Archived News From April 1998

Due to the old age of most of these news items, all hyperlinks have been disabled. It is also not possible to comment on any of news. They are presented in their current form purely for your reading pleasure – it’s the closest thing to a time machine we can offer you!

News: April 25
Posted by Archangel on April 25th, 1998 @ 10:47 p.m.

This site now share the “Help Forum” and the “Wishes & Dreams Forum” with our sister site Age of Empires Heaven. The Help Forum works the same way as it did before, Fans helping Fans with Age of Empires Questions. If you have something to share with new Fans of the game, or if your a new player and don’t understand something about the game, this is the place to go. – The Archangel

News: April 24
Posted by Vidguy on April 24th, 1998 @ 11:35 a.m.

Sheesh…can’t get good help these days. No matter how many times I tell ole Archy to download the news page FIRST before updating……hmmm…guess ya can’t teach and old dog new tricks eh? <grin> Well, yes…that’s all that was deleted was the CGW/Zone tilt that was cancelled, so he’s off the hook THIS time. 🙂

A new interview with Duncan McKissick, 3D Artist @ES (and self proclaimed “Social Evangelist”) appears on our good friend Mist‘s site. Here’s an excerpt:

Mist: How many hours a day do you work? You ever want to go home?
Duncan: I work a 9 to 10 hour day normally, during a crunch, 12 to 16 if not overnight. That’s when the funny purple men appear out of the carpet and disinfect the phones.

I know all about those “purple men” … actually last night I noticed Duncan was online and Omnivac, Ben Garvey and myself were about to start a game. I msg’d him and found out that they were under a deadline working on AOE2. I jokingly asked him if he wanted to take a break and play a game with us and lo and behold he accepted.

It was Omni and myself vs Duncan and Ben. Duncan’s compys and my chariots duked it out early … but after slaughtering 10 or so of his villagers I succumbed to the overwhelming Compy masses. I scattered and transported my vills to Omni’s town (which is getting to be a habit) and was rebuilding when Duncan got called into an ES meeting….it was like 12 AM PST!!! Oh well, another time, but was fun! Thanks Duncan! – Vidguy

News: April 24
Posted by Archangel on April 24th, 1998 @ 7:41 a.m.

Oops.. I seem to have overwritten Vidguy’s News post from Yesterday :(.. Sorry Guy! I believe yesterdays post was just about the cancelling “The Zone team and Computer Gaming World (CGW)” Match.

Age of Empires Heaven has got a nice mini-FAQ on trouble shooting your Patch-B install. If you having problems this is a good place to start. Another good place to find answers is the AOE Wish List Forum, Chris Campbell from ES has been following this Forum very closely for Patch comments. – The Archangel

News: April 22
Posted by Archangel on April 22nd, 1998 @ 5:07 p.m.

Another reminder about tomorrows Zone event:

* Thursday, April 23, 6:00 P.M. Pacific Time * on the Internet Gaming Zone.

AGE OF EMPIRES — We’re always up to a good challenge so we decided to schedule another! This time, the Zone team has dared the folks from Computer Gaming World (CGW) to a Battle Royal. Who will be left standing, and will anyone get to the Iron Age? Check out the action at 6 P.M. Pacific Time in the Age of Empires War Cry game room.

Also we have added a couple more Voting Polls. No we aren’t asking you what your favorite flavor of Ice Cream is or what days of the week end in the letter “y”, but a couple of questions concerning the new Patch for Age of Empires.

Another Reminder 🙂 – As most of you know Age of Empires Heaven will be One year Old on 15 May 1998. To mark this event we are running a little contest on both AGE site

Visit Heaven and Play with the Gods

Age of Empires Heaven and Age of Empires II Heaven are running a contest to celebrate their 600,000 and 125,000 visitors, respectively.

Heaven’s Angels are giving 2 lucky winners (one from each site) the opportunity to play the “Gods” of the AOE world, members of the Ensemble Studios team, and try to beat them at their own game!

All you have to do is Visit AOE Heaven, become the 600,000 visitor (or the closest after 600,000), and send us a screenshot of your visit.

