Archived News From September 1998

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ES Who’s Who
Posted by Omnivac on September 15th, 1998 (Time Unknown)

The Ensemble Studios website has updated the Team Profile Page, so that from now on you can know all the ES dudes by their nicknames if you happen to meet them somewhere on the net. Note to self: Have to ask Mark Terrano what happened to Comm Weasel…

ES New Office Virtual Tour Continue
Posted by Omnivac on September 15th, 1998 (Time Unknown)

Click on the image below to continue your virtual tour of Ensemble Studios new office digs, thanks to Mario “Plastic Brain” Grimani. Actually, it looks more like after the attack of a dozen Hittite Heavy Catapults. :^) – Omnivac

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The Death Shrimp Strikes Back
Posted by Omnivac on September 12th, 1998 (Time Unknown)

Discussions about the scenario editor continue in the Scenario Editing forum with some comprehensive posts from Greg “Death Shrimp” Street. Let him know what you think about it. IT IS time to tell Ensemble Studios what features you would like to see, when the time comes for you to edit your scenarios and campaigns of Age of Empires II: Age of Kings.

Reincarnation of the G.OD.S.
Posted by Omnivac on September 12th, 1998 (Time Unknown)

Thanks to busy Hamlet, the Games Of Diverse Strategies sports a new look for your viewing pleasure. You can count on Seraph Gold and Angel Zoid there to keep you informed about the latest strategy games, as well as having nice previews, reviews and demos to download. Make it your daily stop.

Get yourself a new set of speakers
Posted by Omnivac on September 12th, 1998 (Time Unknown)
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The good folks at GameStats and Creative labs have gotten together to give our readers a chance at some superb speakers. The contest is a simple drawing and entering requires that you simply answer an opinion question. Readers can win a set of Microworks speakers which retail for nearly 250 bucks! This is not something to pass by! What are you waiting for? Make a small detour, and tell them Omnivac sent you. – Omnivac

Invasion of the Death Shrimp
Posted by Omnivac on September 10th, 1998 (Time Unknown)

Continue to send to send your suggestions for the Scenario Editor and the features you would like to see in it. Asssistant Designer Greg Street of Ensemble Studios made some good comments about different features, to consider when you make suggestions. Look also in the AoK forum for some of his other thoughts.

It would be cool to edit or create new heroes, units or civs. It also becomes increasingly difficult in the same order–it isn’t too hard to change the data for heroes, but it is for a whole civilization. Some things to consider:

A) With the ever-increasing list of features for AOK, some things have to get priority. Would you want a custom civ editor if it meant not having formations or some other feature? (I’m making up this example.)

B) Any kind of customization would increase the size of a scenario file, since all the new information has to be transmitted to anyone wanting to play the scenario. Care would have to be taken that this data didn’t get integrated with the standard data on each of the civs.

C) It could be frustrating to play a civ if you didn’t know their abilities and tech trees. There is some kind of “brand name” recognition with the civs in Age1. Everyone knows the difference between the Babylonians and Assyrians.

D) In a lot of cases, I think renaming a civ can have the desired effect in a scenario. If you want the Romans to battle Etruscans, make a Roman civ, disable Iron Age, and call them Etruscans. (Civs should retain these names in scenarios as they do in campaigns in Age1).

E) Making a super civ for an AI opponent is desirable, but I usually just give the AI more resources, starting units or access to the third or fourth age. Players generally enjoy scenarios more when they feel like the AI isn’t “cheating”.

Believe me, nothing is set in stone yet. Just fishing for opinions. – Greg “DeathShrimp” Street, ES Assistant Designer

You heard the man, nothing is set in stone yet. Read the Scenario Editor Wishes to see if something is missing, and send in your ideas and suggestions. – Omnivac

More Power to the Designers
Posted by Omnivac on September 5th, 1998 (Time Unknown)
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One of the greatest feature of Age of Empires is without a doubt the scenario editor. A simple look at the Granary of AOEH shows how popular it is to the fans, with a constant flow of new scenarios, campaigns and multiplayer scenarios available for download. Even for non-designers, the scenario editor provides countless hours of replayibility as new conquests are continuously open to them. Coupled with addictive gameplay and an increased quality from the designers, it looks like there will be no end to new adventures.

Naturally, with anything that is popular we always want more features and possibilities. The Age of Empires scenario editor surely missed some of them. You just have to think about renaming heroes, trigger events or branching campaigns. The list can go on and on, so tell us what you would like to see in the scenario editor of Age of Empires II: Age of Kings to give more power to the designers. – Omnivac

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