Archived News From July 2008

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Mini-game Competition Results
Posted by Mash on July 20th, 2008 @ 7:24 a.m.
This year’s recent mini-game competition has just been rounded off, and the results for all six entrants who successfully made the deadline have been submitted for your viewing.

Coming in first place, the Tower of the Moon by Lord Basse at 102 points; followed in kind by Battle of Thermopylae by sSc_Cobra007 with 90 points, and the black gate of Mordor by Dantares IV sitting comfortably with 82 points.

As one of the ‘fill-in’ judges for the competition, I would like to say that all six mini-games were designed to a good and enjoyable quality, and deserve the community’s attention.

Download the entries here, or visit the results thread and congratulate the contestants here.