Archived News From November 2002

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AOK:TC: War Story Contest !
Posted by Dark Side of Day on November 24th, 2002 @ 8:59 p.m.
Write a story of a great game of AOK:TC that you played. A game that stands out from all the great games of AOK:TC that you have played over the years. It does not matter if it was a 1v1 game or a team game!

What we are looking for…….

1. Be discriptive.
2. Well Written.
3. List the Names of the other players in the game and the civs that they played!
4. List the Map that the Game was played on!

An Example!

Written by: Winston

Game: Magre(Franks), Benze(Vikings), Venir(Spanish), vs Sir D(Turks),
Map: Salt Marsh.

Well I start up going to try and do a early feudal flush (which requires me
finding base of enemy at around 7 mins) and I never did find enemy so had to
switch to flush defense as I know benze is a good flusher. I hit a 11 min
feudal WELL before anyone else. It shocked me, but I also could not figure
out why my scout was being a pain. D mentions that he was being scouted so
I tried to send some vills over to him. Blah, they never reach him.. I am
on an ISLAND to myself. Mixed blessing.

I hit castle 2 seconds after benze. 17:20. I begin to boom immediatly and
try and get wood up for a dock, cause I know D is sitting out by himself
against Benze, and the Magre train. I am struggling to get the boom to
overheating (more wood than needed) and it is tough as my startup was weaker
than I thought. I get a dock up and get a vill over to D’s. I build a
stable behind him… and boom.. next thing I know, D is yelling i am getting
castle rushed. I did not see it, no cartography yet, but D said he pushed
them back. I was trying to rush to do something to help him. I built some
archery ranges behind D. I went to imperial age as fast as I could (36 or
so) and I built a castle in D’s base. First thing I did was research
Chemistry and start to pump out the HC.

D was fighting a Castle IN his base, with some good camels and such and was
killing off the trebs. He was going to tribute and resign, but I begged him
to stay because without him I knew I had no chance. He stayed and I finally
got enough HC to go and help.. I moved them in at the right time and
stablized the line and then pumped out some trebs and took out the castle
that was built. HC just are awesome. So after doing that I get hit with a
lot of Skirms as magre and benze are now going to attack the HC I have, well
I also had hussars and sent them in to kill skirms (they do that so nicely)
and then took out the expansion base.

During this time, I knew that magre was above D’s base and was helping some
in the fray with benze, but venir was untouched. I had to put some fear
into him somehow or he would attack someplace that I could not dictate. I
landed some vills, built a castle, and some ranges.. and a stable. knocked
venir off a gold pile, and then send some scout cav into benze base. No
defense except loaded TC’s. I was hmmmm.. so I sent a column of hussar/HC
and trebs into his base. I think the scouts themselves slowed down benze. I
hit his base with the trebs and HC and just mowed down everything. Then I
mowed down returning champs from the front to defend his base. Benze then
resigns after a good game call.. cause he was getting his butt handed to him
on both fronts now.

I left the magre front and was going to concentrate on mopping up benzes
base and scavange for resources, and venir. Magre came with those paladins
and wasted my entire southern army (or what was left of the destroy benze
army). I turned over my northern army to defend D’s base, and went to build
a crap load of camels HC and trebs. Camels were going to go after the frank
paladins, heavy camels are rather cheap, but have no other uses. I then hit
venir with 4 trebs or so and wiped out his castle defense and started to
romp him.

Magre had a huge army of skirms. axemen, and other things and he started
doing some lame countdown and then resigned. venir was soon after that.
Again, no tributing going on, and magre not helping benzez attack when he
should have cost them the game.

Did you ever notice, that I am not that great at some things, but I try and
communicate well in team games, thus making a huge difference? tactics work
so much better in team games.

The best story will be picked and then posted on the main AOKH news page!

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AOK III ……What would you Like to See?
Posted by Dark Side of Day on November 24th, 2002 @ 8:34 p.m.

Where all four previous Age games are combined into one using the new 3D engine.

Keep all the civs from AOE,ROR and AOK and AOKTC.

However adding a twist…

1. The Civs from AOE and ROR have advantages in the start of the game…however a limited Tech tree…that can be surpassed only if certain conditions are met…

2. The civs from AOK and AOKTC have certain dissadvantages in the beginning….however are able to take advantage more easily of an expanded tech tree later in the game.

What I am getting at here is ancient civs who were powerful early in history…somehow lost there edge later in time…while other civs became more powerful as time passed….

An example is Rome….

……why did Rome start losing battles to the Huns, why was Rome sacked by the Goths, etc,. Why couldn’t Rome have continued to remain a powerful force if ruled by different rulers. Where did they go wrong….

Same could be said about the fall of the Byzantine Empire…why were the Turks able to defeat the Byzantines, why did the Byzantines not continue to remain strong…I know the history, however what if the Byzantine empire had been ruled by a different ruler…( game player )….

Now I know why Rome and the Byzantine empires fell…but why not recreate this history in AOE III …..what if rome didn’t fall. What if the goths or the turks never got a chance to become powerful….and the other civs in history……either did not lose thier power or did not gain thier edge, etc,

Now to incorporate this into a game and make it fun as well as playable is no easy task…basicaly recreating history, or putting in place a chance for an RTS fan to recreate or maintain history would be chalangeing…..however it would be a Epic game…

How would you balance the game…how would certain civs that came later in history be introduced into the game, would certain civs change names midway through the game….splinter off such as the Byzantines did with Rome, etc…..

