Article written by Aro
Published on 03-13-2017; updated on 03-14-2017

Internet communities often use short-hand and slang when speaking and discussing the topic at hand, and the Age of Kings community is no different! Having trouble deciphering what your fellow players are saying? Here is a list of commonly used abbrevations used by the community....

[ A|B|C|D|E|F|G|H|I|J|K|L|M|N|O|P|R|S|T|U|V|W|X|Z ]


A-MUSH: Aztec Monk Rush -- SMUSH (see below) using Aztecs instead of the Saracens

AFAIK: As Far as I Know

AI: Artificial Intelligence -- the computer player's intellect and play-book, which can be modified by the player

AIM: AOL Instant Messenger -- popular instant messaging service

AoE: Age of Empires (1997)

AoE II or AoK: Age of Empires II: Age of Kings (1999)

AoE III or AoE3: Age of Empires III (2005)

AoEH: Age of Empires Heaven - a fansite for Age of Empires and the oldest site hosted on the HeavenGames network

AoF: The Forgotten - The latest official expansion pack for Age of Empires II, that comes as downloadable content for Age of Empires: HD

AoKH: Age of Kings Heaven - a fansite (the site you're reading this at)

AOK: HD: The High Definition remake of Age of Empires II that was released on Steam in 2013

AoKTC: Age of Kings: The Conquerors Expansion (2000)

AoM: Age of Mythology (2002)

Arb: Arbalests

ASAP: As Soon As Possible

ATC: All Things Considered

ATT: Attack, the damage dealt by a unit


BAK: Back at Keyboard

BC or BCan: Bombard Cannon

BF: Black Forest (popular Random Map)

Bloody Style: Game style whereby each player may only build one Town Center in a game

Boom: A surge in economic growth most commonly achieved by producing large numbers of villagers from multiple town centers

BRB: Be Right Back

BRT: Be Right There

BT: Build Time -- the time it takes to create a unit

BT: Bombard Tower

BTW: By the Way


CA: Cavalry Archer

Cat: Cataphract

CG: Cannon Galleon

Chuck: Cho Ko Nu

CiS: Chuckles in Silence

CKN: Cho Ko Nu

CL: Crater Lake (map type)

Co-Op: A game style - multiple players control the same civ - to do this, two players must ensure both have exactly the same settings for civilization, color, and team number

Conq: Conquistador

CPU: Central Processing Unit (generally a computer)

CRUSH: Castle Age Rush -- arriving at the Castle Age before the opponent and attacking immediately - usually, military buildings are constructed in a forward base from which to launch continuous attacks.

CU or Cya: See You


D/L or DL: Download

DM: Death Match -- all players start with enormous amounts of resources

Douche or Drush: Dark Age Rush -- the original town center is deleted in Dark Age and another is built near the enemy - this TC is then garrisoned with villagers and used to attack

DX: Direct X


E: Elite -- normally prefixed to unit names/abbreviations to signify the best version of a unit

ES: Ensemble Studios -- the developers of the Age of Empires series

EW: Eagle Warrior


FB: Forward Builder

FE: Forgotten Empires - A fan made unofficial expansion pack for Age of Empires II that eventually became the official expansion The Forgotten

FFA: Free for All - no teams (there is only one winner ultimately)

FFS: Fast Fire Ship

Flame: An insult

Flood: An attack using a mass of one unit type

FLUSH: Feudal Rush -- attacking an enemy early in the feudal age, using towers to control his resources)

FR: Fire Rate

FS: Fire Ship

FWIW: For What It's Worth

FYI: For Your Information


G&SD: General and Strategy Discussions -- a forum to discuss both the game and it's strategic aspects

GF: Girlfriend

GF (1,2,3, etc.): GeForce1, GeForce2, GeForce3

GG: Good Game

GL: Good Luck

GR: Game Ranger – A program that some players use to play Age of Empires multiplayer online

GRUSH or GUSH: Galley Rush -- rush with Galleys in the early ages to achieve early naval dominance

GS: GameSpy Arcade, one of the many ways player can play Age of Empires 2

GTG or G2G: Got to Go


Halb: Halberdier

HAND: Have a nice day

HC: Hand Cannoneer

HF: Have Fun

HG: HeavenGames -- the parent entity for AoKH

Housed: A situation where there are not enough houses to enable further units to be produced

