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Published on 03-13-2017; updated on 03-13-2017
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KillMe@ES> unless i get there first

plasticbrain@ES> How would you remember which wall segment are guys in?

KillMe@ES> how can you remember which tower guys are in? lol

+holzmeister> :)

plasticbrain@ES> There is more wall segments than towers :)

KillMe@ES> trib is kinda like always.

KillMe@ES> oh, so you spend time blding walls, huh?

KillMe@ES> check the screenshots for the resources. I don't know which techs we can/t talk about

+SCGekko> Phalanx

Phalanx2> Hey guys. I live over in Fort Worth which is only about 30 mins from yall. I talked to Sean Wolff and he said come on over and you guys could give me a tour and show me some aok stuff. He already emailed me directions and info. Offer still good? Thanx

KillMe@ES> ask sean :) blackmail always works

+SCGekko> screen shots are out or will be out soon... look for clues :)

Phalanx2> k cool drive on over and ask for sean or what?

KillMe@ES> did anyone notice that Chris Rippy wrote his name in the dirt in the AoE scenarios?

KillMe@ES> i'd call/mail sean first

Phalanx2> k

+SCGekko> sorry about the bump there phalanx... all done?

Aloha_Mokupuni> ok this is one VERY important question that is used in every game no matter what anyone says...... This feature is sacred to me and will only answer if you can answer fully...... (ok answering any bit will do).............I want to know about......TAUNTS!

Aloha_Mokupuni> new ones old ones and how many?

KillMe@ES> we have a huge directory of taunts we can't ship with AoK!

KillMe@ES> I'm not sure which new taunts will be added for AoK

Aloha_Mokupuni> alright well Im a taunt fan so ......

+SCGekko> heheh... or use on sundays in some States i would guess...LOL

Aloha_Mokupuni> make em good!

KillMe@ES> hey, if it's on FOX, it's in our taunt directory :)

+SCGekko> hehehe

Aloha_Mokupuni> :P

+SCGekko> thanks Moku :)

Aloha_Mokupuni> alright cya's

TKD9> Well I have been celebrating my birthday and missed the most of this disscussion and Bruce so don't nag at me if my questions have been asked. Will the gates have a choice for opening and closing automaticly or will they be just controlled by you?...

KillMe@ES> auto

+SCGekko> Washizu will be the final question of the night...

TKD9> Can they be taken over too?GA

KillMe@ES> it was real annoying to babysit

KillMe@ES> they can be destroyed

TKD9> And what are the tents?

TKD9> ga

KillMe@ES> they are eye candy from the scenario editor, right now

+SCGekko> and I suspect the log of the cha twill be posted in numerous locations TKD... you can catch up on what was covered earlier...

KillMe@ES> t-9 and counting

Servantlife> Can you build castles in any age, or only in ceartain ages? Will your 'huge directory' of taunts be available for download? Are bowman really really powerful, or is it more balanced? --Seth

+SCGekko> Servant...GA

KillMe@ES> castles are available in the late ages.

plasticbrain@ES> Archers are more balanced. We found a way to tone them down.

plasticbrain@ES> A very original never seen before way.

KillMe@ES> Our huge directory of taunts is pretty much copyright infringement :)

Royster@ES> Meaning we will not distribute them.

+SCGekko> expect AoK heaven to have a few taunts i would guess...

Someone Said> Are you going to do anything with AoE after AoK is released? New add-ons or civs? Are you going to have any new defenses against elephants? And you didn't answer my question about what the Vikings superunit will be! :-) Longboat or Berserker?

KillMe@ES> The viking superunit is still in flux, so I can't answer, since there's not an answer. *whew*

+SCGekko> go tapdance KillMe :)

+SCGekko> you ought to run for Prez...

