Totally Terrain Contest

Download all the Entries Here

It's a simple concept: A map designing contest in which you pour your heart and soul into doing the most beautiful map design you can - Not many Triggers at all! (Exceptions are below)

Here’s the Rules:
There needs to be three judges: The judges can make a map if they wish, but it can’t be reviewed by that judge.
I will be the first judge. I need two others.

Entree's must sign up in the thread, saying what their maps size will be, and any other information you care to share about it.

Maps MUST be detailed in some way. Even bland grassy plains should be at least a little bit detailed - There is now no restrictions of map size (Except from the obvious - nothing like a 5x5 or anything.) or amount of content, as long as you show clearly the areas you want to be your entry. However, I DO want to point out that smaller maps may get lower marks, for both effort and detail.

Maps can be suitable for any kind of game really - Just make it beautiful.

Trigger Exceptions:
Name and Stat changes
Task, Remove, Damage, Patrol
Place Foundation, Research Technology
Create Object, Kill Object
Change Ownership, Activate and De-Activate Trigger.

What you will be judged on:
The Terrain: (10 Marks)
How well have you used Terrain's? Marks can be awarded for skilled and good looking terrain mixing and placing. Marks can be awarded/lost for other things too, such as what terrain is where and if it fits in that location. Elevation counts towards this mark, as does water.

The Eye-Candy: (10 Marks)
What kind of Eye-Candy have you used? Does the eye-candy fit in that location? Does it seem logical for that pine tree to be in the dessert? Marks can be awarded for good placment, and if you have used triggers, Triggerwork also contributes to your total mark. Eye-Candy includes every gaia and "other" object placed on your terrain - including wildlife.

The Theme: (5 Marks)
Does the maps theme fit with what you have placed on the map? Marks can be lost for things such as Cacti on Snow, unless you specifically mention that the theme of your map is fantasy/sci-fi, or a once-in-a-century snowstorm blizzard over the sahara.

Buildings, Forestry and Others: (20 Marks)
If you include a village, does the village fit in with its surroundings? If you have a large forest, is it accessible? is it detailed? Units can be used in your map for eye-candy purposes, and marks can be awarded for good use of units and buildings. This, and Eye-Candy are very similar, but this is more specific. (Say for example, you get awarded marks in Eye-Candy for having a forest, this is the more detailed mark which gives mark for how you made the forest come alive.)

The Reward for this has not yet been thought of. Ideas float by though, EEE V2 Beta? Crown and Septer? Knighthood? BF_Tanks' Beta Tester? I'm not sure as of yet.

Oh finally; I'll not be making a map for this. I'm a 100% judge, I want to see what You can do


1st - Julius999 - The Bay of Beran - 46/50

2nd - Tarsiz - The Lake of Garahil - 39/50

3rd - Watson - The Coast of Darvia - 33/50

All of the other entries:

Kingdom of Asgarnia - 31/50 (Possidon)
Countries at War - 30/50 (joshua4missions)
North-West Africa - 26/50 (Fanica)
Ruins of Anvard - 24/50 (Jecon)
Lumberjack - 22/50 (Popeychops)
Pathing a way to Europe 18/50 (Mark1)
Blasted - 17/50 (Greo)