Archived News From February 2003

Due to the old age of most of these news items, all hyperlinks have been disabled. It is also not possible to comment on any of news. They are presented in their current form purely for your reading pleasure – it’s the closest thing to a time machine we can offer you!

FOPT Banner Contest…
Posted by Luke on February 25th, 2003 @ 4:17 p.m.
I recently received an e-mail from FOPT_Strawberry, with the following news attached:

RTS-League (, the leading international Clan-League for Age of Kings: The Conquerors and Age of Mythology, needs your help!

While moving to our new and super-fast server we decided to do a re-design for the website. First and foremost we need a new banner so we are hereby calling all graphical talents to the arms (pencils).

Join the official “RTS-League Banner Contest” for the chance to win US $50 in cash or (alternatively) a full version of the upcoming strategy-hit “Rise of Nations” by Big Huge Games and Microsoft.

The prize will be given to the banner that is being selected by the League Staff Team to appear on our mainpage. Additionally the creator will have his name placed on our site.

Submissions will be accepted from Monday, February 24th to Sunday, March 9th 2003.

For more info check!

Further more the Signups for the new, sixth season in Age of Kings: The Conquerors have just been opened (details on the website).

Are you ready to face the best AoC- and AoM-Clans from all over world? is the place to go!

Who would not be interested in either fifty bucks or RoN? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Winston resigns from HG
Posted by Luke on February 24th, 2003 @ 4:00 p.m.
I apologize for this rather late news notice, but I’ve been buried in work. :-S
Angel Winston, a highly respected member and a great guy altogether, has decided to resign from the HeavenGames staff due to a difficult real life situation. His explanation to us all is the following:

I have resigned from Heavengames. This was not an easy decision by any means. This had to do with real life work. On thursday, they laid off 20% of the current workforce at our division. I am one of the survivors due to my abilities and tenure. It does require me to think long and hard since I no longer have a 2 year backlog, in fact I dont think I have much of a backlog.

In order for me to be true to HG and myself, I feel we must part. I cannot put the effort I need into HG as I need to refocus elsewhere. I am sorry, and I love you all. This is not an easy decision as many of you know.

If you wish to bid him farewell, head over to this thread. On behalf of the entire HeavenGames staff, I wish him the best of luck in sorting out his problems.

Experiencing Download Problems?
Posted by Luke on February 22nd, 2003 @ 9:37 p.m.
Users using Internet Explorer may be experiencing download problems when trying to download files from HG. They may receive an error saying:

Internet Explorer cannot download from

Internet Explorer was not able to open this Internet site. The requested site is either unavailable or cannot be found.

Please try again later.

While we work on fixing the problem, user can click “OK” at the error message, and then proceed to download the file via the link provided in the “Download File” page.

Two new staff members!
Posted by Luke on February 21st, 2003 @ 8:15 p.m.

o all the changes you’ve seen so far, I have to add two more. I do hope these will come as less of a shock. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Please welcome two people you all know, to the site as staff:

Macdaddy, who will be moderating the General & Strategy Discussion, Age of Empires III Discussion and the Training Camp Forum along with Winston and myself;
and Cherub Aro, who will be joining BrandNewCar and myself as moderator for the Scenario Design and Modpack Discussions Forum.

Congrats guys! ๐Ÿ™‚ If you want to congratulate both, please do so in the General & Strategy Discussion forum.

HeavenGames names Angel Luke AoKHeaven Site Director
Posted by Zen on February 21st, 2003 @ 4:27 a.m.
HeavenGames LLC ( today named Angel Luke as site director of Age of Kings Heaven ( Currently a volunteer moderator at Age of Kings Heaven, Luke will assume the responsibilities for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the oldest active Age of Kings fan-site on the Internet.

An experienced Age of Kings scenario designer and a member of the Dragon Gaming Design Network, Luke initially found HeavenGames through Age of Empires Heaven back in 1998, and generally moved to Age of Kings Heaven after its release later that year. In 2002, HeavenGames appointed him as Scenario Design Forum moderator for AoKH. In the months since his appointment to AoKH, he has volunteered to update the many sections at AoKH that requires updates, and in late 2002, he was promoted to Angel and put in charge of the University, AoKH’s Strategy Section.

“We are extremely excited to have Luke onboard as the site director for Age of Kings Heaven,” said Zen, Chief Technology Officer for HeavenGames, LLC. “The dedication, commitment, and professionalism he brings to Age of Kings Heaven are key traits we look for in site directors. I congratulate Luke on this appointment and look forward to working with him and the AoKH team.”

“Luke is the Best person I have ever had the good fortune to meet, he works untiringly at anything we ask of him, plus his friendship is a true one. Luke inspires people to work and do thing’s they would not do otherwise,” commented Cat, Dragon Gaming Network’s ( headmaster.

We wish Luke the best of luck!

Scheduled Server Downtime, File Submissions, and info about The Announcement
Posted by Zen on February 20th, 2003 @ 6:29 a.m.
As we’re preparing the final phrase in the recovery from a complete hard drive failure last night, HG will become unavailable yet again tomorrow for anywhere between 15-minutes to an hour, so that the server can be propped back into its “rack” at our ISP’s datacenter.

From now until after the move is completed, we urge download section authors to hold on file submissions, so we don’t risk lost files during the process.

