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Game of the Year Results 2007
Posted by Mash on January 30th, 2008 @ 3:59 p.m.
The results have been drawn for the most prominent scenarios of the year 2007 in Best Playability, Best Story, Best Scenery and Best score, and much more!

Hosted by forumer Lord Basse, the Age of Kings Heaven community was asked to vote in the respective categories for their most favourite designs at the Blacksmith, covering genres such as campaigns, mini-games, cut-scenes and multiplayer scenarios, submitted in 2007. Voting closed only recently and the results were drawn up. While unofficial, the Game of the Year Awards still allows us some insight into the overall opinion of designers and forumers alike who played the designs submitted to the Blacksmith last year.

It can only be said that quality scenarios designed in 2007 did not make up a very long list, but nonetheless portray some of the greatest quality in scenario designing that has ever been witnessed at the Blacksmith.

Ingo van Thiel’s latest work, When the Wheel Breaks came in first place in 5 whole categories, ranking first in a tie with Age Arena’s Gunter Zengerle’s Halfdan and the Inheritance of the Ynglings in Best Playability, and coming to some close calls in other categories with aMa’s fantastical Chrombasia – the Two Relics and Silver Serpent’s The Prophecy. In all Ingo achieved the Game of the Year award with a whopping 46 points, beating Halfdan and the Inheritance of the Ynglings at a steady 32 points and Chrombasia – the Two Relics at 28.

Other commendable places include newIdea’s revolutionary TSO multiplayer scenario, which ranked first in its genre alongside Impeached’s fun-filled A Pirate’s Life respectively, and matty12345’s phenomenon cut-scene, The Old Man and the Sea.

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