Archived News From December 2002

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Happy New Years!
Posted by Dark Side of Day on December 31st, 2002 @ 9:57 p.m.
Well it’s been another great year here at AOKH. It’s been a lot of fun playing the greatest RTS game ever made. Lot’s of games come and go, … but one thing that stays the same is the fun we get from playing this great game called Age of Conquerors.

Thanks goes out to all that have made AOKH the best forum in the RTS industry! We have seen some changes here at AOKH…. however it is more then ever… the place to be if your an RTS fan.

Have fun in 2003!

Have a splendid 2003!
Posted by Luke on December 31st, 2002 @ 4:50 p.m.

‘ll seize this opportunity to wish you all a great 2003 on behalf of the entire HeavenGames staff. I’ll be away to attend a party organized by my family – I hope to see you all back in good health tomorrow.
Have a good one! 🙂

A Year in The AOKH Ladder!
Posted by Dark Side of Day on December 29th, 2002 @ 7:52 p.m.
A Year in The AOKH Ladder!

With the AOKH Ladder being created late in 2001 by ArmageddonUnlimited with this post:

AOKH Forumer’s Ladder: Want to know if someone actually knows what they’re talking about? Check in here!

Well needless to say the AOKH Ladder took off like a shot. It seemed that there were many players who wanted to test themselves against other forumers and see how good they really were and could be. Myll_Slaghter, a long time Forumer who was, and is very respected as a player as well as forumer became our 1st Ladder Champion. He fended of many challenges by some great players and remained Champion for quite sometime!

Along the way the Ladder began to mould to fit the growing number of players who were joining up. Many well known greats such as DaRq_LadyWoogy, DaRq_Doink, StorM_Country, StorM_Front, DjiNN_Inc, Pezeteros_ along with many others.

With the rest of the new comers came some really special and great players who also became great AOKH Forumers. These players offered their time and provided valuable tips that helped many forumers learn to play the game better. Forumers like Chichiri, Flank, WX_Intrigue, slamdrew, and Myll_Barka.

As the Ladder continued to grow we saw many new and great players begin to join. Players like _Final_Boss_ who also become a Ladder Champion. Many players began to think that he was unbeatable. He had a perfect record and had not been beaten until another great player by the name of GaryPayton came along and finally beat him!

GaryPayton also remained as the AOKH Ladder Champion for quite sometime. Defending his title against some really tough opponents until he was finally defeated by Myll_Barka.

As Champion of the AOKH Ladder, Myll_Barka. fended off many challenges until he was finally defeated by a player named Souyrar_ who came out of no where. There were a number of Battles between Myll_Barka. and Souyrar_ but it seemed that Souyrar_ had Myll_Barka’s.number, and remained as champion until GaryPayton returned and defeated Souyrar_.

GaryPayton remained as champion until he retired…. which left a vacancy at the top of the Ladder. So we had our 1st Ladder Champion Tournament. This was won by Myll_Barka who defeated MoFo_Revolution in the finals.

After defending his title for a while, Myll_Barka was defeated by Chichiri. Unfortunately, Chichiri’s reign at the top was short lived as he was shortly defeated by YuG_Baja_VII.

YuG_Baja_VII went on to become one of the greatest Champions that the AOKH Ladder ever saw! He defended his title 50 straight times and was never defeated. Once he reached his 50th straight win…..he retired. And this is where we find ourselves today. We are in the middle of our 2nd Ladder Champion Tournament that will determine our next AOKH Ladder Champion.

Along the way other forumers distinguished themselves as well. Starting in January of 2002 a weekly Ladder Warriors title was created in which the Ladder players that had shown the most determination and courage were given some recognition in a weekly posting that showcased the top three Ladder Players of the week. Forumers like Morningthaw, Flank, Tonto_Alyantis, slamdrew, were regulars on this list. But no other forumer made this list as often and showed more courage then our good friend S_A_S who appeared on this list a total of 18 times.

S_A_S was our Ultimate Ladder Warrior. He played with sportsmanship and courage. Not a single forumer on the Ladder ever had a bad thing to say about him. Now that’s an achievement. Way to go S_A_S!

With well over 5000 Ladder games played by over 500 Ladder players the AOKH Ladder has been a great success thanks to all of you great AOKH Ladder Players and forumers!

With AOK:TC, ( the greatest RTS Game ever made! ) being the game we play here at AOKH I can’t wait to see what happens over the next year as well as the next 5000 Ladder Games!

