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Joan of Arc 6: “A Perfect Martyr”

Move your trade cart and hero Guy Josselyne through the path in the forest. Cross the shallows, and you soon will find the French army and will have completed one objective. The army is made up of 16 arbalests, 8 champions, 8 light cavalry, 6 paladins, 2 trebuchets, hero La Hire, and hero Constable Richemont. Move across the shallows West of your army, and you will find the French artillery and will have completed another objective.

Joan of Arc 3: “The Cleansing of the Loire”

Move your units to the flag West of you, and you will find 2 transport ships and 2 demolition ships. Load your units into the transport ships, and move directly across the river. If you encounter any aggressive war ships, attack them with your demolition ships. Unload your units, and scout around until you find a patch of gold. Build a town center beside the patch, and build a palisade wall around your "town", using choke points.

Joan of Arc 4: “The Rising”

Travel East along the road you are currently on, until you find the British Guard. They are comprised of 1 scout cavalry, 6 crossbowmen, and 9 men at arms(there are also 3 pavilions). Attack the army with your knights, hero joan, crossbowmen, and men at arms. Move your scout cavalry far away from the battle, they are very weak and will get killed easily. Situate your monks just behind your army, and heal the wounded units. When the army is destroyed, the British Guard will be defeated.

Joan of Arc 5: “The Siege of Paris”

Group your army together, and move West along the edge of the map. Do not follow the road, it will lead you to the British city, and if you enter through there, you will have to go through the whole length of the city to reach the villagers. Keep moving West, and you will encounter some British buildings and farms. Ignore them, attacking will waste time and will get the attention of the Britons, and they may attack.

Joan of Arc 1: “An Unlikely Messiah”

When you first start, you will see Joan the Maid standing inside a yellow camp. After that, 2 mounted soldiers will come up to you, first Bertrand and then followed by De Metz. After they have talked with you, you should take your 3 units, and walk to the gate of the camp. Along the way to the gate, you will get 4 men at arms and 4 crossbowmen to join your force. When you leave the camp, the gate guards will talk to you for a moment, as will the scout a little to the left.

Joan of Arc 2: “The Maid of Orleans”

When you start, you will have a small band of soldiers, and Joan of Arc. First you should walk your soldiers over to the monastery, and separate the mounted units from your swordsmen, and you light cavalry (we don't want him to die). Keep following the train until you find a small hill, halt your units at the top of it, and slowly advance them until you see some light cavalry. Attack them with a unit, but retreat it back to the hill as soon as the enemy cavalry starts to chase you.