General FAQ

Article written by Aro
Published on 03-14-2017; updated on 03-14-2017

Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings™ and Age of Empires II:
The Conquerors™ Expansion
are the sequels to the award-winning,
best-selling real-time strategy game
Age of Empires. Age
of Kings spans a thousand years, from the fall of Rome through the Middle Ages
in which players control the epic scope of Age of Empire’s game play while
evolving the combat and economic features.

How do I take screenshots or make AgeToons?

Press CTLR+F12 during the game, and it saves a .bmp file of the
screen in your Age of Empires 2 folder. You need an image converter or an editor
like Paint Shop Pro to edit the screenshots. If you plan to share your screenshots
with friends, or submit them to our site, please be sure to convert the image to
JPEG (.jpg) format beforehand.

Why can’t I see buttons for military formations and attack stances?

Military formations and attack stances are categorized as “Advanced
Commands” in Age of Kings. To turn on advanced commands, click on the button
with the red, white and blue banner near the mini map.

Where can I build the Demolition Ships / Fire Ships / Longboat / Turtle

You can build these ships at the Docks. Click on it, and then click
on the big red arrow pointing to the right. You’ll now be able to build or
upgrade those ships.

How can I make a backup copy of Age of Kings? It gives me an error
when I try to make a copy.

Microsoft used copy protection on the CD and you can not copy it
in normal CD burners. If your AoK CD was damaged, please contact Microsoft.

How can I play multiplayer Age of Kings on two machines with just
one CD?

Boot up Age of Kings on one machine, take the CD out and boot it
up on the other. You need one CD for every 3 machines in a multiplayer game.

When I try to download from your site, I am asked for a username
and password. My forum username/password didn’t work. What is the username and

You don’t need a username and password to download from our site.
This is normally caused by a program called Download Accelerator. If you
disable it by exiting out of the program, you will be able to download the files.

I love this game! Is there a sequel?

You can find more information about Age of Empires III at
Age of Empires III Heaven.

How do I view recorded games?

Unzip them using a program like WinZIP
to your saved games folder in your Age of Kings directory (i.e. C:\Program Files\Microsoft
Games\Age of Kings\SaveGame). You may not be able to view recorded games recorded
by users that have a different version of Age of Kings installed (i.e. You can not
view the game if the game was recorded on a machine that had the new AoK Patch installed,
and vice versa. This also happens with games that were recorded on illegal modified
versions (i.e. warezed versions) of the game.

Why are some people’s names appear in different colors in the
forum, and why do they call themselves ES_Archangel, ES_Deathshrimp, etc.?

Anyone in blue and with a ES_ in front of their names is an Ensemble
employee, the developers of Age of Kings. There are also several
developers from all around HeavenGames since we host so many

Anyone in red, green, or sometimes orange, is a HeavenGames
staff member. The different colors denote the level of access the person has, and
the amount of duties the person is responsible for.

Can I be in Red, Green, or Orange? Can I be
a Cherub or an Angel?

Age of Kings Heaven typically asks the most productive and
helpful members of our community to join our team.

I downloaded AoK, but something isn’t working

If you *downloaded* the game, it’s probably an illegal copy of
the game. We do not support anybody who have this type of warez copy, including No-CD
patches, so please do not ask us if you’re having problems; you’re having problems
because you have an illegal copy.

Where’s the wheel-right / left button?

If you’ve read the Age of Kings manual, you’ve probably noticed
them mentioning the wheel-right / left button. This button is missing because it
was taken out after the manual was printed.

What if I cannot find an answer I was
looking for in this FAQ?

Search our General & Strategy Discussion
forum for your question (the search is located at the bottom of the forum page).
If it doesn’t come up, feel free to start a new topic asking your question!