Another winner will be selected from the 125,000 visitor of Age of Empires II Heaven using the same formula.

The winning fan and a friend of his or her choosing will be scheduled into a game of 2 on 2 against ES Staff members which could include the likes of Dave Pottinger and others.

So don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity. Visit Heaven and earn a chance play with some Gods.

News: April 21
Posted by Archangel on April 21st, 1998 @ 8:16 p.m.

Can we say PATCH FEVER! Myself (And Many of the Heaven Angels) have spent most of last night and today surfing Newsgroups, ZONE Rooms and other AOE sites and ALL I got to say is the Patch is taking AOE Players by Storm. Allot of Credit needs to be given to the ENSEMBLE STUDIOS CREW and MS for such swift action in getting the Patch into the hands of their loyal fans.

Before I post a couple of the Cool Comments I found, I wanted to give a big hand to all the GREAT SYSOPS on the Zone that were handling the flood of questions about the Patch! You guys/gals have a job I wouldn’t wish on my mother-in-law!:) Keep up the great work and thanks for the wonderful support to all the AGERS that visit the ZONE.

Also if you have anything to say about the Patch, drop us a line here at Heaven (or post a note in one of our FORUMS and the ANGELS will ensure its gets to the right dude or dudette at ES.

As Vidguy tells it, I seem to rattle on at times :).. There is one more thing.. thanks for all the great comments in the Guest Book, the comments there, would make any Heaven Angel or Ensemble Studios Dude proud. – The Archangel

Some Patch Comments

~ I just wanted to express my extreme satisfaction with Ensemble. Thank you and Ensemble for getting this patch together. You did not have to, but you did. In addition, I will show my support by purchasing AOE2, not only for myself, but for several of my friends. Thank you for the hours and hours of enjoyment that AOE1 has provided and, I am sure, AOE2 will provide. Long live multiplayer Age of Empires!! – Daniel Gilbert

~ Very well done, I wasn’t expecting the patch for a while yet. You have done the right thing, and released a beta patch which will sure please a lot of people. Thanks again, you have re-asserted yourself as the coolest games company around (as if we ever doubted you :). – Jamie “I love Ensemble” Fraser 🙂

~ Great job in getting this out to all of us AOE enthusiasts as soon as possible!! I hope that everyone in this NG realizes all the hard work you all at ES put into getting this puppy done. I know all of the Sysops on the Zone are so so so happy to have this in the hands of Zoners, even if it is a ‘beta’. Anyhow, I just wanted to let you know I appreciate your work and hope everyone else in this NG does as well, and isn’t afraid to let you know 🙂 – +fletch00Zone Sysop

~ Thanks for the kind words… A lot of people at ES *and* MS deserve a lot of credit for turning on a dime and rolling this beta patch out so quickly… Hopefully, this should reinforce that the ES/MS desire is to make sure the customers are happy playing the best RTS on the planet!

One note that I neglected to mention: IF YOU FIND ANY PROBLEMS with this patch in regards to the three major bugs that were fixed (the extra-wood-via-lag bug, the extra-town-centers-via-lag bug, or the waypoint bug) or you find something else that no longer works like in did after the first patch, you need to tell Ensemble. Post your Feedback on AOE HEaven ( or on the MS Newsgroup. Hopefully, we won’t find any bugs we have to fix, but if we do, then we’ll fix ’em:)

Dave C. Pottinger Engine Lead Ensemble Studios Corp.

You can post your Patch Comments on the Age of Empires Heaven FORUM or the Age of Empires II Heaven FORUM. Both these FORUMs share the same information on both Sites. SO, Let ENSEMBLE STUDIOS know what you think! Feedback is important to all of us AGERS. – The Archangel

News: April 21
Posted by Archangel on April 21st, 1998 @ 6:45 a.m.

Wow! It was quite the day yesterday! – The Patch ‘B’ was a huge hit with the Zoners. It seem almost total chaos people asking questions about the patch and playing AOE with ‘B’ installed. I wish to thank the Sysops in the Zone. They did a outstanding job of passing information and keeping things from totally getting out of hand :).. – The Archangel

News: April 20
Posted by Vidguy on April 20th, 1998 @ 4:05 p.m.

