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An Introduction to Creating Units with AGE 2

Many of us have, at one point or another, been designing a scenario and wished for "that one unit that they should have made!"? Well, now you can make it yourself! Using the Advanced Genie Editor (or AGE), you can change units, copy them, and even make completely new units. This guide will take you through the steps of making your first unit with AGE.

Creating a Limited Building or Unit

Salut everyone! In this article, I will teach you a thing that might be useful for your mods: how to make a building or unit that is limited? This can be useful if you wish to prevent a civilization from building too many of your new building(s), or if you wish to completely change the gameplay by limiting the number of barracks, stables, castles, TCs, etc. or for a unit, if you wish to not create too many of a specific unit. There are tons of things you can do with this! The question is how. The answer is here!

Make Your Units and Buildings Buildable

Many of us have had a brilliant idea for a unit or building to add to the game. So, we find out how to use AGE and figure out how to make the unit and the building, only to figure out that the icon to train or build it is missing. Why oh why is this happening? In this article, I will show you how to fix this frustrating problem.

How to Train Units in Groups

Being able to train units in groups has been something that players of AoK have been wanting for quite a while. For most of the game's existence, no one has known how, but with BF_Tanks' research into annex units, it is now possible. This guide will teach you how to train any unit in a group of 4, as well as give pointers on other variations of this method.

Resource Generating Buildings

One of the major introductions of the African Kingdoms expansion is the Feitoria, a buildings that generates resources over time. This new ability was introduced only in the HD edition of the game but it is possible to mimic this ability fairly well in the CD version.

The Complete Gate and Town Center Modding Reference

A little tinkering with a genie editor reveals that AoK is filled with duplicate buildings. There are four barracks, one for each age; two siege workshops, one for each age where you can build them. However, there are twenty town centers and no less than thirty-two units all unhelpfully called 'Gate', making the modding of gates and Town Centers a difficult proposition. This article explains the purposes, relations, and naming conventions of these units and their even more numerous graphic IDs. Armed with this knowledge, you can add new graphic sets more easily, and even create new sets of gates!

A Guide to Modders Aiming to Rebalance Water Warfare

As we all well know, the current water warfare model in AoE2 is completely and utterly broken. I've seen several discussions come up about it in the G&SD forum as well as the Modding forum, so I figured I'd just write up an article once and for all that we can use for future reference.

Adding Units and Researches to the In-Game Tech Tree

For quite some time, ingame Tech trees were believed to be an uneditable, hardcoded part of the game. While they do have several hardcoded behaviors, adding units and researches is a fairly straightforward process, though completely different then adding them to the game itself.

The interfac.drs Reference