KillMe@ES> We'll probably move forward after AoK is released

AoEH_Archaic> How will age progression be presented? Will it be the same as AoE/RoR (2 buildings and resource limit met), or will it be a more gradual update, brought about through new tech upgrades and such? Btw, i love the old egyptian temple...! :-)

KillMe@ES> I've got enough to do :)

+SCGekko> LOL

KillMe@ES> Age progression is essentially like AoE

+SCGekko> thanks Arch...

plasticbrain@ES> We don't want AoK to feel like completely different game.

jihad_abady> Hey! kewl, ok,anAoK FTP site,there was a picture calledCovert Image,and it was like 30 mb,where is that gonna be used,is it the cover?also, this might have already been asked, when is the release for aok?- check it out!

jihad_abady> oh, and BTW, Jihad Is my real name, hehe :) And U guys are like Gods! You should make some Cheats characters with your faces or something to kill everyone, that would be kewl.

plasticbrain@ES> There is my face on that baby in RoR.

plasticbrain@ES> Just kidding.

+SCGekko> yikes!

KillMe@ES> haven't seen the box art, yet

+SCGekko> and earlier Bruce said "Fall"

AOEH_Omnivac> Earlier during the chat, Bruce Shelley mentionned that each civilizations would have a wonder. Was this a mistake... Is it a wonder for a building set (like AoE/RoR) or a wonder for EACH civ?

KillMe@ES> per building set

+SCGekko> thanks omni...

KillMe@ES> every civ can bld a wonder

AOEH_Omnivac> Ok thanks :^)

KillMe@ES> later, man!

MK_GoldenShadow> Will there be a technology tree foldout chart like in AoE and a big thick instruction book? What is the fifth resourse and what is it for? Will the queues, like in RoR be able to be disabled? Will you still be able to do Rushes such as the chariot rush?..

MK_GoldenShadow> MK_clan is the best! at and my page at

KillMe@ES> haven't seen the box stuff, yet - that's MS.

KillMe@ES> there's only 4 resources - not counting the blood of the infidels who oppose me

KillMe@ES> you can still rush, but it depends on the skill of the player and the civ

+SCGekko> man...KillMe is a little hopped up on the Mountain Dew tonight...LOL


KillMe@ES> hey, it's 9:30, man

Marcoon> Are there any berries or any other type of plant you can eat? I am sorry I am a hungry man! Maybe it's natural! (hehee) GA

+SCGekko> 2 more questions... and that is it...

KillMe@ES> it's similar to AoE, but different

Lords_Jerec> hey Guys ..bin waitting allnight to talk:) well i have a couple of questions 1st what is the process you guys go though making a big game like this or any game ..2nd how long does it take you to make a game like this and what equpment do you use to make .

Lords_Jerec> this games

Lords_Jerec> the resson im asdking is

Lords_Jerec> i make games

Lords_Jerec> and i was wondering

Lords_Jerec> how hard it was to make games like AOE

KillMe@ES> 1. a lot of painful company meetings to make sure we take everyones input into account

KillMe@ES> 2. it takes 18 months (or more) to make a full game, a few months for an X pack. That's pretty much industry std

+SCGekko> Washizu... you get the final question... better make it good...LOL :)

Royster@ES> We tend to use the Flux-capacitor alot in order to do our historical research.

AOEH_washizu> Hey guys, wish I could have been here for the whole thing. One question: Will there be multiplayer campaigns or will random map/deathmatch/scenarios be the only options for multiplay?

KillMe@ES> Making games isn't hard, make them fun is. It's all about gameplay, and gameplay's why you need everyone's input

KillMe@ES> there's currently only sp campaigns

+SCGekko> gameplay is where it's at folks... that's what has made AOE and ROR so popular for so long...

plasticbrain@ES> With random map generator multiplayer campaigns were not too popular

KillMe@ES> thanks for coming, everyong!

Royster@ES> Thanks everyone. You all are great!

+SCGekko> OK everyone... thanks for coming out... and thanks ES guys for sticking around... have fun!

plasticbrain@ES> Time for that developers party :)

+SCGekko> we will try to do this again soon :)

plasticbrain@ES> bye

+SCGekko> and AOEH Archaic got bumped...he says "thanks

+Bambino33> have a good night everyone

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