Archived News From May 2004

Due to the old age of most of these news items, all hyperlinks have been disabled. It is also not possible to comment on any of news. They are presented in their current form purely for your reading pleasure – it’s the closest thing to a time machine we can offer you!

RTS League Season 6 DM Clans
Posted by Aro on May 31st, 2004 @ 6:43 a.m.
According to the RTS League website, the 6th season of the League’s AoC DeathMatch tournament should be starting on Monday, June 7th. The 2 Leagues that will be starting will be announced tomorrow (Monday, May 31st), and following that, the teams will get information about how to report the Fair Play Ratings.

If you want more info and team listings, check out the RTS League website.

Pardon my lateness in posting this. ;-P

FOPT’s expert arabia tourney
Posted by Qazitory on May 27th, 2004 @ 9:30 p.m.
Good news for all rec-lovers, FOPT-clan is organizing an invite tourney for the 16 best players in the world. Here’s what Strawberry himself has to say about it:

It’s our goal to invite only the currently best 16 Players from the World to
this competition to see who is the real master.

Settings are 1v1 Arabia, Single Elimination, Best of 3 Games Series. The
winner takes home US $500 Cash, 2nd US $200. Of course all recorded games
will be offered for public download on our website.

Right now we are pre-selecting the best 16 players – not an easy task as you
can imagine. If you want to help with that please check the News over at . Feel free to give us feedback (registered and logged users
simply click on “Comment” below the News-Item; if you are not registered you
can do so for free in our forums.

Knowing FOPT’s standards, this will yet again be a tourney you don’t want to miss!

Thanks goes to FOPT_Strawberry for bringing this to my attention!

Random Map Tourney started!
Posted by Qazitory on May 18th, 2004 @ 8:31 p.m.
The random map tourney by Gordon B and Myll_Slaghter_ started this week and I have to say, it looks very promising.
The brackets seeded by the computer, can be found here. Slaghter coded the brackets himself, and I have to say, they look very nice. Some rather interesting matches seem to be coming! After you’ve checked your opponent, start scheduling the game here.
In the same thread, you can also refresh your memory by checking the rules.
After you’ve playing the game, remember to post it at Myll clan forums.

Good luck to all participants!
Me included, I think I’ll need it…

The Ultimate Edge
Posted by Anastasia on May 14th, 2004 @ 1:05 a.m.
Can playing Age of Kings give us an edge in life? In the news is research suggesting that playing video games makes us sharper, and can be a key to success. It’s easy to see from that view point, that playing the greatest game — Age of Kings is giving us an edge, even over players of other video games. Apparently we are learning valuable skills and improving our mental and physical coordination…and we thought we were just having fun. One study of a group of surgeons found that those who played video games made fewer mistakes than those who didn’t. Who knows, maybe one day your Official AOKH Forumers Ladder ranking could help you into Med School?

If researchers were to seriously follow up on this theory they would certainly find that AoK players were the most improved, and I could give them the recent success of the Calgary Flames NHL Hockey Team as evidence for my claim. Yes, our AoK playing friends in the NHL have taken their 6th seeded hockey team to the final round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. They have also gone ahead winning their first two games in the finals against the San Jose Sharks, the team sporting the better record.

One on One with the Flame’s Shean Donovan:

“One on One – What was the best year of your life?
Shean Donovan – Oh, I think this year. Getting to go in the playoffs with Calgary and obviously having my first-born.

One on One – You have a few hours to kill — Book or Video game?
Shean Donovan – Video game, sad to say. We’ve got a couple of nerds on the team and I’m one of them, so I’d have to say video game. We play Age of Empires. “

Coincidence? Further studies are being done here in the Town’s Crier Forum’s 2003-2004 NHL Thread. It’s enough to convince even a staunch Flyers fan that I am of the merits of playing Age of Kings! Whether you agree with the theory or not, it might be a good idea to share the research with the loved ones who think your time spent playing AoK is a total waste. Heres to our success!

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Blacksmith Feature
Posted by Anastasia on May 9th, 2004 @ 9:56 a.m.
Destiny of a Dynasty – Contest Nostalgia
Recently, I stumbled across these great campaigns from the old ‘Chinese Campaign Contest’ in the Blacksmith archives. I considered this a great discovery, like opening a door to a forgotten era at Age of Kings Heaven and finding lost artifacts. It was also a bit of a sentimental journey too as the contest held in 2001 is what first attracted me to the Blacksmith and the Scenario Design Forum.

The ten outstanding campaigns created for the contest, contain three scenarios each, and are all Age of Kings: The Conquerors (AoK:TC) designs. All are based on an event or series of events relating to the Chinese Empire in the time period covered by AoK:TC (approximately 500A.D. – 1600 A.D.). The campaigns are exceedingly creative and challenging and the game-play is varied and unique. Each are complete with extensive historical research and captivating plots unfolding through the game play. Perhaps the most amazing thing that struck me about these campaigns was the remarkable quality of the designs created in a matter of a few months. The excellence of the scenario designs have endured, and these campaigns are golden.

Memories may be beautiful, but mine are rarely accurate. So I did some additional research in the News Archives (2001) and the Scenario Design Forum for information on the contest and the way we were. Apparently the winners and runners up are not given in the correct order on the final results page I found, and the ID numbers only add to the confusion. This is what I found:

Emperor Wendi – First of the Sui, by Zanzard Lothar was the winning design, and just barely edged out Glory of the Tang, by Stan (aka The Conquistador) in what was the scenario design contest equivalent to a photo finish. Three Emperors and Two Dynasties, by Andres_age was a finalist and solidly placed third. Here is the entire list:

Emperor Wendi, First of the Sui, by Zanzard Lothar
Glory of the Tang, by Stan(aka The Conquistador)
Three Emperors and Two Dynasties, by Andres_age
The Voyager, by Vertigo Extremist
Dawn of new Dynasty, by Joe Gillum
Rise of the Ming, by styrbiorn
Ancestors of China, by Do_Japan2
The Dynasty of Tang, by Rickard Stenberg
The Rebellion of An Lu-Shan, by Lord Lucas
Emperor Wanli, by Therese Dumas and Stephen Dumas

Have fun playing all the uniquely created designs and not to be discouraged by the contest scores as each campaign is at least entertaining and playable with no game destroying bugs. In fact one of my favorites, Rise of the Ming by styrbiorn placed sixth, and so I’m sure Agers will enjoy these great campaigns.
Destiny of a Dynasty

New ladder champion
Posted by Qazitory on May 4th, 2004 @ 10:16 p.m.
Lo and behold, we have a new AoKH ladder champion!
conseQuence defeated Morningthaw twice in row and receives the title over which many, many battles have been fought. The games took place of arabia (conseQuence‘s home map) and islands (Morningthaw‘s choice).

Now when you people start having your summer holidays, don’t forget to play ladder games. Let’s make the ladder as great place as it was some time back!
If you haven’t signed up for the ladder yet, do so in this post.