AOE 1.0b BETA Patch is available! Don’t walk … RUN (or click if you want) over to AOE Heaven’s Download area to download the latest patch from ES and MS for Age of Empires.

The version 1.0b Beta patch fixes the following problems with prior versions of Age of Empires.

  1. The Bug which allowed players to received extra resources when canceling building construction multiple times by exploiting lag in a multi-player game.
  2. The Bug which allowed players to construct multiple Town Centers without a Government Center by exploiting lag in a multi-player game.
  3. The Bug which allowed units to operate on an object a distance away from them by setting waypoints.

You can download the patch here but be sure to read the Readme file and follow close instructions.

From the Readme.txt file:

What to do if you have problems or find bugs with the Beta patch.

  1. Post a message in the appropriate forum at ‘Age of Empires Heaven’ at The operators at ‘Age of Empires Heaven’ will be collecting the information and send it to Ensemble Studios where it can be evaluated.
  2. Send feedback to Ensemble Stuidios through their web site at It is recommened that you go through ‘Age of Empires Heaven’ first.

If you want to comment or offer suggestions regarding the patch be sure to post them in our Wishes and Comments forum. – Vidguy

News: April 20
Posted by Vidguy on April 20th, 1998 @ 2:45 p.m.

ES is in the process of sending AOE Heaven a copy of the long awaited patch. More details are forthcoming but check back here between 3 and 4 PM PST to dowloand it. This has been confirmed! – Vidguy

News: April 20
Posted by Vidguy on April 20th, 1998 @ 11:15 a.m.

This just in:

Visit Heaven and Play with the Gods

Age of Empires Heaven and Age of Empires II Heaven are running a contest to celebrate their 600,000 and 125,000 visitors, respectively.

Heaven’s Angels are giving 2 lucky winners (one from each site) the opportunity to play the “Gods” of the AOE world, members of the Ensemble Studios team, and try to beat them at their own game!

All you have to do is Visit AOE Heaven, become the 600,000 visitor (or the closest after 600,000), and send us a screenshot of your visit.

Another winner will be selected from the 125,000 visitor of Age of Empires II Heaven using the same formula.

The winning fan and a friend of his or her choosing will be scheduled into a game of 2 on 2 against ES Staff members which could include the likes of Dave Pottinger and others.

So don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity. Visit Heaven and earn a chance play with some Gods.

Also noticed this in the AOE Newsgroup:

Question: Is it possible to save multiplayer games?
Answer: Not in AOE1. (From Dave Pottinger, ES Engine Lead)

I’ll leave the connotations of THAT up to YOUR imagination <grin> – Vidguy

News: April 19
Posted by Archangel on , 1998 @ 8:37 p.m.

No Age of Empires II news again, but we promise to have something your way in the next couple of days.

Some on you may know the team of Sabre & Saleh over at Yegg’s Tavern (Diablo II Site). Since they have lost so many Age of Empires games to Angels in the last few months we decided it was about time to give them a little notice in Heaven :). Drop by and let them know what you think of their site. – The Archangel

Yegg’s Tavern is interested in providing a fresh look at the upcoming sequel to Diablo, Blizzard’s initial role-playing game hit of early 1997. Many buyers of the original game were stunned by the beautiful graphics, ease of interface, and free multiplayer features. Blizzard intends to build upon all this and more with Diablo 2 — a game that will place the players in a world of four towns and surrounding wilderness areas. Come over to Yegg’s to check out the daily updated news, the ever-expanding wishlist, and many more features including a forum in which to post your thoughts. If you’re not able to visit often, we also provide a mailing list service which can notify you when important news breaks. We are hoping reach the Diablo community with information that can bring them up to speed on the Diablo 2 scene. Being updated often, with a forum and good ratings Yegg’s Tavern is one of your stops along the lonely road to find DiabloAnd, heck, aren’t you curious about what a yegg is? (no using the dictionary, mind you!)

Oh.. Don’t forget the CGW and Zoner Match up on the 23rd!

