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Hidden Units Reloaded

You may have seen <em><a href="/university/design/hidden-units-unleashed/">Hidden Units Unleashed</a></em>, but this article is more for the scenario designer. Here we view all those other mundane hidden units that are used for designing. This article is split into three sections: Cheat units, Scenario Designer units and Beta units. You might recognise some of these units from <em>Hidden Units Unleased</em>.

How to Change the Appearance of Terrain In-Game

Due to restrictions of the game engine, scenario terrains cannot be altered in-game, only in the editor. However, their <em>appearance</em> can be changed. With a bit of creativity, there are a lot of different effects which can be achieved. Some of my personal favourites are listed below:

Invisible Shallows / Walkable Water

Well this is a pretty decent editor trick and does not involve any triggers such as creating bridges on water.

The Double Negative Effect: Units with Negative IDs

Finally after discovering this by accident, 5 years ago, I am releasing a tutorial on how to make units have negative IDs and the tricks that come along with this. I have used this trick in a couple of my maps, such as <a href="https://aok.heavengames.com/blacksmith/showfile.php?fileid=10745">The Heatlh Potion Trick.</a> But what is the double negative effect? It's when you give units/buildings <a href="http://i51.tinypic.com/fnzms.gif">negative unit IDs,</a> whether by themselves or paired up with another unit to achieve new AoK tricks. I would not suggest new map makers try this because it is confusing, sometimes irritating, and you need to have a couple programs installed. First off you need to have Trigger Studio and GeniED installed on your computer. I suggest you also install <a href="https://aok.heavengames.com/blacksmith/showfile.php?fileid=10827">Aokts with s_t_c's addon</a> because it's really useful anyways. Now here are the steps to make negative ID unit pairs(with pictures too!)

Hidden Units Unleashed

You may have seen some scenarios or downloaded them from here and there, or even played one of those multiplayer scenarios when suddenly you get a unit you've never heard of or seen before. So you go check your editor and you can't seem to find THAT unit. Later you might come across some screenshots with these mysterious units in them, and you want to know.

Making Unselectable Objects

Learn how to make unselectable objects! It can be useful for cut-scenes (like a cloaked unit) and if you make one for the enemy, you won't be able to attack, but he will still attack you!