Lastly, the “reorganization” and announcement everyone’s waiting for has been pushed back until tomorrow evening as a result of the server crash. We appreciate everyone’s support on the forums and over email, and we hope to bring AoKH to new heights this year!

Dark Side of Day Resigns from AoKH
Posted by Zen on February 17th, 2003 @ 10:56 p.m.
DSoD has decided to resign from AoK Heaven. We would like to thank him for all the work he has done for the Age of Kings Heaven Ladder, and wish him the best of luck with his future ventures.

AOKH Forum Party: Sunday Feb 16 3:00pm EST
Posted by Dark Side of Day on February 15th, 2003 @ 3:58 p.m.
AOKH Will be holding a Forum Party tommorow at 3pm EST in Agincourt on the Zone. So com’on out and get a few games in. It should be loads of fun!

To get more information on this go ——–> HERE!

The Ladder Warriors Feb 07 to Feb 13
Posted by Dark Side of Day on February 15th, 2003 @ 3:41 p.m.
The Ladder Warriors Feb 07 to Feb 13

TOAO_FunkyGus has put out his latest List of AOKH Ladder Players that made it to the list as Ladder Warriors! This week saw a lot of old faces return to the forum as well as the Ladder. This week’s #1 Ladder warrior was non other then petard_rusher! He was a little rusty….., but not much and still showed he knows how to play this game!

The Ladder Warriors!

1. petard_rusher
2. FeaR_Typhoon
3. GuyB

Congrats All!

To get more information on the Ladder Warriors or to add your comments go —–> HERE![/b]

The AOKH Ladder Warriors Jan 31 to Feb 06
Posted by Dark Side of Day on February 11th, 2003 @ 4:00 p.m.
TOAO_FunkyGus has come out with the latest AOKH Ladder Warriors list. The list includes!

1. Morningthaw
2. Saurez
3. FeaR_Typhoon

All of the above players played alot of games. Many of these games ended up being Championship games for the AOKH’s top Ladder spot!

Congratulations to the AOKH Ladder Warriors!

To get more information on this and or to add your comments go ——->HERE

New Buildings for AOE III
Posted by Dark Side of Day on February 9th, 2003 @ 5:02 p.m.
Magic_Amazon has posted a new thread in the Age of Empires III Discussion forums. The topic deals with new and different buildings that could be added to the new game. This thread has already seen a lot of activity and some good ideas have been presented.

To get more information or add your comments go ——> HERE

Old Timers visit the AOKH Forum!
Posted by Dark Side of Day on February 9th, 2003 @ 4:53 p.m.
Some old Time forumers came back for visit to the AOKH Forum in a recent post by Time_Itself. It is always nice to see some of the guys from the forums past come along and let us know they have not forgotton about us!

For a walk down Memory Lane go ——> HERE!

Mod of the Rings…
Posted by Luke on February 7th, 2003 @ 11:20 p.m.

f you thought modding for Age of Kings was dead and buried, here’s your chance to reconsider that point of view. Both Lonepadawan and Shadowflare are working on mods based of the Lord of the Rings – and they’re doing a very admirable job so far. Both have released screenshots, so you really should stop by and take a peek – try the links below.

ยป Middle-Earth Total Conversion, by Shadowflare. You can check the forum thread here. The author notes that some of his work is based on prior mods by Wildfire Games’ Josef Bugman, and Ayatolla.

ยป Ent mod, by Lonepadawan. Forum topic here. The author notes that you should “ignore the slight stretching and the black flash- somthing went wrong when I compiled it into a gif”.

Posted by Luke on February 6th, 2003 @ 7:16 p.m.

 really should pay more attention to the Age of Empires III forum… I’m missing out on some good stuff. Shame on me… In any case, forumer Dibujante fired a very interesting topic, debating the possibilities of army morale. His explanation was clear and well-written, and thus worth a read. You can check it out here.

More Civilizations…
Posted by Luke on February 3rd, 2003 @ 7:31 p.m.

et another thread debating new civilizations. Beloyar, the author of this outstanding thread, has compiled a “Master List”, which holds all civs mentioned so far in the AoE III Forum. If you wish to contribute, head over to this thread – but be sure to read the guidelines first. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Crazy Couple Days on the AOKH Ladder!
Posted by Dark Side of Day on February 2nd, 2003 @ 5:55 a.m.
Well that could be called an under statement! In the last 24 hrs the AOKH Ladder saw the Championship pass through four (4) Ladder players hands!

First Morningthaw defeated Myll_Slaghter to become the new AOKH Ladder Champion, then Morningthaw defeated Myll_Slaghter again in the rematch to make it official……

then Saurez defeated Morningthaw to become the new AOKH Ladder Champion! However in the rematch Morningthaw was able to defeat Saurez to take back the Championship!………

then Tarzan_1 defeated Morningthaw to become the new AOKH Ladder Champion, then Tarzan_1 defeated Morningthaw again in the rematch to make it official……

so at the End of the Day Tarzan_1 remained at Top as the New AOKH Ladder Champion!… least for now!

Becoming the AOKH Ladder Champion is no easy feat!

Congratulations to the Following Four (4) AOKH Ladder Players!

1. Tarzan_1
2. Morningthaw
3. Saurez
4. Myll_Slaghter

Anyone of these players seem to beat any of the others on any given day! ….. so this should make things interesting for the next little while!

To add your comments go ——–>HERE!