Tag: Age of Kings Campaigns

Barbarossa 2: “Henry the Lion”

When you start the scenario, send 1/2 of your knights to Bavaria and the other 1/2 to Saxony. Train men at arms at one of your barracks and research long swordsman at the other. Every time a new infantry unit is trained, move him to the Westernmost shallows in Bavaria and the 2 gaps in the trees near Saxony. Those are the easiest ways for Poland to enter your allies' cities, and if you seal the route, your allies will be relatively safe.

Joan of Arc 6: “A Perfect Martyr”

Move your trade cart and hero Guy Josselyne through the path in the forest. Cross the shallows, and you soon will find the French army and will have completed one objective. The army is made up of 16 arbalests, 8 champions, 8 light cavalry, 6 paladins, 2 trebuchets, hero La Hire, and hero Constable Richemont. Move across the shallows West of your army, and you will find the French artillery and will have completed another objective.

Barbarossa 3: “Pope and Antipope”

Immediately when you start, trade wood for 300 gold at your market. Then research redemption at the monastery. Move all of your land units East, and you will find Crema. Convert the nearest buildings(2 houses and a market), and use 1/2 of your troops to defend against a counter-attack. Order the rest of your troops to move South, and you will encounter troops and villagers(the troops being beside military buildings and the villagers being beside the mill and lumber camp.

Saladin 1: “An Arabian Knight”

Right when you start the scenario, you will be attacked. The Western Frankish units which will attack you will be 8 Men at Arms and 1 Knight. Because it is a small warring party, you should kill them quite easily, attacking the Knight with Camels and the Men at Arms with the other units in your army. Move East to find the river, and follow it, moving South. Soon you should encounter an Egyptian mill.

Barbarossa 4: “The Lombard League”

When the scenario starts, immediately board all of your units onto your transport ships. Sail your ships North along the river, as you must give up your fort, the enemy troops are far to numerous for you to fight. Cross a shallows, and you will find possess a navy consisting of 4 war galleys, 2 fire ships, 6 fishing ships, and 4 transport ships, with 5 knights, 2 scout cavalry, 3 teutonic knights, 5 villagers, and 5 onagers loaded on the transport ships.

Barbarossa 5: “Barbarossa’s March”

Move one of your siege onagers South-West, until it spots an enemy galleon. Order it to destroy the ship, it will sink it very quickly. Cross the shallows with your pikemen, and soon you will reach a gaia farm and house. Suddenly 4 Saracen Navy mamelukes will appear beside the house any will attack your lightly armed infantry units. Quickly move up to them and kill them.

Saladin 4: “The Siege of Jerusalem”

You should order 3 of your villagers to build your Town Center near the nearby Gold and trees. Order the other villager to build a wall, starting from a bit north of some Stone, (which is north of your starting point), South-West(until you reach a hill), and then build the wall across to the cliff near your starting point. Just close the gap between the cliff and the trees, and you are 'sealed'.

Genghis Khan 1: “Crucible”

After Genghis Khan orders you to unite all of the Mongol tribes (except the Kara-Khitai) and gives you 4 Light Cavalry and 4 Cavalry Archers, select them and right click directly above the flag in the Uighur village. Doing this will take the units to the village, while staying away from the Kara-Khitai. When you get to the village, the Uighurs will say that if you kill Ornlu the Wolf, they will join you.

Saladin 5: “Jihad!”

Although the 1st attack will be 13 minutes into the game, you need to build up an army, as there will be many attacks following the 1st one. Order your fishing ships to fish deep sea fish(do not fish shore fish, as they gather slower than deep sea fish). Train more villagers, and order them to gather resources. When you have enough stone, build a Castle on the Eastern corner of your city. In order for it to fit, destroy one of your houses.

Genghis Khan 2: “A Life of Revenge”

A minute or so after the game starts, a Light Cavalry will join you and say that there is a Tayichi'ud village North-West of your starting point. Move North-West, and you will encounter the Tayichi'ud village the Light Cavalry said of. Whatever you do, do not destroy anything except the Cavalry Archers guarding the village. When you kill the Cavalry Archers, all of the Tayichi'ud units and buildings will join you, giving you 1 Town Center, 7 Yurts(Houses), 1 Barracks, and 7 Villagers.