Thanks goes out to all the great forumers that made the success of the AOKH Ladder possible! A special thanks goes out to my good friend A Noble Cause who created a great program that provided all sorts of cool stats that the Ladder Players enjoyed reading. It also made it a heck of a lot fasted for me to do the updates! This program really helped the AOKH Ladder Take off like it had never done before!

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Gameplay or Graphics?
Posted by Luke on December 28th, 2002 @ 2:44 a.m.

ightNecromancer has started another interesting topic, debating the for’s and against’s of gameplay and graphics. If you feel like giving your opinion, drop a line here.

Latest AOK:TC Tournament
Posted by Dark Side of Day on December 27th, 2002 @ 1:30 a.m.
Legion of Honour clan is hosting the latest AOK:TC tournament. And a copy of AOM is up for grabs for the player that takes fisrt place! Deadline for sign ups will be December 30th/ 2002 and the tournament will begin on the 1st of January/ 2003 and run untill January 12th/ 2003.

To sign up go ————> HERE!

Good Luck Everyone!

Update: Ladder Champion Tournament
Posted by Dark Side of Day on December 26th, 2002 @ 6:41 p.m.
The Ladder Champion Tournament has begun and StArK_ZeRo has jumped out in front of the pack with 2 wins and 1 loss. So far all the games have sounded exiting. There are still lots of games to go so be sure to keep track of this event by visiting AOKH.

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Players in Tournament and Ranking!

7 pts StArK_ZeRo….ZN: _FeaR_StArK__
3 pts LongBow….ZN: TVB_LongBow
1 pts Bosefus zx….ZN: TOAO_SHOCKA
1 pts JoMamma….ZN: TOAO_MiChaY__
0 pts Morningthaw….ZN: DarkWater_brit
0 pts KingAllDat….ZN: LKS_Gladiator
0 pts Myll_Slaghter….ZN: Myll_Slaghter_
0 pts TVB_Yugi….ZN: TVB_Yugi2
0 pts TOAO_Tarzan….ZN:TOAO_Tarzan
0 pts xmysticcorruptx….ZN: TOAO__Inforcer
0 pts iam_Chrono_J….ZN: TOAO_ChronoJJ
0 pts SOyuncastor…. ZN: Buildinggrunt
0 pts CP_otacon15….ZN: LKS_otacon15
0 pts king_of_all_2….ZN: TOAO_King__

Good Luck Everyone!….can’t wait to see the rest of the results!

Topics Heating up in the AOE III Forum at AOKH
Posted by Dark Side of Day on December 25th, 2002 @ 9:38 p.m.
The AOE III forum is on fire with discussions and ideas for the newest, but yet to be announced, Ensemble Studios game. There are some great posts covering ideas such as New Units as well as New Civilizations. Other posts are covering the direction Ensemble Studios should go in a AOE III game.

Feel free to come to the AOE III Forum and post your ideas as well as comment on the many ideas posted by other forumers!

Attention: University Articles
Posted by Luke on December 25th, 2002 @ 1:41 a.m.

TTENTION article writers: since I have taken over Angel Socvazius‘ job of maintaining The University, I’d like to bring under your attention that I’m looking for people willing to write an article or two about strategy or design. So if you have an article, and are willing to place them inside our to-be bookshelf, please send it to me. The redesigned University will be accessable in a short time. Thanks in advance, and Merry Christmas. 🙂

Recorded Games From FOPT
Posted by Dark Side of Day on December 24th, 2002 @ 9:59 p.m.
FOPT_Strawberry of the FOPT clan has sent the forumers of AOKH a little Christmas present!

Merry Christmas from FOPT to all true fans of Age of Kings: The Conquerors!

To shorten the wait for Santa we have put up a Christmas-Special: 14 (!) exclusive recorded games featuring the world’s top AoC-player Halen from Japan against Chris, Champ, kkab, Yanzi and others in his secret training for the WCG 2002!.

Download all games for free from FOPT CLAN (note that you have to be registered and logged in to be able to download games from the forums)!

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Merry Christmas !
Posted by Dark Side of Day on December 24th, 2002 @ 9:51 p.m.
I would like to wish you and all your family and friends a Merry Christmas. It has been quite a year here at AOKH and there are no signs of anything slowing down for a long time to come!

With the holidays being here you can expect many forumers to be on the Zone getting thier fix of AOC while they have a little free time on thier hands. Expect to see me on a few times over the next couple days getting in a few Ladder games. So I hope to see all of you on the zone!

