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How To Make a Cliffed Waterfall

First add some bamboo and trees where the cliffs will be.

Making Water Interesting

About a year ago, I was trying to make a campaign following the story of a hapless pirate. Naturally, this meant my scenarios had screen after screen of water - the main reason I abandoned this project was the difficulty of keeping the player interested over large stretches of water. While I was making those scenarios (and in the months since I gave up) I invented (and used suggestions from others) several ways of spicing up sea voyages in Age of Kings.

How to Make Units, Buildings and Objects Placeable Everywhere

In this tutorial I shall teach you how to make stuff placeable everywhere. Whether it is a unit or a building, or even eye candy, this easy article shall help you out.

Destroyed Town

Hello everyone!<br /><br /> I've been quiet for a while but now I am back with two articles, one being Destroyed Town. This is as simplified as I could do.

Designing A Realistic Forest

To be clear, there are nearly unlimited ways to design a quality forest - this will just show you one such method.