AGE OF EMPIRES 23 April 98– And since we love a good challenge, we’ve decided to have two in the same month! This time, the Zone team has challenged the folks from Computer Gaming World magazine (CGW) to a Battle Royale. Who will be left standing, and will anyone get to the Iron Age? Check out the action at 6 P.M. Pacific Time in the Age of Empires War Cry game room.

News: April 17
Posted by Vidguy on April 17th, 1998 @ 11:55 p.m.

You want news? We got news about news and why there isn’t much news. Posted in our very own forum. 🙂

I know there have been a lot of complaints about why there hasn’t been a lot of news lately. Well, let me give those of you who aren’t in the industry a little 101 class in Gaming Insight.

The main reason why you don’t hear much of anything from most companies is this: E3. E3 is the marketing execs dream and nightmare. All the press, print and electronic will be there wanting coverage of AoE II. If we simply gave away everything in the game right now, then Age II wouldn’t get any press coverage. Age II would become old news.

But wait, it gets better. Most gaming companies also hold exclusive demos and coverage for their games. Company X can’t say anything about their game because of such agreements. In most cases, a game company’s marketing arm has a long term plan to give out information as time goes on. A little at first and just before it comes out, a flood of info. We also have to worry about competition. If too much is leaked, then other companies may put in our features in their game, etc.

I’m not saying this is the case with Ensemble Studios. We have our reasons whatever they may be. The above examples applies to mostly the game community at large. What I’m really trying to say is that please be patient with us. If I could I’d give our design docs to everyone and anyone, but I can’t. What I can say is that after E3 you’ll be hearing more than you ever wanted about AoE II. Microsoft will have a large presence with ES as a key portion of their booth. Heck, you might see me there if you go.

So in the meantime, I’m working with the Angels to put something together for y’all to read and get to know us better at ES. We do read all the posts here on the Forums and like many of your suggestions. Just keep in mind that even though not much info is being passed down, that in the end it will be better for you and the game.

– Chris Campbell QA Director Ensemble Studios

Is that news to you? – Vidguy

News: April 16
Posted by Archangel on April 16th, 1998 @ 5:20 p.m.

What a Party! As you know, Age of Empires has sold over One Million copies. Last night Microsoft treated Ensemble Studios to a fantastic celebration at GameWorks in Dallas. These are some of the pictures taken last night and you can click on the thumbnails for a larger picture and description. Me thinks some might have been late today at work, but hey! this was well deserved. All of Heaven’s Angels would like to congratulate the great team at ES for this accomplishment (and their hangovers )! – Omnivac

A special thanks to one of our brother webmasters at our sister site (Age of Empires Heaven) – Don’t you just love all that Heavenly talk 🙂 – for posting this information and to everyones favorite ES Dude – Duncan McKissick for the Kewl Pictures! – Is a Two Million copy party far behind?

Time for a little hype on another AOE II site:

Age of Empires II Battlefield – This AoE II site has all of your information needs for the upcoming sequel. View the daily news or post your suggestions and comments in the forum. Look at the detailed information about Age of Empires II. Come to the Battlefield and fight for your life or you might become angels :}. NOW AT A NEW LOCATION. Update your bookmarks. – Thanks Argent Knight

News: April 14
Posted by Vidguy on April 14th, 1998 @ 10:03 a.m.
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Whoah! Tons of news today! Here we go…

Our fearless leader just received a copy of a new Scenario CD for AOE from a german company made by Sybex:

Neue Level Fur Age of Empires

  • Uber 100 Szenarien
  • 10 neue Kampagnen
  • Mehr als 150 Soundfiles
  • Viele Tools zur Resource-Bearbeittung, AI- und Kampagnen- Editor

Archangel had this to say about it:

I looked at the CD – Can we say a copy of Age of Empires Heaven 🙂
Also includes a couple of Game Demos and a copy of IE 4.0.

We also got a very intersting suggestion from a Heaven fan about his wish for one of the “Lost Civs”:

My suggestion is that you would have the famed pizza Montoni throwers of Italy. These large warriors could hurtle pizzas as far as 67 meters, exceeding sometimes the range of the mighty trebuchet. The civ that has the Pizza throwers could be the Persians or Italians, giving them at least SOME reason to play their civs.