Once again…..Merry Christmas!

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Congrats to New AOKH Angel: Angel Luke
Posted by Dark Side of Day on December 22nd, 2002 @ 9:18 p.m.
Congrats to New AOKH Angel:Angel Luke

Angel Luke, known before as Cherub Luke, has now been promoted to the status of “Angel“. Luke has put in a lot of time and effort to help AOKH stay on top as HG’s number one site. For all his efforts…. HG is proud to promote this fine forumer and reward all his hard work!

Angel Luke will now be looking after the University amoung other responsibilities here at AOKH!

Good Work Angel Luke!

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AOKH Ladder Champion Tournament!: Round Robin Schedule now Posted!
Posted by Dark Side of Day on December 22nd, 2002 @ 8:58 p.m.
The AOKH Ladder Champion Tournament Round Robin schedule is now posted and games can now be played.

YuG_Baja_VII has retired as AOKH Ladder Champion. And it is now time to find a new Champion for our Ladder! 14 Ladder Players are now going after the Championship and it should be a very interesting event. Who will become the next Ladder Champion!

To follow all the events go to the AOKH Ladder Champion Tournament! thread in the General & Strategy Discussion Forum at AOKH!

AOKH Ladder League: Up & Running!
Posted by Dark Side of Day on December 22nd, 2002 @ 8:52 p.m.
Macdaddy now has the Ladder League up and running. 31 players are involved and it looks like everyone of them are in for a lot of fun! The league was created a few months ago by Flank and has now been re-created by our good friend Macdaddy and by everything I am hearing it is gonna be a great success!

Good Luck All!

To see more on the Ladder League go——>HERE!

Artificial Intelligence, anyone?
Posted by Luke on December 20th, 2002 @ 12:35 a.m.

ESTERDAY, while checking the DGDN article database, I ran into a section filled with Ai “how-to’s”. A good read if you’re planning to do anything Ai-wise…

From the DGDN news: it seems DarkAngelBGE, a multi-talented feller, has decided to wrap his extended Ai-knowledge into one document. I’d say – stay tuned…

Trigger Tricks…
Posted by Luke on December 15th, 2002 @ 10:25 p.m.
Are you a designer? If you are, triggers are most likely a part of your atonomy. Those of you who are experiencing difficulties with the hard trigger tricks should pay this thread a visit. The Editorbuilder, easily one of the best trigger artists around nowadays, will try to answer your questions concerning advanced trigger systems like Time Based Events, Teleporting, Taunt Based Systems and the like.
What are you waiting for? 😉

~ Angel Luke

Game Developers begin to take part in the new AOE III Forum at AOKH.
Posted by Dark Side of Day on December 15th, 2002 @ 8:08 p.m.
Game Developers begin to Take Part in AOE III Discussions and the Future of RTS.

ES_DeathShrimp from Ensemble Studios as well as Gordon Farrell from SSSI have both posted in the new AOE III Forum at AOKH. Neither of them have posted any real information regarding their next projects, however it is a very good sign that they both are checking in at the new AOE III forum and will be looking in on the ideas that are posted here!. Fans of RTS now have a chance and a place to voice their comments and express their ideas on the future projects that these two great developers will be working on.

RTS is a truly great concept in computer gaming that will only be expanding as time goes on. More and more people will be looking at the Internet to get their game fix, as multiplayer online games become more and more popular. When you think about it…. Why would people want to only play single player games when you can play and interact with people from across the world in new and great games that are being developed for just this purpose!

Yes the future of Computer games will rest in the hands of developers that are now creating the new versions of RTS that will allow people of all ages to challenge themselves against real human opponents. However these developers would be wise to keep track of what the fans of RTS are asking for in RTS games. People who post their comments on forums such as AOE III are at the heart of what is RTS. These people provide a real insight into what the entire RTS and computer gaming community is asking for. It is true that only a small amount of computer gamers post on forums such as this, however just like the political polls that are taken all the time in every free country around the world only talk to a small amount of people ( between 1000 and 10,000 people ) to gage the wants and needs of the population in order to determine what is important to the potential voters in each of these countries, they represent the majority. Game developers must look on these forums for a guide and use them as their “polls” as to what the general public wants in their next game. After all it is the market that drives what companies provide and develop and bring to these markets.

