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Death by Choking

I've been playing AOE since it first came out, followed it through the rise of Rome and now like you I love Age of kings. All this experience has taught me a few things about the game. In this article I will outline my strategy for a slow but certain victory. I call it death by choking because you win by slowly constricting the freedom of your enemies until eventually they have no options. If you have the temperament for a slow game where you build towards victory then read on.


The overall feel of this anit-boom strat will be sacrificing a little bit of boom for some early cavalry with which to prevent you opponent from booming with ease. Turning the game into a hard fought battle at all points of the game (instead of Simcity for the first 30 minutes which is what a boomer relies on). Your advantage being that you are expecting that kind of game; and with practice, you will excel at it.

Persian Rushing

I have found that when playing DM, Persian players come in two different settings: Those who wait until they have 30 + elephants and kill you with them supported by bombard canons/paladins, and those who rush.<br /><br /> Reading Viracocha's paper about how to defend yourself against a Persian player I realized that (as Viracocha pointed out) it only applies to the first case. This is not applicable to a rusher.

Civilization Scoresheet

The scoresheet is made on stages, each stage complementing the result at the previous one. First and second stages - combat performance and unit cost deal with actual figures, it's all plain mathematics there, so there is little to argue about (unless of course I have made some terrible mistake in the formulae).<br /><br /> The third stage - adding the upgrade cost estimations may seem to you somewhat controversial at first. However, the general idea is reasonable, and, as you will find if you read on, adjustments to the additionally introduced coefficients would only make minor difference.

The Flush – Revisited

The term, "Flush" stood for "<b>F</b>euda<b>l</b> R<b>ush</b>" when it was invented a long time ago, back in AoK. Nowadays, the "Flush" isn't just a "Feudal Rush," it's the strategy that defines how the game is now played. Everywhere you go in Zone Rated RM, you'll see a Flush, be it Huns or not (the Huns are the most popular civ to Flush with).

Psychological Manipulative Tactics

Most players only use typical fighting techniques(rushing, gushing, etc.), but there is a different way to play that is relatively useful, if used with the typical techniques. The use of psychological manipulation is very useful, as you can trick your opponent rather easily. Granted, some of these strategies could cost a rather large amount of resources, they can make your opponent bang his/her head on the computer in frustration.

SERUSH – Siege Engine Rush

This article shows how to pull off a Early-Castle attack(18-20 min) using seige as the bulk of your army, while leaving your economy in a powerful condition. The idea of this strategy is to catch you opponent totally off guard, as he/she was generally expecting an attack with cavalry, not with powerful seige engines. Surprisingly, a siege attack can cost almost less than an attack with heavy cavalry.

The Turkish Chewing Gum Strategy

This strategy is best used with Turks, because of their free Light Cavalry. It takes a lot of micromanaging skills. Here is what you do.<br /><br /> In the Dark Age: Concentrate on food and wood, like always.