Halloween Horror Contest

Your task in this contest is to design a Single Player Scenario within the "Horror" genre. The idea behind the contest is to push the limits of AOK to provide fun and scares for this years Halloween!

- Must be a Single Player Scenario
- One entry per person
- Mods are allowed but must be easily installed/unistalled

Your scenario will be rated by a panel of judges in the following categories:

- Entertainment - How fun was the scenario to play, did it provide scares?
- Story - How spooky and interesting was the story?
- Map Design - How much did the map design contribute to the horror?
- Overall Atmosphere - How spooky was the overall atmosphere? This includes use of triggers and sound effects.

Each category shall be graded out of 10 and your scores in each category will be added up to give a total score. An average of your total score between the Judges will be calculated and the person with the highest average score at the end shall be crowned winner!


1st Place - Demon Town - by dragonslayermcmx
With 65 points out of 80.

2nd Place - Vosgian Travel - by fr steve
With 60 points out of 80.

3rd Place - Bram Stoker's Dracula - by HockeySam18
With 47 points out of 80.

I'd like to thank all the entrants for taking the time to make these scenarios and I had a lot of fun playing all three of them. I'd also like to thank panel for all the input he's put it and for taking the time to judge the entries too.