Modding FAQ

Article written by Aro
Published on 03-14-2017; updated on 03-14-2017

Making a game modification is tricky, but it’s become far less difficult with the
popularization of Age of Kings modding. With programs like GeniEd, AGE and
ModWorkshop, there are few limits on what can be edited in the RTS King.
In this list of frequently asked questions, you’ll find a lot of references
to our ModPack Stable and our
Blacksmith downloads
section, so make sure to check out both!

What is a mod, or a modpack?

A mod or modpack changes the sound, graphics, and/or
internal workings & text of a program, in this case, Age of
Kings. Some modpacks change everything in a game, called
a “Total Conversion”, or TC for short. Check out our
Modding Gallery for a closer look at
what Total Conversions and modifications can accomplish.

How could I create one of these… “modpacks”?

The first step would be to download MPS (ModPack Studio).
MPS allows you to change sound, graphics, the computer’s AI scripts, random map
scripts, etc. Check out the programs also listed in our
ModPack Stable; GeniEd, for instance,
can change in-game unit data and statistics, while AGE can edit
what the in-game technologies do.

Where can I get MPS, GeniEd or AGE?

Right here at AoKH, and you can find the download links inside of our
ModPack Stable. Just click the Download Now
button to go to the download page in our

How do I use MPS?

Try reading the various articles contained inside of the
ModPack Studio HomePage.

How do I change a unit’s name?

The old method of changing a unit’s name required using a Hex Editor to
edit the Language.dll file in your AoK root directory, but that was a lot of
work and potentially dangerous if you didn’t have a back-up. These days
it’s best to use Ykkrosh’s GeniEd, which allows you to edit varied unit
statistics. Alternatively, you could buy Age of Kings:
The Conquerors Expansion Pack (AoK:TC) and use the Scenario Editor instead,
but name changes are not permanent.

Where can I get modpacks?

You can download modpacks in
our Blacksmith!

There are so many SLPs, where do I start? How
can I find the one I want?

You can use Park305’s and Assassin’s Resource
list, downloadable in our

What is SLP Studio?

SLP Studio is a program written by Joseph
Knight, that lets you create modpacks for Age of Empires. (NOT
Age of Kings.) It can open some AoK files, namely buildings, and
interface graphics, but crashes if units are opened, because the
AoK file format differs from AoE. It is fully functional for
AoE. It’s best to use
ModPack Studio instead.

I have SLP Studio, but when I open a SLP, all
of the colors are messed up!

SLP Studio was meant for AoE, and therefore
uses the AoE palette. To fix this problem, switch to
Interfac.drs and open INT50500, select Edit from the top menu,
and click “Set as Default Palette” (you will have to do this in
each session of SLP Studio). Again, to save a lot of time
and complications, it’s recommended you simply download MPS.

Alright, I have a Modpack. Now how do I use

It depends on what format it is in. Check out the
ModPack Stable’s Installing ModPacks page!

I found a unit that’s not in Age of Kings!

These units are either stand-in art, or are
beta art of units currently in the game. These units are:

1) Three horse units
2) Trade Cart
3) Foot soldier with a wodden shield (Called a Beserker)
4) Pikeman-looking unit
5) AoE Trieme
6) AoE Composite Bowman
7) AoE Phalanx / Centurion
8) AoE Axeman

What is a SLP?

A SLP is a small file, within a DRS file, that
contains an animation / image inside Age of Kings. For
example, one SLP contains the animation of a Paladin moving,
while others contain the Paladin fighting, standing still, dying,
and rotting. You can read more about
SLP files
in our ModPack Stable.

What is a DRS?

A DRS is a large file that contains much of
Age of King’s data. Graphics.drs contains all the game’s
graphics; Interfac.drs contains the interface (borders,
buttons, and start game screen, etc.); Sounds.drs contains the
sounds; Terrains.drs contains all the terrain (e.g. grass, water,
desert); and Gamedata.drs contains the scripts that determine how
the map types function, etc. You can
read more about DRS files in our
ModPack Stable.

Why can’t my computer recognize the file
extensions of the ModPacks I download?

.AKS files are only recognized if you have
installed MPS. Install it then try to run
your .AKS files.

How do I install, play, and uninstall a

AKS files automatically install themselves
when you begin playing with them, and automatically uninstall
themselves when you are done playing with them. To play with a
ModPack, install MPS and launch your desired AKS file.

What directory do I install MPS?

Anywhere you wish; this doesn’t matter. Just remember where you
installed it so you can find it when you need it.

When I attempt to install MPS and/or MPS
Lite, it claims that my AoK is not installed. What should I

Read the answer below…

When I attempt to play a ModPack through MPS
or MPS Lite, it gives me an error message saying “Unexpected
Error. Overflow on Line 153.” How can I fix this?

Read the answer below…

When I attempt to play a ModPack through MPS
or MPS Lite, it gives me an error message saying “OLEAUT32.DLL is
out of date.” How can I fix this?

All three of these questions have a
common solution: the reinstallation of Age of Kings and The Conquerors
Expansion should fix the problem. If that doesn’t work, ask a
question in the
Guidance Center
, in the
Scenario Design
& Modding forum
. That’s where the experts are.

Where can I find more ModPack information?

We have two difference sources available for you, good knight;
the Age of Kings Heaven ModPack Stable or
the University’s Modding section.
Alternatively, you can also check out our
Discussions Archive
or our current
SD & Modding