Tag: Audio

Making Your Own Sound Files

Putting your own recordings into your scenario will give it a far more unique feel. They are not used a lot in the scenarios at the Blacksmith because of the lengthy download time for these types of files. However, with only a microphone and a sound editing program, you can do wonders for your scenario. Here is my guide to how to make and use recordings along with some tips and other things--from the basics of creating a first recording to finding an ES-standard voice talent.

No Background Music Fix

This tutorial aims to fix this problem and allow you to (finally! after all these years!) once again be able to enjoy the full AoE experience, provided you have the soundtrack as an .mp3 file (e.g. a quick scan of your Aoe II CD should yield you the Age of Kings soundtrack). If I am not mistaken, it is a 30 minute long music file.

Dealing with Music and Dialogue

If there's one thing most designers would like to have, it's a system that allows them to control background music at will. It's painfully obvious that AoK:TC was never designed for a case study in Vivaldi; and why should it have been, considering the fact that it's an RTS?