So you see it is important that you communicate your feelings and your ideas in forums such as AOE III in order to allows game developers such as Ensemble Studios, SSSI as well as BHG the chance to see what we are all looking for in RTS and computer games in general.

From the amount of posts that the new AOE III forum, here at AOKH, has received so far, it appears clear that the next great RTS game developed will be based on Historic Events. And this game will allow individual players to pit their strategic and game playing skills against real human opponents online using the latest and greatest technologies developed by developers that have listened to what the market has asked for!

These new technologies should also include solid online servers… but more about that at a later time!

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The Official AOKH Ladder Champion Tournament!
Posted by Dark Side of Day on December 15th, 2002 @ 6:45 p.m.
With our current AOKH Ladder Champion, YuG_Baja_VII, retired…. it is now time for us to find the next AOKH Ladder Champion to take his place!

To do this AOKH will be hosting an Ladder Champion Tournament that will see any and all Ladder Players with ten plus Ladder games played being allowed to take part.

This Round Robin Tournament will take place on each of the next three Sundays starting December 22/2002. The top four players will then take part in a play off with the winner being crowned the new AOKH Ladder Champion!

To sign up and get more information please go ———-> HERE!

Good Luck Everyone!

YuG_Baja_VII Retires as AOKH Ladder Champion!
Posted by Dark Side of Day on December 15th, 2002 @ 5:53 p.m.
YuG_Baja_VII………aka: L_Clan_Shmeker/ _DauT_ has retired from the AOKH Ladder. He was a great Champion, playing anyone at anytime, no matter who they were….He showed no fear as he was not only a Ladder Champion,….he was also a Ladder Warrior! YuG_Baja_VII also completed a personal goal of winning 50 straight Ladder in which he defended his title in all 50 gams games before retiring. YuG_Baja_VII a true fighting Champion defiantly earned his place as the greatest Ladder Champion that AOKH has seen so far in it’s 1 plus years of existence and we will miss having him around. He has also become one of the best AOK:TC players in the World and is currently doing very well in MFO’s Cash Tourney.

Good Luck in your future endeavours YuG_Baja_VII, and we hope to see you around here again.

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AoE III: Fan-based?
Posted by Luke on December 13th, 2002 @ 11:59 a.m.
Winston, a professional programmer himself, started an interesting topic debating the possibilities of a fan-based AoE III. Wijitmaker, the project leader of codename 0 A.D., stopped by to note that fan-based games are very well possible… What about you? What do you think? Don’t hesitate and go here to tell us your opinion.

~ Angel Luke

Reviewing Utilities…
Posted by Luke on December 11th, 2002 @ 11:53 p.m.
Even though this discussion started a long time ago, I wanted to bring it under your attention again. A small recap:

Those of you who are, to some extent, familiar with reviewing, know that there are reviewing standards for campaigns, scenarios, Ai and the like (guidelines by Angel SpineMan), and for RMS (guidelines by thurdl01)… But reviewing utilities has always been a thing done by either bending existing rules, or by intuïtion.
BrandNewCar decided to launch a discussion about reviewing utilities after a few dubious reviews. Many people, among which AnastasiaKafka and Ingo van Thiel jumped in to help out. That was on March 23 of this year…

And it hasn’t been brought to a conclusion since. Tanneur99, an official reviewer like BrandNewCar, continued the discussion. It appears as though the debaters are starting to reach a closing, but any additional help is highly appreciated. So if you have some good advice, or just want to pat the debaters on the back for a splendid job, head over to the (before-mentioned) thread.

~ Angel Luke

Scenario Design Competition…
Posted by Luke on December 11th, 2002 @ 4:14 p.m.
AoKH’s own BrandNewCar is warming up the SD Forum with ideas for a Scenario Design Competition. Like the Communal Campaign, this competition could result in some great scenarios – so be sure to check this thread to find out all about it – and contribute if you please.

~ Angel Luke

Ha! Designers can cooperate!
Posted by Luke on December 10th, 2002 @ 9:37 a.m.
Another “old” thread. Geez, I’m lagging behind. 😉

In any case, I’m hereby directing the light of day to CrystalCrown, Dark_Aro, Josh Williams, and all the designers who are assisting them, for their hard work to launch the AoK Heaven Communal Campaign. The CC is meant to become a massive project designed by a coalition of designers. The three guys mentioned in bold have also launched a website, which can be visited here. Be sure to take a look!

