Special Thanks

We would like to extend a special thank you to the following contributors:

Jorgito (Pallando27) – The man who started us all on this path, and an integral part of our team in the beginning. Though he is no longer with the ToME Team, his fantastic style and talent for graphics is still represented in many of the mod’s buildings and units. We miss you, Jorgito.

Kor (Derfel Cadarn) – We have used some units from Kor’s excellent Unit Pack (available here) and for that we thank him. But more importantly, we cannot state enough how much inspiration we have drawn from his fantastic mod, Age of Chivalry. As the only other person to finish a mod of this scope, he at many times served as a template to follow. He also might be the only person to fully understand the depth of our insanity.

The Entire METC and BoME Teams – from inspiration to actual graphics, we have borrowed so much from you all. Thank you for going first and making us look good.

Graphics Credits

In addition to the ToME Team and those mentioned above, the following people have lent graphics to this mod:

Dave3377 Cataphract Archer
Man-at-arms to generic swordsman
Dark age Knight's SLPs
Eastern Swordsman
Round Shield Longswordsman
New spearmen
Agamemnon Agamemnon's Expansion
Panel Arabic Knight (horseman)
Dionix Balrog
Courtjester1 Royal Guard
Southron Pikeman
Axeman of Lossarnach
AnimalMan Ox
Khan Ivayl Szlachcic

Additional Thanks

In addition to those listed here, we would also like to extend a general thank you to all those who gave critiques or suggestions, who posted concept art, or who play tested this mod – TehCrusader and den cekke. We appreciate all the contributions, both great and small. Thank you.

The ToME Team – Matt LiVecchi and Pulkit Karwal