Macintosh FAQ

Article written by Aro
Published on 03-13-2017; updated on 03-14-2017

Age of Empires II comes in a Macintosh format for all of the mac users. If you're having difficulties using the mac edition of the game, welcome to the Macintosh FAQ list!

First of all, *does* Age of Empires II run on a Mac?

Yep. Age of Empires II Gold Edition (which includes The Conquerors) is available for Macintosh and can be purchased at

Some campaigns I download have sound files with them, but I can't find where to put them!

Unfortunately, the Mac editor does not include the correct sound folders. What you have to do is create a folder in the main Age of Empires II folder called SOUND (in caps). Then, in it, make another folder called Scenario. This is where you place the sound files. Also, any sound file in this folder now show up in the Scenario Editor.

I tried to use a custom AI file in my scenario, but it crashed and now I can't load it again!

This may be the single most annoying bug in the Mac version of the game. Unfortunately, your scenario is ruined. Start over and make a backup copy. What you can do is when you need to add an AI is email the finished file to a friend who has Windows, and get him to add the AI for you.

I read something about a healing HP trick, but I can't type a - sign in the Editor!

Unfortunately, there is not way to get a minus sign in the Editor. But there is another way around this problem. The magic number for HP is 4294967296. So, if you add the number of HP you want the unit to heal to that number in the Damage Object effect, it should overflow and heal the unit that amount.

The character limit for the Send Chat and Display Instructions box is shorter than in Windows. How can I change this?

This is a common error. Any Windows campaign played will have the same amount of text as usual, but the text boxes within the Mac editor will not allow as many characters. It is unchangeable to our knowledge.

Can I use a ModPack or run GeniEd 2 on a Mac?

No. You need ModPack Studio to run Mods and it is a Windows-only program, and GeniEd 2 is a Windows-only program too.

What if I cannot find an answer I was looking for in this FAQ?

Visit our General & Strategy Discussion to ask it if it's a Strategy question, or visit our Scenario Design forum if it's a Scenario Editor question. Please be aware, however, that the Mac version is used less than the Windows version and people might not know the answer to your question.

Special thanks to Raptor the Good for helping us put this FAQ together!