The Speed Contest


Download all the Entries Here

Welcome to the Speed Contest. This contest is an AOK race where the aim is to get to the castle Age first. You must record a game of you trying to get to the castle age as quickly as possible and the winner will be whoever posts the fastest time.

The rules
1. Your time will stop when you get to the Castle Age.
2. Modpacks of any sort are not allowed
3. Your submission must be less than 10mb in size
4. You can't enter anything already submitted to the blacksmith.
5. No Cheats Allowed
6. Anyone can Join
7. Place your finished file in the Recorded Games section of the Blacksmith with "TSC-2010" Your Time, and Your name as the File Name. eg - "TSC-2010 - 15:24 - Possidon"

Starting Settings
Without these settings you will be disqualified.

1. Map - Green Arabia
2. Difficulty – Standard
3. Resources - Low
4. Speed - Fast
5. Reveal map - All Visible
6. Starting Age – Dark Age
Anything else can be chosen by you


The Speed Contest has been a fast and action pack race to see who could get to the Castle Age in the fastest time. We had six entries to the Contest. They were all brilliant tries but here are the results.

In first place with an outstanding time of 11:00 exactly; our champion is The_Biz.

In Second place with another magnificent time of 11:13; we have our runner up; Barbarossa89

Out third place winner with a time of 11:15 is h2h80

In fourth place is Wololoo with a time of 11:24

Fifth Place goes to rimu who had a time of 12:24

And finally, our sixth place goes to Ryusaki who reached the castle age in 14:33

Download the Recorded Games Here:
1. The_Biz
2. Barbarossa89
3. h2h80
4. Wololoo
5. rimu
6. Ryusaki