~ Angel Luke

Hm… I always thought designers can’t cooperate. Oh, wait. That’s just me who can’t cooperate. *Blush*

Whatever happens, we’ll still have the pictures…
Posted by Luke on December 10th, 2002 @ 1:00 a.m.
I’ve been trying to keep up with several prominent sites in the “Age of” community ever since the release of Age of Mythology. While I expected the initial “clash” between the supporters of 2D history and 3D mythology to be “fast and furious”, I never expected it to become thís big. Most likely naïve from my side – I should have remembered what happened in the AoE community when AoK was released…

In any case, I’ve jotted down several links to topics on three different forums, not counting our own AoE III Discussion Forum. I’ve only briefly scanned these threads, so don’t come knocking at my door if I miss the target. 🙂

Age of Mythology Heaven
» This thread resulted in the creating of an entire forum dedicated to AoE III (just weeks after the release of AoM!) at the AoMH. Started by Angel Zen, the AoM’ers are now redirecting the thread participants to our “debating corner”.
» One thread out of many that kindly share with us that Age of Kings: The Conquerors is dead and buried. 😉
» This thread holds a discussion about the things that AoK and AoM share. Apparently, it seems that in AoC players used to pick the Huns and mass their strongest unit, while AoM’ers nowadays seem to favour Poseidon and his Hippikons.
» One thread out of many that kindly share with us that Age of Mythology is not as good as expected.
» Another “we love AoC” thread.

Planet Age of Empires
» The PAoE’ers don’t lag behind when it comes to discussing AoE III. This thread is one of them.
» Given, a tad early – but the guy/gal in this thread is asking for a release date for AoE III. ;-D
» And yet another AoM vs. AoK thread.

Mind you, this was just a quick selection – there’s much more. Be sure to keep your eyes open; I for one am very interested in what is going to happen next.

~ Angel Luke

The Research Treasury…
Posted by Luke on December 9th, 2002 @ 11:06 p.m.
While not entirely new (the thread’s been around for a few days), I felt it would be wise to list it in the news, since NightNecromancer and those who assist him have done, and are still doing, a great job with providing the designers information to assist them with their projects. The information ranges from crafting in-game introductionary bitmaps to links to sites for your musical needs to historically accurate information about countries, heroes and wonders (just to name a few). It is definately worth a visit if you plan on crafting a masterpiece, and even if you’re not, it’s still a very good read. You can check it out here.

~ Angel Luke

Why would Ensemble Studios want to make AOE III.
Posted by Dark Side of Day on December 8th, 2002 @ 9:32 p.m.
Why would Ensemble Studios want to make AOE III.

As Philip Dunscombe has said in a post….. “it all comes down to money!”

Well I can not agree more!

Lets look at this from the Money side of things!

Ensemble Studios is in the entertainment business and being in such a business they understand that they must continue to meet the publics needs and wants in any project they focus on in order to guarantee a future for themselves.

AOE, RoR, AOK, and AOK:TC are all games created by Ensemble Studios. These are the games that have put Ensemble Studios on the map as one of the best RTS game developers in the world! These games have generated millions of dollars for them, so much so that MS decided to buy the company. We can all say what we want about MS, but we can not say that they do not know how to make money. This is the main reason they bought Ensemble Studios…. Because their games make money. When MS bought Ensemble Studios AOM was not even close to being released, so the decision to buy Ensemble Studios was based on the success of the previous games produced by Ensemble Studios. These games based on history and the opportunity to take part in historic events is what built Ensemble Studios into the company they are today.

Now like any company in the entertainment industry it is important not to get stale. It is very important to continue to be innovative and to continue looking for ways to make a better product that will keep a hold on their customer base.

Why do players move on to new games?

Well that is the nature of the beast in the gaming industry…., with new games comes new technology and new features that older games do not have. Players are always looking for new and innovative features and graphics that add to the overall game play. You only have to look at the changes that Ensemble Studios added to the AOE games that resulted in AOK:TC. Features that improved game play as well as the fun generated from such added features.

The Civilisation Series of games starting with “Civilisation” is a great example of a company taking the success of one game and building on it. With the release of “Civilisation III” they have again positioned themselves at the top of the single players strategy game market. By building and adding innovative ideas to their game they have managed to maintain the following they originally generated by the first game. Ensemble Studios who also design games based on history should learn from the success of the Civilisation series of games and continue to build on the solid foundation they have already in place. To stray to far from the theme of their games would be like venturing into unknown and unproven waters!

