Archived News From December 2005

Due to the old age of most of these news items, all hyperlinks have been disabled. It is also not possible to comment on any of news. They are presented in their current form purely for your reading pleasure – it’s the closest thing to a time machine we can offer you!

Seasons Greetings from Age of Kings Heaven!
Posted by Anastasia on December 25th, 2005 @ 3:14 p.m.
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays from the staff at Age of Kings Heaven!

AOKH Holiday Guide
Posted by Anastasia on December 25th, 2005 @ 1:48 a.m.
The holidays are here, and for many of us this means a welcome break from school and work. Here’s hoping some of you out there will spend some time here with all of us at AOKH. I’ve made this little guide for those of you who have finally found the time to join us, and yet are still wondering what to do at Age of Kings Heaven.

Where To Go:

Official AoKH Forumers Ladder
Just got AoK as your holiday gift, or already a veteran? Sign up for the Official AoKH Forumers Ladder, or get answers on how to play the game in the General & Strategy Discussion Forum!

Middle-Earth Total Conversion: The Trilogy Is Complete
Escape to a world of fantasy with the just completed Middle Earth Total Conversion Mod Pack! Visit Shadowflare and find out how to convert your AoK TC game into an amazing new game based on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien in the Mod Pack Discussion Forum!

Santa Wars. Were does he live?
Want to know where Santa lives? Join Scud in this offbeat discussion and debate aptly titled the Santa Wars for a very interesting topic about the popular Christmas figure. Where else but in the Town’s Crier Forum!

Review Requests, about Reviewing and Tutorials II
Give the gift of a Blacksmith Review this holiday season! Join Tanneur99, rwilde, Berserker Jerker, and all the AOKH Thread Reviewers in the Scenario Design Forum!

In a cave!
Spend the holiday designing a cave using the scenario editor, and have your screenshots posted by Dark_Reign in this fun topic, also in the Scenario Design Forum!

What To Download:

Middle-Earth Total Conversion
The release of Middle-Earth Total Conversion is perhaps the most exciting news this Holiday Season! Shadowflare has just released the spectacular community project to the Blacksmith and for the LOTR fan this is a must have Mod Pack!

Romeo and Juliet AoKtc Stylee
This excellent cut-scene scenario comes with a Merry Christmas wish from AOKH member Daftpanzer, but it’s not like the Nativity Set to be sure! Play this irreverent yet very funny look at the Shakespeare classic, Romeo and Juliet, inspired by Chris Coutt’s flash movie “Tales for the l33t”.

Christmas Morning
Christmas at AoKH just wouldn’t be Christmas without little Timmy and the Frank Family! Play the very best Christmas cut-scene by Yogurt that captures all the wonder of the Holiday Season!

Long ago Enrique Orduno and King40 teamed up to create this Christmas scenario. Players will have a most wonderful time in Winterland!

Christmas Mod
The Christmas Mod team, Tiger and IVAN DRAGO, created this Mod Pack with holiday theme back in 2001. This mod pack gives us Christmas trees, a snowman, Rudolph, and more all inside our AoK game. Isn’t it time you tried a Mod pack?

The Nativity Set
This scenario was created by me as a Christmas gift to the AOKH members in the past, and yet the wish for Peace on Earth and a Merry Christmas remains. Take a heartfelt Christmastime journey through this historical perspective of the Nativity.

A New Heaven!
Posted by Anastasia on December 20th, 2005 @ 12:19 a.m.
HeavenGames proudly presents Rise of Legends Heaven! The new ‘Heaven’ is dedicated to bringing the latest news and information about Rise of Legends to the fans of Big Huge Games, and those eagerly anticipating the release of the Rise of Legends game.

Following up on their hugely successful Rise of NationsTM. Big Huge Games has stepped it up a notch with stunning visuals and great gameplay to develop the spiritual successor to their premier title. Rise of Nations: Rise of LegendsTM is now in development due out in early 2006. The game is inspired by the works of Leonardo Da Vinci, the steampunk genre, and tales of 1001 Arabian Nights in an epic battle between Magic and Technology! Real Time Strategy rises to a new level once again!

HeavenGames LLC, based in Lombard, Illinois, is a privately owned
web-content publisher geared towards the creation of special-interest sites for Real-Time Strategy and City-Builder games. Its sites, contents, vast amounts of resources, as well as a dedicated staff & management team make HeavenGames’ sites the premier destination for gamers worldwide.

Age of Kings for Nintendo DS
Posted by Anastasia on December 19th, 2005 @ 4:59 a.m.
Yes, the best PC RTS game ever has crossed over to yet another platform, and is due to be released early in the new year (2006). Back in May we learned that Age of Empires, Age of Kings was being developed for Nintendo DS by Majesco Entertainment. Majesco surprised the series’ RTS fans then by announcing that the game would be turned based, but the game still looks promising.

It looks like the hectic pace of RTS is replaced with the challenge of facing a well thought out strategy, and there is some interesting new game goals and features such as Emperor Rank, and Combat Advisor. Players gain Empire Points to unlock maps & units and improve their Emperor Rank. It seems starting players will be given a rank of Peasant and battle their way to Courtier, Knave, and beyond. The Combat Advisor provides advice on certain campaign strategies and gives an indication of how the battle will go. Also of interest is the Hero units who are reported to have “special hero powers affecting the entire battlefield.” The way the special powers affect the game play remains a mystery for now, but the hero units like Richard the Lionheart, Robin Hood, Joan of Arc, Genghis Khan, and Saladin among others should prove to be a pleasingly familiar aspect for the Age of Kings fan.

There have been some changes in the GUI (Graphical User Interface), since early on and most seem minor cosmetic changes that if anything are leaning now more to the cartoon like graphics of the game. Still, the graphics are state of the art, and for those of you who are not familiar with Nintendo DS there is two screens. The screenshots reveal that the bottom screen will have the game map and individual units in play, while the top screen displays the player information such as abilities and statistics. However, the top screen also shows the battle animations, and the bottom screen doubles as a menu for selecting various features of the game too.

In any event, the game boasts Multi-player game play of up to 4 players, five different civilizations (Britons, Franks, Mongols, Saracens, and Japanese) from the PC version, and scores of campaigns in this new platform. So for the Nintendo DS enthusiasts among us to check out Age of Empires, Age of Kings for DS due to be released soon in 2006.

New GeniEd2 Enhanced Version and Guide!
Posted by Anastasia on December 4th, 2005 @ 8:05 a.m.
scenario_t_c has enhanced the GeniEd2 by Ykkrosh and created a guide in the ModPack Discussion forum. This version allows us to edit the game like never before. There are many amazing features, and now we can control what kinds of commands the unit has, control which kinds of unit the building will accept to garrison, control whether a unit can be seen under fog of war, and so much more!

The GeniEd2 program let’s us change many aspects of the single player game and can create a new game experience for Age of Kings – The Conquerors. It’s also proved very useful to modders and scenario designers, and I’m sure the enhanced version will only expand on that usefulness too. So check out the GeniEd2 Enhanced Version Guide!