As a note, pizza throwers were developed around 67 BC, but improved pizzas and throwing methods gave them a pronounced honor around theri heyday around AD 460. The pizza throwers were highly regarded as the elite of all military forces. I am looking forward to them in AoE II.

Kinda makes ya hungry now … doesn’t it? – Vidguy

News: April 13
Posted by Archangel on April 13th, 1998 @ 4:58 p.m.

Sad to say again, but there is just isn’t any Age of Empires II news today again :(, but we have added a little color to the Message Forums here in Age of Empires II Heaven. Message posts made by the Ensemble Studios Dudes will appear in Yellow from now on. This (Hopefully) will give you a quick look at some of the comments by the Ensemble Studios Crew.

Vidguy had promised us another POLL very soon. As you can see from his last poll – ANGELS are in the TOP 50% as a requested AGE II Civilization! – Yes Ensemble Studios are you listening to your Fans! – ANGELS in AGE II!! 🙂

In other gaming news Gamestats has a REAL NICE Starcraft review up! Imperious Rex Tackles StarCraft at Gamestats. IRex is known for his honest and straight forward reviews, so this is one you don’t want to miss. – The Archangel

News: April 11
Posted by Archangel on April 11th, 1998 @ 3:01 p.m.

No Age of Empires II news today :(, but our supercool Gaming News Site Gamestats is running a little weekend Easter Hunt!

We have something special for you this Easter Weekend! How about a little Easter Egg hunt!?!? We have hidden 8 Easter images throughout the GameStats main website. Each image has two letters on it. Simply find all eight images, unscramble the letters, (hint top letters always stay on top), and mail telling us the three words that you find. We will draw one name from all of those who submit the correct three words. The first place winner will receive a brand new copy of BLADE RUNNER as a gift from GameStats. There will be consolation prizes for the second and third place runners up. Good Luck!!!!

Very kewl idea! – The Archangel

News: April 9
Posted by Vidguy on April 9th, 1998 @ 10:35 a.m.

New information about the AOE patch straight from the horses mouth on the AOE Newsgroup. This from the “Engine Lead” at ES, Dave Pottinger:


This is just a small exerpt (note: the CAPS are his <g>). For the entire post from Dave head on over to AOE Heaven‘s April 9th news. Omnivac is gonna display it all. Our thanks to the ever-diligent Heaven booster, Leo for bringing this to our attention!

You may have noticed that we finally got our counter fixed. When Gamestats switched over to a new server most of the counters got reset to zero. That’s why we were only showing over 20,000 visitors to the main page. Well…now it’s back to where is was supposed to be. So that other AOE2 site that is making tiny little claims to be number one, can believe his OWN poll all he wants, be we all know who really is the top AOE2 site on the ‘net now don’t we. – Vidguy

News: April 7
Posted by Vidguy on April 7th, 1998 @ 4:43 p.m.

Interesting post in the forums about system requirements from ES Artist, Lord Soth:

The system requirements as of now are P133, with 24 megs RAM, 4x CDROM. They may change, but if they do it would be for 32 megs RAM (up 8 megs). Time to upgrade if you havent yet. You will see most games from other companies going higher also.

Dang….guess I will have to get out of the stone age and buy a real machine. My P100 that has been so faithful through all of my AOE days is about to be retired to the boneyard, I guess. Hmmm, Archy … wanna buy your favourite Angel a new P300 for all his dedicated hours of service? *ducking* – Vidguy

News: April 6
Posted by Archangel on April 6th, 1998 @ 9:47 p.m.

Hmmmm… Interesting I wonder who Vidguy is calling an old man? Good thing I stopped by tonight would have missed that great ES-Toon! It kind of looks like Herb “Hellwood” Elwood is deep in sleep, well it just isn’t so! He is deep in thought, plotting out his next 3D Art for Age II. Isn’t that right Herb? Herb, ah Herb, HERB!

Since Heaven’s naming of Age of Empires Cartoons to “AGETOONS” caught on with the other websites, maybe we better copyright the “ES-Toons” naming of these Studio Cam Pictures.