Historic Concept remains as a mainstay in overall theme for Ensemble Studios!

No matter what features you add to the game, or the improvements to graphics and gameplay,… the concept of an Ensemble Studios game has been historically based. This is a formula that has work for them in the past…. and will continue to work for them in the future. Whatever features they add to future games they would be wise not to mess with the over all theme of their games. This is what their customer base expects from them. Despite being owned by MS, Ensemble Studios is not a large company and they have a limited amount of resources and people at their disposal. You only have to look at the marketing disasters that other companies have experienced when they ventured too far of the “path of their success” to see that Ensemble Studios can not afford to do the same.

No Ensemble Studios is a game developer that is known for their high quality games based on history. Their company is set up and geared towards games like this. They research extensively the topics of their games in order to add an element of realism that appeals to the large majority of the gaming community. Added to the realism are their game engines and features that also add to the “Fun Factor”. Many games produced today are geared towards the “single player” market. These games have short shelf lives as they are easily replaced by the newest games released that have new and interesting features that the older games do not. Quality produced games geared towards online gamers have much longer shelve lives. Games like Starcraft, AOE and AOK:TC. Look at how many players are still online playing AOE and RoR not to mention AOK:TC compared too much newer games. Even games that offer online gaming, not produced with the right combination of features, graphics as well as solid online servers are doomed to a short shelve life. We have all seen games recently released that lacked the quality and depth seen in the AOE series of games that were hyped to be the next “AOE” that sputtered and died. Some game developers tried to offer to much in their games and when their games were released the online gaming community quickly realised that their games lacked the depth that previous games had……, and saw the gaming community abandoned the newer games only to come back to the older AOK:TC that offered much more depth and greater gameplay!

Changes in the Market!

Ensemble Studios from the start produced games that appealed to both the “single user” players as well as the “multiplayer” who enjoys playing against real humans. As the web becomes more and more popular and more people come online to get their gaming fix, games geared for online gaming will begin to take over the market! And Ensemble Studios being there from the start will reap the benefits. They do not have to re create the “wheel” they invented, they only need to continue to build a better “mouse trap“. What I mean by this is…., they should focus on building and creating improvements and innovations geared towards the gaming community
on the basic theme of their games……Historic conflict between Empires! By continuing down this path they are very familiar with they will guarantee their future and guarantee that gamers such as myself will continue to follow and buy their future games.

Original AOE Fans

As the original gamers that bought AOE when it was first released, and followed the AOE series up to AOK:TC get older they may not play as much, but that does not mean that they will not continue to buy the future games designed by Ensemble Studios. I purchased my first Computer Strategy game 14 years ago. I am in my thirties now and plan on having fun with strategy games until I can no longer see the computer screen…., and I am sure many of you feel the same way! Well-produced strategy games with solid themes are not something you grow out off. Games like these can be added to and expanded on forever as the “theme of history” never grows old, and these games as well as future games will continue to generate millions of dollars for Ensemble Studios. They will continue to attract the new and younger players as well as continue to keep the attention of the original gaming fans. So yes Philip Dunscombe is correct when he says it all comes down to money!

Ensemble Studios already has my, as well as the gaming communities attention……, the trick now is to keep it!

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A new forum at AOKH: AOE III
Posted by Dark Side of Day on December 8th, 2002 @ 6:37 p.m.
A new forum has been created at AOKH to discuss the next project by Ensemble Studios. The Forum is called AOE III. Why has this forum been called AOE III? Well this seems to be what the fans are asking for! A true historical RTS based game that only Ensemble Studios can build!. No one can argue that Ensemble Studios has created some of the greatest RTS games ever and their fans want to see them put their next efforts into a game based around their earlier projects such as AOE, RoR and AOK.

Can you imagine a game using the new technology that Ensemble Studios has created over the years and combined it with the concept of their previous games! Now that would truly knock the RTS industry off balance and generate a game never seen before. There are all kinds of potential for a truly classic game using the above ideas!

Don’t get me wrong AOM is a great game….., however the AOE series of games have had a huge following with a solid community centred around them for years and it would only seem only logical that Ensemble Studios would make this their next endeavour!

The AOE III forum was created at AOKH for the fans to provide, discuss and contribute ideas so that Ensemble Studios can see what the AOE community will be looking for in their next game! The forum is already very busy with forumers providing ideas and heated discussions are already underway!

To get to the new AOE III forum at AOKH go ——>HERE!

