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Genghis Khan 3: “Into China”

Move your starting units south-east, until you reach a river, and move down the river in the eastern direction, and you will find a transport. Get your troops across the river onto an island. Move south down the small island and destroy the blue militia, and if they pose a threat, the blue crossbowmen. You will find a mangonel, 6 villagers, and 1 battering ram.

Genghis Khan 4: “The Horde Rides West”

In the North, order all of your military units to move west until they find 2 Merkid Cavalry Archers. When you kill them, the Merkids will give you all of their buildings, which includes 6 Yurts(Houses), 1 Mill, 1 Market, 1 Archery Range, and 1 Mining Camp. Because they gave you all of their possessions, the Merkids will be defeated.

Genghis Khan 1: “Crucible”

After Genghis Khan orders you to unite all of the Mongol tribes (except the Kara-Khitai) and gives you 4 Light Cavalry and 4 Cavalry Archers, select them and right click directly above the flag in the Uighur village. Doing this will take the units to the village, while staying away from the Kara-Khitai. When you get to the village, the Uighurs will say that if you kill Ornlu the Wolf, they will join you.

Genghis Khan 2: “A Life of Revenge”

A minute or so after the game starts, a Light Cavalry will join you and say that there is a Tayichi'ud village North-West of your starting point. Move North-West, and you will encounter the Tayichi'ud village the Light Cavalry said of. Whatever you do, do not destroy anything except the Cavalry Archers guarding the village. When you kill the Cavalry Archers, all of the Tayichi'ud units and buildings will join you, giving you 1 Town Center, 7 Yurts(Houses), 1 Barracks, and 7 Villagers.

Genghis Khan 5: “The Promise”

When you start the game, your villagers already are working, so make more villagers, as you have very little villagers. Move one Mangudai South on the cliff West of you, and you will get a Scout Cavalry. There will be a new objective, to build 3 Castles in the flagged area West of your village, and withstand the Bohemian assualt. Order 2 of your villagers to build a stone wall inbetween the cliff pass South East of you, closing the route the Polish can enter your village.

Genghis Khan 6: “Pax Mongolia”

Since you already have a 'city', you don't need to build up very much. The Hungarians will attack right from the start, so you need to send your Light Cavalry and 4 Mangudais to the attacking Hungarian 'army', while all of your Villagers build stone walls directly in front of the 2nd line of palisade walls. Connect these walls, and seal yourself in by building a wall from the patch of trees and river(South-West).