Looks like its about time for another Voting Poll. We could ask something like “What Age II site do you visit most often”, but thats like asking “Does the sun rise in the east or west” :), or if your a male or female (Who cares as long as your playing AOE)! SO, if you have good a suggestion drop us a line. – The Archangel

News: April 6
Posted by Vidguy on April 6th, 1998 @ 1:56 p.m.

First order of business … Happy Belated B-day Old-Man-Arch! (21…HAHAHAHAHAH…now there is a laugh)

One of the things Omnivac and I came up with is to do some “ES-Toons” since we don’t have many Age2toons yet.

For our first installment we see two of the ES staff hard at work in the meeting room. Artist, Herb Elwood is …uhm….resting and Lead Designer, Mark Terrano is in the chair:

If you spot an interesting scenario at the ES Live Cam, send me a copy. Doesn’t matter if you have it doctored like mine or not, but send it either way. – Vidguy

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News: April 5
Posted by Archangel on April 5th, 1998 @ 2:40 p.m.

Lets get to the really important information first! – Its the Archangels Birthday today – I finally made it to the ripe old age of 21 😉 Now maybe my mother will finally let me move out of the house :)..

As things would have it, no one bought me a birthday present! – But thinking ahead last week I ordered a few games; Monopoly Star Wars (Tried it out for about 10 minutes, seems like fun but Heavy into the Avi files. Gotta read the manual on this one to see if there is a way to turn them all off – really slows down game play), Star Wars Rebellion (Got as far as installing this one, but didn’t get far into the game – A must that you need to read the manual!), Wing Commander Prophecy (Great intro screens! – thats as far as I got, before I got busy again :(.., Blade Runner (Nice also, and again didn’t have enough time to really explore it), Dungeon Keeper Deeper Dungeons (Still in the box – but should add some every nice levels to the main game).

Some Information from the Zone:

AGE OF EMPIRES 08 April 98 — The Internet Gaming Zone has challenged Online Gaming Review to a battle in Age of Empires. Come to the War Cry room at 5 P.M. Pacific Time and see if the Zone team can beat the OGR civilization or if we’ll have to run away with our tail between our legs.

AGE OF EMPIRES 23 April 98– And since we love a good challenge, we’ve decided to have two in the same month! This time, the Zone team has challenged the folks from Computer Gaming World magazine (CGW) to a Battle Royale. Who will be left standing, and will anyone get to the Iron Age? Check out the action at 6 P.M. Pacific Time in the Age of Empires War Cry game room.

Well.. back to gaming play 🙂 – The Archangel

News: April 3
Posted by Vidguy on March 3rd, 1998 @ 1:50 p.m.

Itchin’ to do some beta testing? No…sorry the beta of AOEII is NOT available yet! There is, however, a beta version of the Interet Gaming Zone available for public testing. This from the Innerzone:

The New Zone in Beta

Behind the scenes, we’ve been working away trying to make the Zone even better for our users. The new Zone will be released soon, and we think you’re going to like it. The new Zone supports Netscape Navigator 4.0, has an easier to use interface, includes a ranking system for Age of Empires, Chess and Fighter Ace players, and automates the download procedure. No more downloading huge files, just get the game bits you want when you go into the game rooms. You can try out the new Zone during its Beta period. Please note that this IS a beta, which means that it may not be perfect, but you can help to make it better. We value your feedback, and hope you like the look and feel of the new Zone.

Check out the fancy new “player info” when you click on someone. It shows you their ranking, how many games they have played, and a simple one-click way to add them to your “Friends” file. – Vidguy

News: April 3
Posted by Vidguy on March 3rd, 1998 @ 10:50 a.m.

An interesting post culled from the AOE newsgroup:

It would be nice to allow a player that has dropped out of an AOE network game to return. I have one machine on my network that tends to freeze after an hour or so of AOE. Why not allow them to re enter? Their setup is still showing on the other systems. Granted if it is the host then it might be more difficult. – Scott Adams

This is on the wishlist for AOE2, but it’s very unlikely it will get in due to the realtime nature of the game. We’ve discussed allowing the entire game to stop for everyone whilst the rogue machine reboots (or, more usually, reconnects to his/her ISP after the ISP has dropped him/her), but that doesn’t feel right in that the game would be too segmented.

