Article written by Aro
Published on 12-30-2016; updated on 12-30-2016

So you just finished playing a game, and now you feel like having some fun,
maybe stomping some computers into oblivion using… “unconventional methods”.
You’ve come to the right place; like most games, Age of Empires II comes with it’s
own built-in cheats, that allow you to defy logic/gravity and gain some extra loot.
Be warned, however; these cheats are very addictive, and you might find yourself
spawning a few Furious the Monkey boys if you’re ever close to losing….

Cheese Steak Jimmy’s — 1000+ Food

Robin Hood — 1000+ Gold

Rock On — 1000+ Stone

Lumberjack — 1000+ Wood

I Love the Monkey Head — Get a VMDL (Villager Male Dave Lewis), a naked, extremely
fast unit

“Q) Can you tell us the story for “Villager Male David Lewis”?
A) Tragically, David Lewis is a full-time employee of Ensemble Studios, and I am stuck working with him on my next project.”

“Q) Please fill us in on the VDML joke. Who is it making fun of? Why did that person always say that? Why is he naked?
A) I am honor bound not to tell. It commemorates an event at a convention last year. If you see me at E3, ask again, and I’ll direct you to the person involved himself and he can tell you if he likes. He’s naked because he WAS. (I.e., it’s for historical accuracy.)”

How Do You Turn This On — Spawns a Cobra Car at your Town Center,
a fast, destructive, and all-around sexy car that shoots bullets

To Smithereens — Spawns a Saboteur at your Town Center,
a powerful, fast unit with a bonus against buildings that self-destructs
(similar to a Petard in The Conquerors, except more powerful)

Woof Woof — All birds turn into heroic flying dogs

Furious the Monkey Boy — Get Furious the Monkey Boy, a powerful
monkey child who will do your bidding

I R Winner — Win the game

Resign — Lose the game

WimpyWimpyWimpy — Lose the game

Marco — Reveals map geography

Polo — Removes Fog of War

Aegis — Instant building and gathering

Natural Wonders — Places you in the shoes of the wildlife,
allowing you to control all Gaia units

Torpedo # — Destroys a player (replace # with the player number)

Black Death — Destroys *all* players