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Making Water Interesting

About a year ago, I was trying to make a campaign following the story of a hapless pirate. Naturally, this meant my scenarios had screen after screen of water - the main reason I abandoned this project was the difficulty of keeping the player interested over large stretches of water. While I was making those scenarios (and in the months since I gave up) I invented (and used suggestions from others) several ways of spicing up sea voyages in Age of Kings.

Adding New Icons with Turtle Pack

This guide will go over how to add SLPs to the interfac.drs file to add new icons. Note that most mods do not keep the unit icons in the interfac.drs file but commonly move it to the gamedata_x1_p1.drs to reduce the file size of the mod.

Adding Units and Researches to the In-Game Tech Tree

For quite some time, ingame Tech trees were believed to be an uneditable, hardcoded part of the game. While they do have several hardcoded behaviors, adding units and researches is a fairly straightforward process, though completely different then adding them to the game itself.

Adding User Interface For New Civilizations

If like me you have always wanted to add THAT civilization you felt was missing from the game, you may have tried to do so thaks to the UserPatch following <a href="/university/modding/adding-new-civilizations-using-userpatch/">this guide</a>, but you will then realize that when trying ingame, the civilization lacks the User Interface. In this article we will look at how to add new UI.

The interfac.drs Reference

Adding Pre-game and Post-game Cinematics to your Scenario

In this article, I am going to show you how to prepare and convert a video for use with the 'Cinematics' section of AoK:TC in the 'Map Editor'. As an example here, I am going to be using RladalFatih's scenario '1453 - The Last Siege of Constantinople' which initially contained a video (and a very excellent video, I may add) that could not be played in game.