Defend the Spot Contest 2018

Welcome to the fifth Defend the Spot Scenario Design Competition (DtS competition). Held two years back to back in 2007 and 2008, again in 2013, and once more in 2016, it has been two years since it was held. We hope for many excellent entries. This type of competition is not very difficult, so it is an excellent way for newer designers to show off their creativity. Don't hesitate to join!

So, what is a "Defend the Spot" scenario? Simple. The basic premise is that you have to hold out for a while in a limited area against superior forces. The most common type of DtS scenario is a defense of a fortified castle or city against hordes of invaders, but a DtS can be the defense of anything - a forest village, a newly-found treasure, a hill during a surprise attack, the king's ship in the middle of the sea - the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

For good examples of DtS scenarios, check out these scenarios:

Defence at Lorgan's Watch - by Mash (winner of the 2016 DtS Competition)
Assault on Killgary - by White Champion (winner of the 2008 DtS Competition)
Defend the Island 4 - by Lord Basse (winner of the 2007 DtS Competition)
Blood of the Bear - by Mash
The Dogs of War - by Night Conqueror


  • Only one entry per forummer. No teams.

  • There are no restrictions on styles - you can have fixed force, build and destroy, even role playing defend the spot games. Your scenario cannot be wholly a cutscene, however.

  • The game must be a single player game. No multiplayer.

  • The Forgotten, African Kingdoms, and Rise of the Rajas expansions to the HD Edition are allowed, as is the use of the UserPatch.

  • Any game modifications are allowed. Trigger Studio, data mods, graphics mods, language file edits, and other file modifications are allowed.
  • Deadline:

    All entries must be submitted to the Blacksmith by 23:59 forum time (CST), August 1, 2018.


    Traditionally this contest has been a community-led contest. While the staff is hosting it this year, we are encouraging community members to be the judges. If you are interested on being a judge, sign up in the thread.


    1. HockeySam18
    2. Lord Basse
    3. Leif Ericson

    The maps will be judged out of 50 points in the following categories:

    Playability: 15
    Creativity and Story/Instructions: 15
    Map Design: 10
    Balance: 10


    1st Bassi - The Siege of Caffa: 41/50 + 36/50 + 48/50 = 125/150
    2nd Al_Kharn the Great - Last Stand at Orkney: 32/50 + 35/50 + 44/50 = 111/150
    3rd Great_Artiste - Anageos (1494): 37/50 + 29/50 + 43/50 = 109/150
    4th BF_Tanks - Reliquary: 26/50 + 30/50 + 40/50 = 96/150
    5th Alkhalim - The Horns of Hattin: 28/50 + 27/50 + 34/50 = 89/150
    6th Hellknight61 - Sniper: The Dead End: 9/50 + 14/50 + 18/50 = 41/150