Graphics Modding Competition


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Well, it's only been the better part of two decades, but it is finally time for the very first ever Age of Kings Heaven Graphics Modding Competition! That's right, not another contest for those scenario designing freaks, this is a competition for the modders of our community. So, break out your favourite modelling or image editing software and create something original and exciting!

The premise is simple. Design two graphics, one a building, the second a piece of eye candy, zip your slp's and send them in. Then sit back and see how your talents match up against the other members of AOKH's most artistic sub-forum.

1. All entries must contain one [1] building and one [1] piece of eye candy. The building must be size 5x5 (wonder size), or smaller. While no points will be automatically given to larger buildings, the judges will naturally have more to be impressed by when judging large complicated buildings like wonders or castles, and less for buildings like towers or houses.

The eye candy may be any reasonable size, may be still or animated, and may consist of one rotation or as many as eight. Nature objects such as rocks, trees, mountains, flowers, etc would all qualify, as would things like flags, ruins, goods, statues, etc. The main limitation is the object must be stationary.

2. All entries must be received by September 30, 2015. Entries may be submitted to the blacksmith or by email to me. The name of the zip file should be in the format GMC15 -

3. All forms of graphical modding, including both 3D modelling and 'cut and paste' graphics will be accepted and are encouraged. Graphics which are purely extractions from other games are not permitted.

4. The graphics must be the completely original work of the creator. For 3D models, the model should be designed by the creator personally, or at a minimum contain enough new work so as to be undoubtedly original. Renders of existing online models are not accepted without significant entrant modification.

For cut and paste graphics, while it is acceptable to paste from graphics previously designed by others, the final product should not resemble any existing graphic too heavily. The exception to this are the ES graphics for the game itself, which may be used with no limitations.

Disqualification of entries for relying too heavily off of preexisting work will be at the discretion of the judges. Please report any possible plagiarism directly to the judges in this thread or through email.

5. Entries should be new work not already submitted to the blacksmith or available elsewhere online. Previously created graphics are obviously accepted, provided they are being seen for the first time in this competition.

6. All entries should consist of two slp's, and where necessary, a modified .dat file. The .dat file is allowed only for the purpose of utilizing the new graphics correctly in game. No points are available for data editing 'tricks'.

In addition, each entry should also include a screenshot showing both graphics in game. No points will be awarded or subtracted on the design quality of the screenshot.

7. Previews of entries should not be posted in thread or anywhere on the forum until after judging is complete. Any entries submitted as blacksmith files will not be approved until the scoring has been finalized.

Each judge will score all entries out of a maximum of 50 points, with the final score being a summed total of all three judges' scores, for a highest possible total of 150 points. The entry with the highest score is the winner. In case of a tie between two entries, the entry rated higher by two out of the three judges will be placed above the other.

The criteria for scoring are as follows:

Originality/Uniqueness - 10 points
Simply a rating of how unique a graphic is. Points are awarded for original visuals, not for original concepts. A sky fortress that looks mundane will not be awarded a high score for being a new idea for a building. Similarly, a truly interesting looking castle might be awarded all ten points, despite castles being a very typical building.

It is noted that for copy and paste graphics, no penalty should be levelled against buildings with pasted pieces that clearly resemble familiar graphics. Instead, the entire building should be viewed as a whole, and awarded or penalized based on how unique the finished product looks.

Quality - 30 Points.
The most important feature of any graphic is how good it is, and the majority of the points are allotted accordingly. The judges will consider areas including shading, perspective, colour, texture, level of detail, complexity, clarity, and in general any other suitable criteria for assessing the visual appeal of the entry.

Compatibility - 10 Points
How well do the graphics fit in with the game graphics? As an example, do objects like mountains blend well with the appropriate terrain below?

A good way to state this is that graphics which do not look at all 'out of place' will naturally score very high, while graphics that stick out noticeably and clash with the game will score very low.

Final Notes - The judges are encouraged to judge a graphic for its own merit and not consider the way it was made to either inflate or reduce the score. A familiar looking cut and paste graphic should not be judged more leniently for originality than a 3D graphic, and a 3D model should not be given lenience for being less compatible with the game graphics, if in fact it does stick out poorly.

1. Mr Wednesday
2. Lord Basse
3. John the Late

In first place was Dynasty IV for his Tibetan Monastery and Gardens!

In second was TriRem with his Palace and Animated Pond.

In Third was Mahazona with His Indian Siege Workshop and Stones.

1st. Dynasty IV 116 pts (scores by John, Basse, Matt)
Originality/Uniqueness 8, 7, 7
Quality 27, 23, 22
Compatibility 7, 8, 7
Total 42/50, 38/50, 36/50

2nd. TriRem 101 pts
Originality/Uniqueness 7, 4, 7
Quality 23, 17, 22
Compatibility 7, 6, 8
Total 37/50, 27/50, 37/50

3rd. Mahazona 78 pts
Originality/Uniqueness 4, 3, 3
Quality 17, 15, 13
Compatibility 8, 6, 7
Total 29/50, 24/50, 23/50