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Photoshop Tutorial

Welcome to the Photoshop tutorial. Here I'll talk about the basic tools that you'll need in order to change Age of Empires II graphics. In this tutorial I will mainly focus on aoe buildings and copy and paste methods but the methods used here can also be applied to units.

Modding Buildings with 3D Models Easily and for Free

Recently I've become involved in modding again after a brief absence from the scene. I used to mod my buildings like most everyone did, with cut and paste AoK graphics or imports from other games. And while those graphics can look great, there are 3 major drawbacks...

World’s longest Poser tutorial for AoK modders

Alright, I've been promising this for a while, but here at last is a tutorial on how to make unit graphics for your AoK mods in Poser.

Changing a Civilization’s Building Set

Especially with the release of new DLC, there is some dissatisfaction with the architecture of a few civilizations. Particularly common are wishes that the Vietnamese used Chinese buildings and that the Spanish and/or Byzantines shared the Italian architecture. Fortunately, they can be changed quite easily with just a bit of data editing.

New UI for Mods

Every mod has to have a properly designed UI for each civilization. It's not very accurate that the new civilization of the -for example- Zulus to have an User Interface from the Japanese or the Goths.

Photoshop Tutorial: Drawing Walls By Hand

Copy & pasting mostly relies on copying or cloning. But apart from those two techniques you can also use a third technique which is drawing by hand. This one requires a bit more attention but allows you to create new parts and even fix mismatching cloning parts.

Extracting SLPs from .aks or .akx Files

Did you notice that the good and oldest modpacks are in aks or akx formats? These files are for MPS (ModPack Studio). MPS is only for Windows XP, the old and unsupported Windows. So here I will teach you how to extract slps from aks or akx.

How to Add Building Sets

Adding New Icons with Turtle Pack

This guide will go over how to add SLPs to the interfac.drs file to add new icons. Note that most mods do not keep the unit icons in the interfac.drs file but commonly move it to the gamedata_x1_p1.drs to reduce the file size of the mod.