Return of Flank’s Ladder League.
Posted by Dark Side of Day on December 8th, 2002 @ 5:58 p.m.
Macdaddy has organised the Return of Flank’s Ladder League.

There are 12 players signed up for the league already and interest is high. The last season run by Flank was a lot of fun and I expect that this next season will be even more fun. All players must be members of the AOKH Ladder and all games will count towards the Ladder!

To get more information on the League go ———> HERE!

Good Luck Everyone!

AOKH 4v4 Tournament
Posted by Dark Side of Day on December 8th, 2002 @ 5:47 p.m.
TVB_Yugi has organised a AOKH 4v4 Tournament. As soon as 16 players have signed up the tourney will begin!

Players are allowed to pick any Civ they wish!

To find out more and to sign up up for the tournament go ——> HERE!

MFO Cash Tourny Update!
Posted by Dark Side of Day on December 1st, 2002 @ 5:25 p.m.
As the Latest MFO Cash Tournament continues here is an update on how the various AOKH Players who entered the Tourny are doing!

AOKH Players Still in the Tournament!

In the 3rd Round!

Myll_Slaghter_ has made it to the third round in “Bracket C” defeating opi and Raider_Rob and he plays CVB_Empire next!

losey has made it to the third round in “Bracket C” defeating CFC__BaTeMaN_
and Timber and he plays _CBG_Sword next!

WX_Intrigue has made it to the third round in “Bracket D” defeating Pyc_Kruser
and GLX_Denek and he plays SteveS next!

Vogue has made it to the third round in “Bracket D” defeating DreaM_Alpha and BC_Jack and he plays L_Clan_Apple next!

DjiNN_Inc has made it to the third round in “Bracket F” Getting a bye in Round 1 and defeating Tk_Chrono in Round 2 and he plays ArgoNaut_HaroN next!

In the 4th Round!

YuG_Baja_VII our AOKH Ladder Champion has made it to the Forth Round. Getting a bye in round one and defeating Balboa_ and SilentBeast he plays L_Clan_Nero next!

Good Luck to all the Players still in it!

AOKH Players Knocked out of the Tournament!

Tarzan_1_ was defeated by CULT_Faithin the 1st round and has been knocked out of the tournament!

funky_gus was defeated by Myll_Barkain the 1st round and has been knocked out of the tournament!

WX_Devious_ was defeated by chaox_philippe_ in the 1st round and has been knocked out of the tournament!

jobble2 was defeated by Raider_Rob in the 1st round and has been knocked out of the tournament!

L_Clan_TypHoon was defeated by olympus_rulesin the 1st round and has been knocked out of the tournament!

_FeaR_StArK__ was defeated by Vagabond_Maug in the 1st round and has been knocked out of the tournament!

ChronoJJ was defeated by PorT_SkySpirit in the 1st round and has been knocked out of the tournament!

_MAD_Alexander was defeated by SilentBeast in the 1st round and has been knocked out of the tournament!

Myll_Barka was defeated by Fher in the 2nd round and has been knocked out of the tournament!

KoRnY was defeated by _Source_ in the 2nd round and has been knocked out of the tournament!

KoTR_TaCiTuS was defeated by IamMark in the 2nd round and has been knocked out of the tournament!

Morningthaw_ was defeated by SoL.PipBoy.wS in the 2nd round and has been knocked out of the tournament!

VampireGolem was defeated by L_Clan_Xan in the 2nd round and has been knocked out of the tournament!

Soyuncastor was defeated by _CBG_Sword in the 2nd round and has been knocked out of the tournament!

TVB_LongBow was defeated by AvEriX in the 2nd round and has been knocked out of the tournament!

BritZ Andy was defeated by CVB_Alone in the 3rd round and has been knocked out of the tournament!

Pezeteros was defeated by AA_NiKe__ in the 3rd round and has been knocked out of the tournament!

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Winner of the AOK:TC: War Story Contest!
Posted by Dark Side of Day on December 1st, 2002 @ 3:53 p.m.
Antarctican wrote a great story about a Regicide game he played. Very well written, it allowed you to picture the action in your mind as you read along. Good Job! Here is the Story!

Written by: Antarctican

Game: Antarctican(Byzantine) vs. VG_88(Goth)
Type: Regicide, Starting in Dark Age
Map: Costal, Clear Map
Population: 200

As the random civilization gave me the Byzantine and my friend Goth, we started off in the Dark Age with few resources. I am a bad regicide player so my feudal time was 15 minutes while his was at 10 minutes. As we both feared for a flush, we built up our army quickly, but no towers. I had 2 scouts, 5 skirmishers, 4 spearmen, and 3 men at arms. I believe he had about 10 men at arms and 5 archers. However neither of us attacked.

