Archived News From August 2008

Due to the old age of most of these news items, all hyperlinks have been disabled. It is also not possible to comment on any of news. They are presented in their current form purely for your reading pleasure – it’s the closest thing to a time machine we can offer you!

The Dictator, the Updates, and the Future
Posted by Aro on August 29th, 2008 @ 3:22 a.m.

If you haven’t noticed by now, your faithful dictator (considered “Aro” by majority) has become your new-old webmaster, returning to my old position as Seraph until my partner CrystalCrown returns, after which we’ll both be working together. There has been a few changes to the roster; due to Real Life time constraints, three members of our respected team of moderators, newIdea, Qazitory and Gordon B, had to make their leave, while we have added a new member to our team, none other than giggling-green AoKH-vet Scud! Since I am your humbled, slightly possessed webmaster once again, I have mentioned the changes the site would under-go on the forums; what kind of changes can I possibly pull out of my pockets? Perhaps something sinister, like pulling out a rabbit?!? Read on…

Since ’06, perhaps even earlier, I have said each year that AoKH would get a make-over; right now, Age of Kings Heaven’s content is out-dated, horridly coded, and she doesn’t look as hot as she used to back in 1998. She lost her groove, some would say, and while she’s always been a looker, she’s had to put on more make-up than most great sites need to cover up her wrinkles. Age metaphores aside, updating content has always been met with a degree of difficulty, and our team aims to improve that. Now that the staff roster has been rebuilt, with additions to our staff coming very soon, one of our largest plans includes a complete website overhaul; an improved, up-to-date web design along with up-to-date content! Along with the content will come more news (that’s right, a pretty front page with updated news!), contests, as well as dozens of other ideas floating around on how to make Age of Kings Heaven more fun for you all!

Of course, although the redesign is going to help our staff immensely in our operations, content is by no means the most important update we plan to make. What of the forums? The design is going to stay the same (save for Halloween and April Fools, of course; disorder is ideal on those days =D), so can always count on the good ol’ forums looking as bright, happy and familiar as they always have, but we plan on implementing greater forumer participation into the new site, especially our University. Our forums are unmatched when it comes to AoK knowledge, and we aim to support that by making that knowledge accessible to everyone!

I’m very optimistic about Age of Kings Heaven’s future, and our team plans on doing everything we can to make the site more exciting to the fans of the crowning jewel of real time strategy. We’ve always been the biggest and best Age of Kings websites out there, but we’re about to become bigger and better!

Have any questions? We want to make sure there’s as little confusion as possible, and as little mystery as possible in what your staff members are doing behind the scenes! I’m opening a thread in our Town’s Crier forum, where you can ask us anything your heart desires about these plans. Although they’re not fully formulated as of yet, we can assure you that they’ll happen. Hopefully this post has cleared some things up, and watch this space: the changes are a’comin’!

Your First PTC 08 Update!
Posted by Aro on August 15th, 2008 @ 3:38 a.m.

Remember back when we first announced Age of Kings Heaven’s 2008 edition of the Pretty Town Contest? Remember thinking to yourselves, “oh my goodness, I love both pretty towns and contests, so I’m totally into this”? Today is one of the happiest days of your life, as this contest has just got sweeter! In denial?! Keep reading!!!

The AoKH judges, headed by our mighty contest host Mashek, have given your Pretty Town Contest a revision, giving better prizes (custom titles announcing your victory over this contest in our forums, to both the winner and two runner-ups!), a straight-up theme (no more winter valley; as long as it reflects the chilling glow of winter, your town is all ins), and a revised thread showing some of the coldest designs of the Blacksmith.

You can always find the latest rules and information on the official PTC page! Have any questions, or perhaps you would like to discuss the latest developments with your fellow designers? Check out the official PTC thread! And remember; if you’re interested in the history of our Pretty Town contest, give your eyes a break and download the pretty towns of the past from our Blacksmith.

Good luck to all, and may the prettiest town win!

Pretty Town Contest 2008
Posted by Aro on August 10th, 2008 @ 10:04 a.m.

Where? Age of Kings Heaven, Scenario Design! When?! NOW!!!

No, your friendly neighborhood dictator has not gone insane, and yes, you’re not just seeing things folks! The timeless Pretty Town Contest is back and in full swing! You might have also noticed the temperature has dropped significantly; this year, we’re taking your summer the hells *down* and beating it with an icicle, as we introduce the PTC 2008’s winter valley theme! Viking fan? Santa enthusiast? Umm… like making pretty things? =D Everyone will have the chance to make their ice-plagued towns come to life! To quote contest host Mashek in the official thread:

The objective of this contest is to design the most beautiful, outstandingly pretty town, city or village in the AoKH Scenario Editor, which must look as much like a winter valley––the theme set for this year. This means that colder terrains will work best here. Keep in mind that winter isn’t all about snow, there’s rain and mud too!

If you are interested and considering entering, please be sure to read all of the rules below, before committing your name in a reply. Submit all entries to Mashek at Mashek331 at hotmail dot com, with the initials ‘PTC08’ typed both in the email headline and submission title, and by 11:59 PM EST, SEPTEMBER 10. It must meet the requirements listed below to be eligible for judging. Otherwise, you will face disqualification.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss the contest with your fellow Pretty Town lovers, check out the official thread in our Scenario Design forum. Interested in the rules? Check out the offical PTC 2008 page. Good luck to all, and may the prettiest town win!