Archived News From December 2007

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Get Your Vote In! Noooow!
Posted by Aro on December 10th, 2007 @ 7:59 a.m.

That’s right folks, in case you forgot, the Forumer of the Year Awards is operational. Age of Kings Heaven is now asking all of our drunken patrons to cast their votes on who should be considered the “Forumer of the Year”! There are also many other categories you can vote on this year, including Funniest Forumer and Most Missed. There are rules which should be considered before you place your vote:

1. You may not vote for yourself. If this happens, your ballot is disqualified

2. Vote are counted like this: 1 point for third place, 2 points for second place, 3 points for first place. (this sounds a little confusing, so for now, assume each vote counts as one point)

3. You must not be banned during the duration of the counting of the votes (final week of December)

4. You must be registered for 5 months in order to vote. (exceptions for good newbies are available)

5. Any ballots that don’t have me in at least one category are automatically disqualified (Kidding, kidding :P)

6. The ballot format below will be followed for all voting. If I come across a ballot that does not, or is a complete random jumble, it will be disregarded unless the poster cleans it up some (aka posts the official ballot into his post and fills it out correctly )

Is there a point to these awards? Of course! We must figure out whom we shall worship for yet another glorious year! May thine votes be pure and thine thirst for power be quenched, as we yet again ask you who shall be Forumer of the Year!