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The Saracens – A Guide by Darth Malice

The Saracens are generally the most generic civilization in the game. Paying deeply for every single unique attribute and bonus they receive. This in turn makes them a lesser-played civilization. Likewise, it makes an opponent think harder of how to counter a potential attack. On the downside it makes a new comer Saracen player more puzzled as to which units to use.

The Saracens – An In-Depth Guide

The Saracens are a misinterpreted civilization in the Age of Kings: The Conquerors. Many people say they are just as weak and helpless as they were in the Age of Kings. But I am here to show you a VERY in-depth guide to the Saracens. Trust me, you won't regret reading this article.<br /><br /> Now, you may know me as the guy who you worked in Arabia last Tuesday. You are probably right. But, I have all of the official guides to the Age of Kings and The Conquerors, a vast knowledge of 3 years of AOK playing, a TON of Saracen experience, and of course, common sense. I may not be The Sheriff or Methos_ST, but I have some of the skills needed to backup my big talk.

Emissary’s Guide to the Mayans

Before you start, note that this is very in-depth (in other words, long ;) )! Make sure you've got some spare time on your hands!<br /><br /> From the jungles of Mexico come one of The Conqueror's new civilizations- the Mayans. Unlike their Mesoamerican counterparts, the Aztecs, who revolve around infantry, the Mayans have a strong archer base. In the style of the Goth cheap infantry bonus, and like the Hun Cavalry Archer discounts, the Mayans can cash in on both the long and the short run with their cheap archers.

The Ultimate Mayan Guide

As many of you know, I fully support the Mayans. That's why I'm making this guide to help out other players. I am not an expert, and I don't have a detailed startup plan for you, but I do have information that can turn one battle around, and possibly win you the game. Now then, first...