HP: Hit Points

Husk or Husky: Huskarl


ic: I See

ICQ: I Seek You -- a popular instant messaging service

ICS: Internet Connection Sharing

IE: Internet Explorer

IGZ: Internet Gaming Zone, one of the major Age of Kings multiplayer hosts

IMHO: In My Humble Opinion

IMO: In My Opinion

IP: Internet Protocol -- unique number for each PC used to connect for multi-player games, which usually changes each time you connect to the internet (especially for dial-up users) -- to find out what your IP is on Windows, go to Start -> Run and type winipcfg, or going to a DOS Prompt and type ipconfig for Windows NT/2000 users


Jag: Jaguar Warrior

Janny: Jannissary

JW: Jaguar Warrior


KLEW: An expert strategy for a very fast castle time (typically around 14 minutes) when your opponent should still be in the Feudal Age.


l8r: Later

Lbow: Longbowman

LC: Light Cavalry

LCav: Light Cavalry

LMAO: Laughing My @$$ Off

LOL: Laugh Out Loud

LOS: Line of Sight -- the number of tiles a unit or building can see (usually Fog of War hides everything)

LS: Long Swordsman


M@A: Man-at-Arms

Mam: Mameluke

Mang: Mangudai

Mang: Mangonel

MB: Motherboard

MFO: Mr. Fixit Online -- a fansite for many games

MP: Multiplayer

MS: Microsoft

MSN: Microsoft Network

MSNIM: MSN Messenger -- popular instant messaging service


NIC: Network Interface Card

np: No Problem

nrn: Not Right Now

NS: Netscape

NT: No Text or a reference to the Windows server operating system, Windows NT


OD: Outside Discussions Forum

Ons: Onagers

OP: Over-Powered

OS: Operating System, such as Windows or Macintosh

OT: Off-Topic

OTOH: On the Other Hand


PA: Pierce Armor

PA: Plumbed Archers

Pal: Paladin

PAoE: Planet Age of Empires, now a sub-site of Planet Age of Mythology

Pet: Petard

Phract: Cataphract

Pike: Pikeman


Range: Archery Range or the distance a weapon can shoot and hit an enemy

Rax: Barracks

rdy: Ready

RM: Random Map

ROFL: Rolling on the Floor Laughing

ROFLMAO: Rolling on the Floor Laughing My @$$ Off

RoR: Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome Expansion Pack (1998)

RTFM: Read the Fine Manual

RTM: Released to Manufacturing (Gone Gold)

Rush: Generic term for an early attack that attempts to catch the opponent unprepared -- typically attacks are concentrated on resource gathering sites to slow the opponent's economy and advancement to subsequent ages


Sam: Samurai

Shimo Style: Typically played as a Regicide game with 5 or more players, alliances can be made with any player but allied victories are disallowed (there can be only one winner, similar to a Free-for-All)

Skirmies: Skirmishers

Sling: Team strategy in which one player tributes resources to a teammate to enable an earlier attack than would otherwise be possible

SMUSH: Saracen Monk Rush (achieving Castle Age early and attacking the enemy with several monks)


TA: Throwing Axeman

TC: Town Center

TC Push: A strategy using multiple garrisoned Town Centers offensively to overwhelm your opponent -- this strategy is less effective, and therefore less prevalent, due to changes to the Town Center in the Conquerors Expansion Pack

THS: Two-Handed Swordsman

TK: Teutonic Knight

Treb: Trebuchet

TS: Turtle Ship

Turtling: Walling in and concentrating on defense and economy, saving to attack later


UP: UserPatch- A user created patch that add new triggers and many bug fixes to Age of Empires II: The Conquerors

UT: Unique Technology

UU: Unique Unit


VGG: Very Good Game

VLB: Viking Longboat

Voobly: A programme that many Age of Empires player use to play online


W2K & Win2K: Windows 2000

Blood: A custom scenario where you get upgrades for the amount of kills - there are several versions with different unit types - you get it by playing it with someone on the zone that also has it or downloading it

Watcher: Player who sits in on a game to watch but does not participate - the watcher sets up him/herself as a Co-Op and then resigns immediately when the game begins

WE: War Elephant

Win9x: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98 SE

WinME: Windows Millenium Edition

WinXP: Windows XP

Woady: Woad Raider

WTF: What the ****

WW: War Wagon

WXP: Windows XP


x-bow: Crossbowman

X-Pack or XP: Expansion Pack


Zerk: Berserk

Zone: MSN Gaming Zone -- the former multiplayer gaming site run by MSN, which included online game rooms for AoK and it's expansion