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Display Instructions Techniques

Display Instructions (abbreviated DI in this article) is an effect that enables you to show text on the top of the screen, which is preferred by many designers over using a Send Chat, which only shows a 6-second chat message on the bottom of the screen.

Triggering Events Through Typing

We all play those campaigns (here by referred to as CPXS or CPNS) where you type a password to open a gate or you type '1' to say yes to that chubby blacksmith to buy a sword. You wonder how they did it, right? (Not the smith... the designer.) Well, your awe is over! In this AI guide you will find multiple ways to pull off this seemingly impossible feat!

Dealing with Music and Dialogue

If there's one thing most designers would like to have, it's a system that allows them to control background music at will. It's painfully obvious that AoK:TC was never designed for a case study in Vivaldi; and why should it have been, considering the fact that it's an RTS?

Taunts and Triggers

What is this trick good for? Well let's say you have an RPG where you want the player to be able to reply to questions. This trick is exactly how you can do that.<br /><br /> For example the player goes to a blacksmith and he says "Would you like to buy a chain mail? (1=Yes) (2=No)"