Thoughts? – Dave C. Pottinger, Engine Lead, ES

Post your comments on our own forum, or head over to the AOE Newsgroup and post it there. Hmmm wonder when MS will start up and AOEII newsgroup. – Vidguy

News: April 2
Posted by Vidguy on April 2nd, 1998 @ 11:50 p.m.

A reminder to all AOE II webmasters that we have available screenshots, units and information for use on your pages. Just drop myself ( or Archangel ( and email and include your URL. Well send the information on how to get the goods!

Here’s another quality AOE II site on the web with great interactive features:

For those that have never been here, I would like you to visit. I try to be a little more interactive with the users, and thus distinguish myself somehow from the rest. More emphasis on polls, forums and and feedback. Once the beta arrives and consequently the full version, Mist’s Town will sway to a more strategy based site. Hope you like it, and stop by the forum to converse with some ES folks. – Mist

Remember, please ask before using any materials found on this or any other site! – Vidguy

News: April 2
Posted by Archangel on April 2nd, 1998 @ 8:25 a.m.

Got this months (May 98) copy of Computer Games Strategy Plus in the mail. They have a full page preview of Age of Empires II. Most of the information looks like its from the recent Microsoft Gamestock98, but there are couple of interesting bits of information (Wish I could post the whole thing – but those darn copyright laws prevent me from doing that 🙂 – The Archangel

Off Map Trading: Send ships off map to exotic locations to get extra gold.

Seems also (According to this article, Ensemble Studios had found a “Slick” way to track units that move behind buildings and trees.

And just to confirm what we already knew;

“Age of Empires II is a new game in a new time in a new place, and everyone wants to see more and Ensemble Studios is trying to give the people what they want”

– thats a quote from Bruce Shelley.

News: April 1
Posted by Archangel on April 1st, 1998 @ 7:05 a.m.

Not much going on in the world of Age of Empires II, but Age of Empires Heaven is hopping with some pretty kewl information!

Age of Empires Heaven is also looking for more “Angels” to help out in the daily updating of the site, if you have the skills, desire and committment to be part of that dynamite Heaven Team, drop Omnivac or Hamlet and email.

Age of Empires Heaven Stories and Scenario Design Contests are still going on, if you want to win one of those nice Age of Empire Shirts, ensure you check out the contest rules at Age of Empires Heaven.

So what is the Archangel doing in his spare time? (Glad you asked :).. Well, in my extra 15 minutes a day that I have to play games; the Outwars and Urban Assault Betas are on the top of my list. Both are pretty intensive games! You need to go to the MS Gaming Web page and check these two out.

Other games on my desk (or in the mail!) Battlezone, Star Wars Rebellion, Dungeon Keeper, I-War, Wing Commander 5, and Star Wars Monopoly (How that one get in there?). Hopefully I will get a chance to at least rip off the shrink wrap off the boxes this week :). There are quite a few others I want to get in the next couple of weeks, but having the money to pay for them and time to play them are a different matter.

The Voting Poll that Vidguy put up a few days ago, is getting the expected results for “Which Civ are you most looking forward to playing?”. Vikings and British are in the top spots with Mongol Hordes, Celts and Japanese catching up fast. AND (It comes as NO surprise to me) the “Angel” Civilization is in a strong sixth place! Don’t hold your breath thou, there are allot of copyright issues with have to work out with MS and ES before we will let the “Angels” be include in Age of Empires II. 🙂

The Message Forum area is HUGE and getting more popular with each passing day. We had over 120 message posted just yesterday! Thanks for all the input! ES and MS read these posts, thou they don’t have the time to answer each and everyone, your comments and suggestions are being read. Believe me! – Angels don’t lie 🙂

Oh.. Remember it’s April Fools Day in the United States (Hmmm.. sorry don’t know if other countries have the same thing – but then again not every country has Bill Clinton either), so if your surfing around today, DO NOT take everything at face value 🙂 – Archangel