person may submit more than one entry. Two or more authors may collaborate on a single entry, but this entry will count as the single entry allowed for each author, and the authors are responsible for determining an equitable sharing of any prize won by such an entry. All submissions must be a ZIP file. The ZIP file must include two other ZIP files - one containing only the campaign itself, the other containing all sounds, bitmaps, AI Files, music, and AVI files. Once an entry is submitted, that entry may not be withdrawn by the author(s) for correction and resubmission, nor may it be withdrawn from the contest to submit another in its place.

Grand Prize: HGS T-Shirt, AoK:TC Shirt, AoK:TC or ES Hat, Music From the
Ages CD, More Music From the Ages CD and an ES Watch!

1st Runner Up: HGS T-Shirt, AoK:TC Shirt, AoK:TC or ES Hat and one Music
from the Ages CD

2nd Runner Up: HGS T-Shirt, AoK:TC or ES Hat and one Music from the Ages CD

As well, all Honorable Mentions shall recieve an HGS T-Shirt.

Questions and Other: Angel Rasher ( is in charge of the contest. Refer any questions to him. For some excellent tips on scenario design in Age of Kings, visit The Blacksmith. Also, stop by the Scenario Editing Forum where you can pick up additional tips, ask questions of the judges and see what the other designers are up to. Have fun and Good luck!

Disclaimer: All contest entries become the property of HeavenGames (HG). By submitting a campaign to this contest, the entrant agrees to have their entry published in the Blacksmith where it will be available for public download. HG also reserves the right to use anything contained within the entry, such as images and descriptions, to publish additional pages within HG. The entry may not be placed on another website without express consent from both HG and the author of the campaign. Thank you.