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The World of AI Scripting: Chapter 1

Welcome. You are about to join the thousands of people throughout the years who have experienced the joy of AI scripting. Those of you still out there who are unlucky enough to have not discovered this world, now is the time! The satisfaction of writing your own AI is far greater than designing your own scenarios. Now, let us jump in and I will show you all you need to get started with your first AI!

Photoshop Tutorial

Welcome to the Photoshop tutorial. Here I'll talk about the basic tools that you'll need in order to change Age of Empires II graphics. In this tutorial I will mainly focus on aoe buildings and copy and paste methods but the methods used here can also be applied to units.

Tips for Newer Players

This article consists of tips that are both useful and intriguing. Most of these may be known by good players, but it is still useful for newcomers to find tips to start off all in one place.

Beginner’s Guide to Scenario Design

Face it, everyone is a beginner at some point or another. You were (or are), I was, everyone was. Developing excellent design skills takes a lot of time and effort. In this guide I will not include very many specifics (trigger and map copy tricks, etc), but I will include plenty of guidelines.

Recommended Civs for a New Player

"Newbie" has various definitions. To some, it's a player who just installed the game, with the shrink wrap still lying on the floor. To others, it's someone who's tried to learn the game but keeps getting stuck. To a few, it's somebody making his debut in multi-player games. To a few more, it's somebody who is a net detriment to his team in multi-player rather than an advantage.

Scenario Editor Trigger Tutorial

A <b>Trigger</b> is what you might expect - something that activates and executes a command, and in this case, this will take place within the scenario itself (such as if you get a certain unit to an area, you will win the scenario). The Age of Kings editor has evolved a lot since the original Age of Empires (which was reliant on AI because it contained no trigger capabilities at all) and has enabled designers to create two new genres - RPG and RPS.