Soon, I reached Castle Age at about 24 minutes, but he got there at about 17 minutes. I built one castle and created 10 cataphracts. After that, I immediately built a monastery and pumped out 5 monks to get all 5 relics. Two of them got the relic safely and returned. One of them was killed because the relic was close to his base and VG_88 got it instead. Another got to the place all right, but the relic was already taken. The last monk was injured severely by two crossbowmen, but the monk returned safely. So it ended up as the battle of the last relic.

In the battle of the last relic, my enemy first guarded it with two crossbowmen. I came at him with five newly created knights and slaughtered them, but then came about his 10 long swordsmen, 2 cavalry scouts, and 3 crossbowmen. I quickly sent in my 10 cataphracts and I won with all my cataphracts alive and at full health, but all the knights were dead. However, in the mist of the battle, a monk secretly took the relic and was already halfway across the map. Seeing that, I took the 10 cataphracts and sped to the monk. Just when one of my cataphracts took his first slice at him, the monk reached the monastery and had three relics then. I was so mad that I completely ignored the fact that cataphracts aren’t the best thing for killing buildings and after I slaughtered the monk, I furiously hack the monastery. Then came 20 long swordsmen and 5 crossbowmen. Thinking this was going to be easy, I clashed with him. BUT I forgot that my cataphracts didn’t have trample damage yet. I was crushed. Still, he had about 7 long swordsmen, 4 crossbowmen, and a 900HP-left monastery left in the battle. So ends the battle of the relic.

Taking advantage of the cheap Imperial Age upgrade, I reached it at 32 minutes and this time VG_88 reached it at 37 minutes, but he had a huge army by then. I had only 12 elite cataphracts, 3 knights, 2 cavalry archers, 4 monks and 5 elite skirmishers. So then after scanning VG_88’s army composing of mainly champions and crossbowmen, I fully upgraded my elite cataphracts and built 2 castles. Shortly, VG_88 arrived with not only a gazillion champions, elite huskarls, and crossbowmen, but also 15 bombard cannons and 20 trebuchets. I quickly created as much as elite cataphracts as my supplies allowed and upgraded my castles. With that we fought for about 8 minutes. The end result was 4 castles, all my military building, and every of my town centers destroyed, but all of their invading army were repelled and most of them retreated. My remaining army was composed solely of elite cataphracts. My destroyed town center hurt me bad because I had all my wood used for selling them for gold and for the cost of the warships. I had only a few villagers on mining and wood, and 8 fishing boats on food. After the grim battle on my base, VG_88’s navy struck.

When VG_88 attacked, I already have 10 fire ships and 7 demolition ships, but I couldn’t find their upgrade. My enemy had galleons, fast fire ships, and cannon galleons. Luckily, he was not a naval fighter, so I attacked at front with fire ships and at back with demolition ships. I won, and I also found out that I needed to upgrade my galley into war galley in order to upgrade my fire ships and demolition ships into fast fire ships and heavy demolition ships. After I had enough wood and gold, I upgraded them. Following the naval attack, he started a pattern of flooding with champions, crossbowmen, and trebuchets, and then a naval attack. Since the only unit I fully upgraded were the elite cataphracts, I only used them for defence and they were awesome. VG_88 did it three times before he realized he couldn’t crush my elite cataphracts and my castles until he had a bigger army. It was then he switched to defence.

Two hours into the game, I reached the point where my economy was able to recover to a stable state and my town center was finally built. I swept the map clean of resources. I got impatient and decided to send all but 20 villagers to do a kamikaze on his towers. Though I didn’t have sappers or supremacy, I actually did quite a lot of damage. Then I created more elite cataphracts, monks, petards, trebuchets, and all the trash units. I ploughed through VG_88’s pitiful defence of palisade walls and watchtowers. Next, I headed straight for his king in his last castle. He desperately pumped out elite huskarls, petards, and trebuchets. While we clashed, one of my monks converted his trebuchet, but my monk was killed by another trebuchet. However, the converted trebuchet shot at the castle. The castle went down before it was hit, so the king inside was hit instead. I won and it was all because of that monk who converted the trebuchet. Now, that’s a true martyr.

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