….recreating or maintaining history as it happened and the “what if” questions that could be asked…then answered…..The chalanges you would have making this game would be great…however combined with the new 3D game engine this would surely be a great game….and would forever change the RTS industry forever….The only group I know that could do this would be ES.

Just an idea!

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AOK:TC after the release of AOM
Posted by Dark Side of Day on November 17th, 2002 @ 4:51 p.m.
AOM has been released in the North American Market now since November 1st and looks like ES has another hit on their hands. The AOM’s online server (ESO) already see’s between 1200 and 2000 players online most of the time and the game has not even been released all over the world yet. While the ESO is not the Zone, it does show promise that it will live up to the high standards that the Zone has set and the Age community has come to expect from an online server. ES is working on it all the time.

Now what does this mean for AOK:TC fans? Well for starters some of our friends have moved on to AOM, some will stay and some will come back to AOK:TC and new players continue to buy and discover AOK:TC. I myself love both games. However there is something about AOK:TC that prevents me from turning my back on it. And I don’t think I am alone. When ES produced the X-Pack, The Conquerors for AOK they truly produced an RTS classic that will never die. The massive battle’s fought in many 3v3 or 4v4 games on the zone will live with me forever. I will remember how the momentum swung back and forth and how the games were finally won or lost in the final decisive battles. And after these great games the debates between the players that followed in the chat sections on the Zone. The good news is that this is not over. There is still over 4000 players online playing AOK:TC on the Zone. The AOKH Ladder is still going strong and new players are coming online all the time.

Yes AOM has taken some of our players away, however AOK:TC is still going strong and will do so for some time to come. And it will do so until the expected AOE III comes along. History and RTS is a great combination for games and ES is far to smart a company to ever walk away completely from a concept like this.

For those of you who have left and moved on to AOM I hope you have as many hours of fun that AOK:TC gave you, and for those of you who are new to AOK:TC I know you will have many, many hours of fun that only a game produced by ES can give you.

I myself plan on playing both games. AOM & AOK:TC are similar yet quite different in playing style. One thing I can tell you is that you will have loads of fun online playing both. It is really quite funny, after playing a few games of AOM, I find myself wanting to get into a great game of AOK:TC.

Congratulations to ES for producing yet another great game and I look forward to your next production ( Which I hope is AOE lll )

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AOKH Ladder Top 10
Posted by Dark Side of Day on November 10th, 2002 @ 7:54 p.m.
The AOKH Ladder’s Top !

1. 373: YuG_Baja_VII (The AOKH Reigning Champion!)
2. 273: Chichiri
3. 257: Souyrar_
4. 211: MoFo_Revolution
5. 210: slamdrew
6. 208: _HitMeHardPls_
7. 206: Myll_Barka
8. 206: petard_rusher
9. 204: Myll_Slaghter
10. 202: BritZ_Andy

With our Champion’s (YuG_Baja_VII) record about to hit 50 straight wins in a row there seems to be no one who can defeat him in battle. A new member of the ladder (BritZ_Andy) has reached the top ten and it looks like he will continue his climb to the top! Perhaps he will offer our champion a challenge!

Have fun guys!

Get more information on the AOKH Ladder —–> HERE!

The MFO AoC $4,000 Tournament Update!
Posted by Dark Side of Day on November 10th, 2002 @ 7:42 p.m.
The MFO AoC $4,000 Tourney Begins Today!!

MFO Presents – the AoK Cash Tournament! Hosted by MFO, sponsored by our own Almojo be prepared to push yourself to the limits. Do you have what it takes to be the champion? Can you walk the path of glory or will you be forced to hang your head in shame? Welcome to the challenge – we hope everyone has fun!

Get more info on the Tourny ——–>HERE!

Good Luck to all the AOKH members who are taking part in this tourny!

Have Fun All & Good Luck…….

AOKH Ladder Top 10
Posted by Dark Side of Day on November 4th, 2002 @ 4:30 a.m.
1. 370: YuG_Baja_VII The AOKH Reigning Champion!
2. 273: Chichiri
3. 257: Souyrar_
4. 213: Myll_Slaghter
5. 211: MoFo_Revolution
6. 210: slamdrew
7. 208: _HitMeHardPls_
8. 206: Myll_Barka
9. 206: petard_rusher
10. 202: BritZ_Andy

YuG_Baja_VII is on an Incredible 47 game winning streak. It doesn’t look like there is anyone out there who can beat him …… or is there?

For more AOKH Ladder information go——> HERE!

AOKH Ladder Contest: 8 Free Pass’s to the MFO $4000.00 AOC Tournament….RESULTS
Posted by Dark Side of Day on November 1st, 2002 @ 1:32 a.m.
Results of the AOKH Ladder Contest have been posted in the Forum. Find them —->HERE!

The names of the winners will be passed on to MrFixit from MFO. He will contact you through your Email. So make sure your Email is correct as listed in this thread.

The Players who have played the most AOKH Ladder Games between Friday October 25 to Wednesday October 30 are…..


1. TOAO_Tarzan
2. TrixR4Kidz
3. TOAO_jobble2
4. Morningthaw
5. LTR_Tarkan
6. Funky_Gus02
7. VampireGolem
8. SOyuncastor

Congratulations to the Winners and Good Luck in the Tournament!